This National Voter Registration Day: Check Your Status

This year on September 24th, let’s break out pumpkin spice and the registration forms. National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), like fall, is coming soon!. We the voters have a marked day to register new voters and get ourselves and our peers updated. To be sure, people can register to vote any day of the year. So why make a whole day of it? First observed in 2012, National Voter Registration Day is an increasingly popular holiday allowing us to celebrate our role in American democracy. 

All this hubbub may seem quirky on the surface. But NVRD is a necessary celebration of our right to begin a lifelong practice of civic engagement. Not unlike fierce loyalty to our local transit systems, shared love for Hamilton (okay, maybe those are just me), and dedicating an entirely separate holiday to a small animal that predicts the weather, it’s so very American. 

Voting is an individual act. Being a voter is an identity we can wear proudly, and together. Setting aside an entire day to recognize the unity in that identity is exciting. And the holiday is relatively new, meaning we can take it to new heights in years to come.

Now, voter registration may seem a one-and-done process. However, your voter registration is tied to details about your address and identity, which may change from time to time as life goes on. Any changes require an update in registration. And sometimes, the details get a little fuzzy. This is totally normal in the lives of, for example, college students and young adults who move around a lot, and aren’t totally sure where they last registered. This year, make sure to check your status!

Here are some common reasons that provide good cause to check:

  • Unsure which address you used most recently to register
  • Updating your registration for any reason including:
    • Last name change
    • Party affiliation change
    • Address change

No need to update and still planning on voting this election? It’s still a good idea to check your status from time to time. Many voter registration files are held in physical binders, so your registration can’t be autosaved. 

Share this resource with your friends! Just like voting becomes a habit as we continue to do it, we should occasionally check up on our registration. 

Stuck on what else to do for National Voter Registration Day? Check the NVRD website for ways you can get yourself or your campus registered! https://nationalvoterregistrationday.org/


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