The Election Continues!

We were delighted that youth turnout increased from 21% in 2014 to 31% in 2018, higher than any mid-term total in 25 years. Media analysts are still crunching the numbers, but from early estimates, this means approximately 4.5 million more young voters than 2014. That’s staggering. Like anything else that’s important, it doesn’t happen automatically, but was the fruit of painstaking work to engage students and their generation and to help them navigate the obstacles.

We’re proud at CEEP to be part of that work. We worked in 22 states involving students in close and important races, both statewide and down-ballot. We worked with two-year and four-year schools, publics and privates, schools serving all manner of students. Our sense was that students did step up and vote when given the opportunity, but that their schools had to consciously support them. So our work aims to help them do exactly that.

The 2018 election actually isn’t over. We’ve continued to work with Mississippi campuses around their November 27 US Senate runoff, and with Georgia schools around their December 4 runoff for secretary of state. So here are some resources we’ve created.

With appreciation to all who’ve joined us in helping engage students.

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