Meet the Fall 2020 CEEP Fellows

CEEP Fellows are students who help carry out our approaches on the ground, working with the nonpartisan engagement teams on their campus. Reaching out to their peers, they help register their fellow students to vote, navigate them through voting rules, distribute our nonpartisan candidate guides and other educational materials, and organize and carry out Get Out The Vote events. CEEP’s Fellows have a powerful impact on student voter participation while developing valuable leadership skills, with many calling their experience “life-changing.” Click here to view an overview of the CEEP Fellowship program.

I’m first in my family to go to college. As a CEEP Fellow, I became educated, aware, fully engaged in this year’s election. I became an influencer, a voter and a proud being who isn’t as lost as she used to be. Many people are highly confused by why I’m so engaged in voting issues as a STEM major. I simply answer, ‘CEEP taught me how.’” — Axianax Merone, CEEP Fellow, Miami Dade College

Every CEEP fellow is a valued member of our election engagement community. Our newly formed Alumni Association allows us to stay in touch with previous fellows. To see our fellows from 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2016 click here.


Estela Felix Almeida is a student at Prescott College majoring in Sustainability Management with an emphasis in Communications. She is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she wants to engage and inform her community. Estela wants to create a better communication system to energize the community and create events centered on electoral engagements. She is an event planner at heart and strongly believes that each person can make a difference.

Vi Duong, a student at Arizona State University, is majoring in biological sciences with a minor in Spanish. Vi became a CEEP Fellow because she believes voter education and the political process are extremely important topics in which college students should be more engaged. Vi is looking forward to working as a CEEP Fellow to increase voter engagement on campus.

Sarah Drennon loves being a student at Scottsdale Community College. Her plans are to attend ASU where she will be majoring in biology – pre veterinary medicine. Sarah is determined to become a veterinarian because her number one goal  is to bring her vision of a world where nature is thriving into reality. Sarah’s life-long dream is to save endangered species and to make the planet more sustainable. She also enjoys gardening, camping, and spending time volunteering.

Luis Carlos Estrada 2020 headshot

Luis Carlos Estrada is pursuing a double major in business administration and communications at Cochise College Douglas Campus. Luis is very passionate about public speaking and enjoys helping people in his community. He wanted to be a CEEP Fellow in order to see his community engaged in the 2020 elections. Luis knows that voting is very important for the country, so he decided to contribute to this project. 

Ben Grimm, a senior at the University of Arizona  is majoring in both political science and history. He plans to spend a couple years in the workforce before attending law school, focusing on either elections law or international law. In his free time, Ben enjoys going on runs, reading, and watching the San Francisco Giants.

Anusha Natarajan, a rising sophomore at Arizona State University and proud student of the university’s honors college, studying sociology and history, with minors in Spanish and school of civic economic thought and leadership with a certificate in human rights. Anusha hopes to pursue a law degree and doctorate in international law and relations. At ASU, Anusha is the civic engagement chair with Changemaker Central, a local nonprofit centered in ASU focusing on advocating for social change. Anusha is also a reporter for ASU’s student run newspaper, The State Press, writing stories for the community desk. Outside of college, Anusha likes to travel and learn about different cultures.

Carson Pickron is currently a student at Mesa Community College. He is double majoring in finance and economics. Carson is interested in being a CEEP Fellow for the opportunity to serve his community. 

Adriana Raber is currently a freshman at Cochise College Douglas Campus majoring in allied health. As a CEEP Fellow, Adriana wants to help others learn to express their opinions through their ability to vote.


Zoë Alfonso is a student at Florida State University, majoring in psychology with hopes of pursuing a career in school psychology.  She currently owns a small business and enjoys being creative.  Being a CEEP fellow has helped her grow as a person and empowers her to educate others about civic engagement.  Zoë feels strongly that people should be encouraged to use their voice and take a stand for what they believe in.

