CEEP fellows go through a number of training sessions to help prepare for the important work that is to be done on campus. Trainings cover areas such as voter registration, voter education, being nonpartisan, and getting out the vote. The trainings and mini trainings are geared towards making fellows experts in the areas of election engagement.

Best Practices in Voter Engagement. Make your events the best they can be! This training teaches you how to use voter registration, education, early vote, and get out the vote tactics on your campuses. Watch the training video and take the quiz here.

Coalition Building and Long-Term Planning. No one can engage an entire campus alone. Create a core group to coordinate engagement efforts, divide up the work and ensure key stakeholders communicate. Check out the training video and take the quiz.

Digital Organizing. Create a digital brand and make it work. Learn to define your mission, cultivate content and tell your story through online outlets. Check out the training video and take the quiz.

Get Out the Vote. This is the day we’re all waiting for: Election Day! Make your campus’ Election Day a success with excitement building events and effective digital marketing. Watch the training video and take the quiz

Getting Started: Voter Engagement 101. This training defines a voter and how to become voter ready. Fellows will learn where they should turn for registration information, voter visibility, and team building. This will outline what it looks like to be nonpartisan and what fellows should know. Watch the training video and take the quiz.

Living Room Conversations: Creating Civil Dialogue.  In an increasingly tense political world, we want to provide you a guide for creating and encouraging civil dialogue. This training features a few members of the CEEP staff who navigate political discussions and create civil dialogue. Watch the training video and take the quiz.

Local Elections: The Basics.  It is a common myth that important elections only take place every 2 or 4 years. Local elections often take place every year, and because turnout is lower, your vote can actually make even more of a difference! To explain the purpose of the positions elected, we have developed an election basics training to help you better understand the candidates why your vote in local elections matters. Check out the training and take the quiz.

Self-Care In Voter Engagement. This training focuses on the dos and don’ts of self-care throughout your fellowship. It touches on everything from proper planning and SMARTER goals to creating a self-care plan. Check out the training and take the quiz.

Working from Home. Working from home brings lots of benefits, such as a more flexible schedule and no transportation worries. But there are also lots of challenges: It can be harder to create a schedule, stay on task and get things done. Our team has always been remote, so we have some good tips on working from home. Watch the training video and take the quiz.

Mini Trainings

Activity Tracker. Using the activity tracker should be fun, quick, and easy. This mini training walks fellows through how to locate and enter the appropriate information. The tracker should be used for every activity or event that the fellows complete. Check out this mini training!

Being Nonpartisan. Being nonpartisan is extremely important in our line of engagement work. Fellows are required, as stated in their contract, to remain nonpartisan throughout their time with CEEP. Questions surrounding remaining nonpartisan can be answered in this mini training. Check out this mini training!

Effective Tabling Strategies on Campus. Tabling is one of the most common tools used when doing voter registration. This training covers the basics to making sure the table is not the main attraction. People stop by a table because they see something interesting and engaging, or their attention is actively being drawn to it. Being in front of the table directly talking to people is going to bring in more voter registrations than letting people come to you. Check out this mini training

GOTV. Get out the vote is arguably the most important part to the CEEP fellowship. This is where fellows really shine and work with their campus community. Students should use creative reminders to promote getting students to the polls.  Check out this mini training!

Social Media and Branding. Social media is a key component to students’ lives. This mini training looks at tips and resources to help improve social media branding. It begins with what is branding, how to create a brand and make it visible, as well as offer some fun examples.  Check out this mini training!