Journalism School and Latino Research Center Join Forces

CEEP is sponsoring an exciting partnership at the University of Nevada, Reno with a focus on newsworthy articles connected to the Latino and multi-cultural communities.
Two of our ‘fellows’ hail from the Reynolds School of Journalism which has a bi-lingual independent, multimedia news outlet, Noticiero Movil. Two Fellows are sponsored by the University’s Latino Research Center.

Noticiero Móvil is a news service and web site that provides Spanish and English content for northern Nevada. It is dedicated to working with the Latino community to provide accessible, and relevant content about Northern Nevada’s diverse community. Their goal “to involve and engage with community on the issues of today via local events and dialogues” is a perfect match for CEEP’s objectives.

CEEP journalism Fellow Cynthia Sandoval is creating a video to help new voters need to understand more about the initiatives on the November ballot.   Cynthia wants to create this because both she and her father, a newly naturalized citizen, are first time voters this year.

Michael Olinger is producing a step by step video run-through of the early voting process and a radio piece about the importance of college and youth voting featuring stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt explaining why the college demographic is so important in this year’s election. Listen to his piece https://soundcloud.com/mike-fleming-505609579/the-college-vote-why-it-matters.

He’s also planning to address student apathy with a video on why down ballot voting matters. The goal is to reach students who are planning to stay home due to apathy towards the top of the ticket. Olinger hopes his piece will show students that every office they have the chance to vote for, and every ballot measure they have the opportunity to weigh in on, can have a material effect on their lives.

CEEP’s Fellows at the Latino Research Center, Jose Rodarte-Canales and Jeffrey Dominguez are partnering with the many multicultural groups on the UNR campus.  UNR has a strong Student Engagement program already – in fact they recently received certification from NASPA (Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education) as a “voter friendly campus”.

Jeffrey and Jose are working on a social media plan to promote the existing electoral engagement activities of these groups and promote the early voting opportunities on the UNR campus. They will also create bi-lingual memes, piggy-backing on the CEEP concepts and adding some of their own.

This partnership has the benefit of ‘closing the loop’ between the fellows who are creating and promoting voter education and GOTV events and a multi-media team covering the events and building content to encourage new voters.  Each will promote the activities and output of the other with the goal of reaching as many diverse populations of students through as many types of media as possible.

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