Matamron Bacon is a student at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. He is currently majoring in English Literature and Political Science with a contraction in Economics. Being a CEEP Fellow empowers him to reach out to his peers and collegiate community at large and inform them on the importance of civic engagement. He hopes to continue this effort far beyond this Fellowship and utilize the strategies CEEP teaches him to effect change in his community years from now.

Reed Barkowitz is a junior at Stetson University, where they major in Theatre Arts with minors in Religious Studies and the Certificate of Community Engagement. They are excited about being a CEEP fellow because they are passionate about voter education, and hope that the work they do on their campus will inspire more people to become passionate about it as well.

Shivani Bathija is an illustration major at Ringling College of Art and Design. She aspires to publish children’s books that teach the importance of having a voice and making it heard. She strongly believes that empowering young voices is the way to make a difference in the world. As a CEEP Fellow, Shivani hopes to further educate her peers on the importance of voting and increase voter turnout.

Alexa Bencomo is an ambitious freshman attending Miami Dade College North Campus Honors College. She is majoring in biology but also interested in political science. As a CEEP Fellow, Alexa hopes to promote civic engagement, especially to minorities, and remind others that every vote counts. She believes that it is vital that eligible citizens vote as many individuals may not be afforded the same opportunity.

Nadira Bello is currently a political science major at Florida Atlantic University. As a political science major and prospective law student, Nadira understands the importance of our election system and the need for civic engagement as it is the foundation of our constitution. Her understanding and reverence for the electoral college inspired Nadira to become a CEEP Fellow. She is ecstatic for this opportunity to increase voter turnout across my campus!

Austin Burton currently attends Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida vigorously working  to earn a degree in environmental science. Becoming a CEEP Fellow interests him because he understands the importance of participating in our democracy. Younger voters are excited and eager to be part of the voting process in order to have their voices be heard on issues his generation cares about. CEEP gives college students like Austin the platform to amplify that excitement and move it into action. Mr. Burton is looking forward to this upcoming semester!

Nicole Cater is a thriving Miami Dade College student from the Homestead Campus, majoring in  architecture. Nicole’s catalyst in becoming a CEEP Fellow is to spread awareness and to become more politically involved within the community.

Takiyaa Coleman attends Valencia College and plans to pursue a degree in public administration. Formerly a nursing major, she has grown to love the opportunities that a degree in administration will provide. Takiyaa wants to be a CEEP Fellow as she would love the opportunity to educate her generation about the voting process throughout her active learning with CEEP!

Danielle Day is attending the University of North Florida and majoring in criminal justice with a minor in political science. Danielle’s plan is to graduate next December with a bachelor degree and attend law school to become an attorney for family law or criminal law, and eventually go into the FBI. Over the years she feels like people don’t understand the importance of voting and how their vote actually matters and  Danielle wants to let others know so they can get their vote out that is why she joined the team at CEEP.

Jhon Diaz, originally born and raised in Cali, Colombia, is a thriving student at Miami Dade College. He is a member of the honors college majoring in business administration. Bread from inside of a low money family, Jhon realised his only solution to remain free of trouble was to study. When the opportunity to explore his boundaries surfaced, Jhon took the chance and came to the USA. He has always been a person that likes to help others no matter what they have. Once in the states, he thrived at the opportunity to help in shelters and provide instruction to other students which earned him over 1000 hours of community service. Jhon had the chance to get a scholarship with the Miami Dade Honors College, with a AA in business administration and he worked to achieve his place in the honors program. Giving back would soon become his mantra, so Jhon started by helping students with disabilities with their math courses. He feels he still has so much more to offer, and this is why Jhon has decided to be a CEEP Fellow.

Reagan Fox Headshot

Reagan Fox is a social entrepreneurship major at Lynn University. Outside of school, Reagan serves as Vice President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and President of Gen Z Votes. One of Reagan’s biggest passions is expressing everyone’s right to vote.

