2020 Annual Report

Hello Friends and Supporters of Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) –

We are pleased to release our 2020 Annual Report and share the challenges and successes of the last year. Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic, 2020 was one of CEEP’s most successful years. CEEP’s staff, student Fellows and campus partners adapted and innovated throughout the year. CEEP helped students respond, driving a 10% increase in 2020 youth voter turnout over the previous general election.

The 2020 Annual Report speaks to the incredible trust and relationships that CEEP has with our diverse 609 campus partners, their administrators, faculty and students. We hope that you will enjoy reading stories of CEEP’s successful voter registration, voter education, voter mobilization and institutional projects. But CEEP is not resting – we are already hard at work engaging students in 2021 elections, in state redistricting efforts and in fighting against voter suppression efforts. Most importantly, we are laying critical groundwork to further increase student voter engagement in the 2022 midterm elections.

We appreciate you and thank you for your continued support and contributions.

Maxim Thorne
Chief Executive Officer

CEEP_s Reach

Report Highlights 
In 2020, CEEP…

  • Worked intensively with college and universities in 30 key states, with an At-Large Director serving states where we don’t have dedicated staff.     
  • Partnered with 609 colleges and universities with student enrollment of 6,366,837, including urban campuses with high minority enrollment, 128 community colleges, and over 100 Minority Serving Institutions. 
  • Supported 476 student Fellowships to implement critical peer-to-peer outreach and institutional initiatives.
  • Helped 97% of reporting campuses send key election information via all-campus email, reaching a projected 6.2 million students.
  • Created nonpartisan  candidate guides  to 38 key races, plus Spanish versions in relevant states. 

Download the full CEEP 2020 Annual Report here.