Nathen Garcia a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University is majoring in sociology and minoring in race and ethnic studies. Nathan is ecstatic at the idea of having the opportunity to educate students on the importance of voting while getting people out to the polls. Above all, he believes it is our duty as citizens of a democracy to ensure that our representatives represent us through the power of our votes. Voting may not be the only method of creating change, but it is our most practical tool and there is power in that fact.

Mandana Ghadamyan-Olguin is enrolled in Seminole State College, Florida. As a mother of three wonderful kids, a full-time student and actively job seeking, Mandana has not made a final decision relative to a major but has narrowed her choices to accounting or business management dependent upon the job market. During the last two elections Mandana has volunteered as a Vote Pass Assistant and feels CEEP Fellowship is a great opportunity and complementary to her political arena experience.

Mary Goetz, a junior at Ava Maria University in Southwest Florida is a double major student in the fields of  politics and theology. This highly energetic resident assistant, cross country runner and household leader is proud to be on the core team for Pregnant on Campus.  Mary emplores every student to become more informed and engaged and is excited to assist them in the information process as a CEEP Fellow because their voice and vote matters! Let’s get to the polls!

Gabriela Gomez a senior at Rollins College, is working on her political science and international relations double major. During her last year at the Rollins, she will be a peer mentor for incoming freshmen, the vice president of the Latin American Student Association, and a Democracy Project ambassador. After graduation, she plans to pursue a law degree and eventually practicing immigration law. As a CEEP Fellow,  Gabriela wants to encourage other students on campus to participate in the country’s democratic process through civic engagement and political awareness. She believes it’s important to recognize that voting is a privilege we share, and ultimately use our voices to create a positive impact.

David Gonzalez is a first year business student at the Miami Dade Honors College-Kendall Campus. David is passionate about encouraging Gen-Z to get out the vote and plans to do so through the power of social media. He wants to be able to change the way people think about their surroundings and help them understand that they can make a difference.

Laura Guerra-Lopez will be attending the Miami Dade Honors College and pursuing a degree in political science. As a first time CEEP Fellow, Laura is fueled by her hands on voter engagement. She is thrilled to share her experience with others and assist in their understanding of their right to vote.

Danielle Hardy, a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University, is majoring in psychology and minoring in secondary education. Danielle is ecstatic to be a CEEP fellow because the winning candidates  in the November election will most likely still be in office by the time many of the students graduate. She believes it is crucial to get students registered to vote and to make sure students are having a say in their future and proudly touts that she hopes to play a role in making them informed voters.

Bianca Herrera is earning her degree at  Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. As a psychology major and sociology minor, Bianca is passionate about human lives, human rights, advocacy and social justice. Increasing voter turnout in diverse populations of young voters and more specifically empowering women, the LGBTQ+ community, and other minorities to recognize the power of their voice and vote has been her inspiration to become more actively involved.

Michelle Hopkins is a student at Florida Atlantic University and attends both campuses but primarily the Broward campus for this semester.Michelle is  majoring in political science and minoring in business law so, hopefully one can tell, she is really interested in government and law.

Amanda Izquierdo is an emerging student at Florida International University located at the Modesto Maidique Campus. Amanda is currently studying English and philosophy and is planning to pursue graduate school to further her studies (particularly in Philosophy) and aspires to be a professor. Teaching is a passion and Amanda feels working as a CEEP fellow will allow her to take it to another level in regards to showing others the importance of voting, and how a single person can make a difference.

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Marvel Joseph studies marketing at Tallahassee Community College. He is excited to be a CEEP Fellow so he can help people to register to vote and make a change for his generation.

Holly Kachler

Holly Kachler is a political science major and history minor at Barry University. Holly’s main goal in life has always been to help others and learn as much as possible, which lead her to political science. Holly is very excited to apply her passion for helping the community and providing education with the resources and training she receives from CEEP.

Tyler Kasmir Headshot

Tyler Kasmir is a computer science major at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus. Tyler is fascinated with the political world and is interested in the CEEP Fellows program because he loves to help out his community in any way possible and would love to see his peers and “Homesteadians” go out and express their political voice through the means of voting.

Ashley Lacey is a second term CEEP fellow. She began her journey as a CEEP fellow in 2018. Ashley attends Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU), and she currently serves as the FAMU Graduate Student Association President. Ashley is pursuing a doctoral degree in environmental science, she is also a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems (CCME) Scholar. Ashley played a significant role during her first term as a CEEP fellow by helping other students understand how, where, and when to vote. Ashley believes that every American citizen should have the right to vote, respectfully.

Kaitlyn Levon, a sophomore studying psychology at the University of Florida, is a returning CEEP fellow and excited to continue to promote voter education and encouragement. Katy wants college students to feel empowered and have hope for the future of democracy. Democracy can only be truly successful if everyone participates, and that is why she is proud of the work she can do for CEEP.

Angelo Lopez is a student at  the Miami Dade College campuses of Hialeah, North, West, Wolfson, and Kendal and is majoring in sociology. He is interested in becoming part of the CEEP fellowship; but more than that, to be part of this coming general election. Angelo has a strong faith in [representative] democracy. He believes that, although carrying its flaws and deficits, one must always exercise the advantages of democracy further away from the disadvantages that it can bring about. The essence of democracy stands with a more informed citizenry and better awareness; a citizenry that participates in politics, and holds the government more accountable. Thus, Angelo believes, high levels of participation from the people allow democracy to flow smoothly. He also believes it is his duty, as a citizen and member of my community, to take the opportunity to participate in the civic activities of his community and the country.

Teddisha Mackey Headshot

Teddisha Mackey is a dual hospitality management major at Florida Memorial University. She became interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow because she believes that everyone has a voice and each voice counts. She feels that it is our fundamental right to participate in the election process, and it is a right that we should never take for granted.

Sasha Martin, a student at Florida State University is pursuing a double major in social work and international affairs. Sasha is passionate about creating inclusive environments, so everyone feels heard and seen. Sasha is excited to be a CEEP fellow because of how she will be able to learn more about voter education and encourage people to use their voice and vote. Especially during a pandemic, Sasha is excited to share the many ways people can learn more about the candidates they can vote for through virtual and socially distanced events.

Axianax Merone thumbnail

Axianax Merone is a CEEP Fellow at the University of Florida. Axianax values the importance of great leadership, hard work and dedication. As the first in her family to go to college, Axianax strives to be a great example for her younger siblings. Axianax hopes to use these platforms as a way of bettering who she is as a leader and hopes to be the change that she wants to see in the world.

Ronsard J Mondesir is a sophomore at Miami Dade College’s Honors College, where he is receiving a biology and chemistry condensed schooling with an intent to major in biochemistry. As a migrant from an economically challenged country in the Caribbean, he recognized the need for citizens’ engagement.  He is also committed to his community and is incredibly grateful for educating his peers on the factors that affect their human rights as a CEEP fellow with Engage Miami.

Angel Moronta is a student at the Valencia Lake Nona Campus. He is majoring in education at the moment like many of his peers and is still deciding. Angel has a big passion for League of Legends(Video game) and also loves drawing.

Kiara Muniz-Rios is a young activist, with aspirations to be a lawyer, playwright, and filmmaker. Kiara is currently a University of Central Florida junior with a concentration in Film. She has been involved with many UCF RSO’s (registered student organizations) such as Killjoy Society Philosophy Club, Campus Peace Action, and VUCF (volunteer agency.) “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Albany Muria Headshot

Albany Muria is a public administration major on the pre-law track at the University of Miami. Albany is beyond excited to work with talented and passionate individuals to promote voter engagement on campus. Albany believes that it’s so important for young adults to be involved in the political decision-making process and can’t wait to help others become proactive citizens.

Keila Nuñez is currently a sophomore in Valencia College Downtown pursuing her major of general studies to later transfer to UCF for finally graduating as a psychologist. Participating in CEEP allows Keila to encourage people to use their voices through voting, as well as participating in events that help educate them on the history of the USA so they can realize that voting is a privilege nowadays.

Samuel Ogunti majors in information systems technology at Seminole State College of Florida. He is interested in being a CEEP Fellow so that he can actively engage and educate students on their rights to vote.

Dylan Piedmont is a senior attending Ringling College of Art and Design. Dylan is majoring in visual studies with a focus in film and sound design.He became interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow after experiencing so many difficulties registering to vote. Dylan wants to help everyone overcome all of these obstacles and roadblocks so they can flex their right to vote.

Yaelle Reeve attends Miami-Dade College-Kendall Campus and is currently enrolled in the honors college majoring in biology.  Yaelle believes that it is important to educate others on the importance of voting and using their voice. Being a member of CEEP also provides the fellows the opportunity to educate and inspire others about voting.

Christopher Reyes is a third-year student at the University of South Florida majoring in psychology and minoring in criminology with a concentration in law. His personal interest in the CEEP fellowship came from the realization of the importance of voter education and its impact on all our lives. Many people want to find ways to make meaningful change but lack the information to pursue those avenues. Christopher believes through voting we can all create meaningful change.

Daniel Rodriguez is a student at Miami Dade College at West campus. Formerly a chemistry major, he recently changed to computer science.  Daniel is interested in being a CEEP FELLOW because it would allow him to be part of a community that encourages and promotes students to express their voice by voting. As a CEEP FELLOW,  Daniel wants to maximize the number of registered voters on my campus because every vote counts.

Katerina Rodriguez is a thriving student at  Florida International University. Previously, she attended the University of Florida prior to transferring. Katerina  is currently a third-year studying broadcast media and television production at the Biscayne Bay campus. She is interested in being a CEEP fellow because she has always been a huge advocate of social justice and  believes in the importance of knowing your rights. The right to vote is huge, and yet, not a lot of people in our country do so, or even have the resources or knowledge to register. She decided  she wanted to do her part and help educate and offer help to her age group with the hopes that she could encourage, even if just a few, to know the importance of voting and setting us up for the future.

Wendy Cossett Rodriguez

Wendy Cossett Rodriguez is a cyber security major at Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus. Wendy strives to be involved in her community by being part of influential clubs and projects. This can be demonstrated by her participation in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) as the current president and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). Being a CEEP Fellow will give Wendy the proper resources to inform and engage more of her Fellow STEM peers to be part of the conversation when it comes to civic engagement and democracy.

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Nicholas Gil Roldan is a junior at  Rollins College. Being a very passionate person, Nicolas is interested in registering people to vote and providing information to those who do not know the voting process and that is why he chose to be a fellow at CEEP.

Elizabeth Rosa is a film production & technology major at Miami Dade College North Campus. Prior to starting film school this past summer, Elizabeth was studying massage therapy at Miami Dade College’s Medical Campus. As a CEEP Fellow, she hopes to educate her peers with the resources available to not only register, but participate in voting.

Mia Ruiz will be attending the Miami Dade College North Campus Honors College starting in the fall. Pledging a biology major, she plans on becoming a dermatologist. Mia is excited to be a CEEP Fellow to educate students like herself on how to vote and get more involved in their community. Many college students don’t understand their role in shaping our country’s future and by the simple act of voting they are making a positive impact.

Cielo Salazar is a political science major at Florida Atlantic University. Outside of the classroom she is involved in numerous on campus organizations and is a member of the Leon Charney Diplomacy Program. After receiving her Bachelor’s, Cielo hopes to attend law school. She is passionate about advocating for voter education and civic engagement. As a CEEP fellow she hopes to engage herself with fulfilling work and make her campus more voter ready.

Sierra Scott is a first-year CEEP Fellow from the University of Central Florida. She is working towards her Master’s in Public Policy after just graduating in the spring with degrees in political science and legal studies. Sierra has been a part of the Student Government Association Senate, LEAD Scholars, and was an intern in Tallahassee, FL for President Pro Tempore David Simmons through the Legislative Scholars program. She’s working to help get students registered to vote because it’s important to have the next generation of voters involved with selecting our elected officials, and get people interested in civic engagement!

William Sanchez is a twenty year old aspiring music journalist majoring in English at Florida International University. He is in the beginning of his third year of college and enjoyed his two years of education prior at Miami Dade College. William joined Ceep because he believes it’s an amazing opportunity and he cares about politics, and believes in a grass roots approach in getting people excited to vote.

Laura Santos

Laura R Santos is a dual language associate in arts in political science and/or economics major in the Honors College at Miami Dade College Padrón Campus. Laura was interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow, because she really values democracy and civic engagement as her family comes from a country where people died for the right of making their voice heard.

Jamie Schulman

Jamie Schulman is a political science and psychology major at Florida State University. Jamie is very passionate about making sure that people use their voice when it comes to the ballots as it is such a privilege to have the opportunity to do so. Jamie was fortunate enough to be a CEEP Fellow last fall and I cannot wait to see what all the Fellows have in store this time around.

Will Shedden, is a political science major at Eckerd College. Will is interested in being a CEEP Fellow to improve the voter turnout rate in his generation and increase civic participation for all walks of life. His particular interests are the effects of local government on people: zoning, transportation and local environmental issues that matter more than folks realize.

Madi Skelton, a sophomore at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida is majoring in public health and hispanic studies. She is interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow to further her work increasing the registration and turnout rates of students on her campus. Madi noted being a CEEP Fellow gives her opportunities to learn more and spread that knowledge to others, both of which she thoroughly enjoys.

Sam Spencer

Sam Spencer is a cellular and molecular biology major and film minor at the University of South Florida. Sam believes every student should be engaged in their community and should participate in all elections.

Shane Sullivan is a junior at Florida Atlantic University seeking a degree in Political Science. Since the beginning of his educational journey at FAU he has grown increasingly interested in the study of politics and international relations. He is excited to become a CEEP Fellow, as the Fellowship position exists as a great way to gain relevant experience in the field, spread political awareness, and get out the vote on campus!

Dhiya Suresh is a rising  sophomore at Valencia College aspiring to major in public health. Dhiya is a proud immigrant and as a citizen feels an obligation to let others know the power their vote holds and that they can take action on topics they feel passionate towards. Being a CEEP fellow creates opportunities to educate others and hopefully cultivate a culture of political engagement on campus.

Trinity Tresner,  a student at  Valencia College has nearly earned her AA degree in general studies with plans to pursue a political science major. Trinity’s strong belief that every vote counts is the heart of why she sought to become a member of the team at the CEEP fellow project. She is prepared to contribute in every way possible to help others understand that voting is essential. 

Sabrina Ullman attends the University of Miami earning a dual major in broadcast journalism and meteorology. Sabrina is  interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she believes it will help enhance the voter registration and education efforts on campus. Currently, she is the Vice President of Operations for UM Get Out The Vote, an initiative through the Butler Center for Service and Leadership. Working alongside the president of UM Get Out The Vote as well as members of CEEP, Sabrina hopes to significantly increase the voter turnout on campus, as well as educate students about the issues. All too often, people vote by party instead of voting based on policy, which is something she hopes  to see change within the campus community and generation in general.

Emily Velásquez, a student from Honduras attends  Nova Southeastern University and is majoring in criminal justice and legal studies. Her motivation to become a CEEP fellow stems from a desire to see the mentality of social reconstruction reflected in voter turnouts, while becoming politically involved. Emily believes young people are the channeling voice for equality, change, and justice.

Travis Waters  attends Florida State University double majoring in political science and geography. Proud to be a first-generation college student,Travis knows the value of hard work, passion, and perseverance. With equity and liberation at the forefront of all spaces that he enters into, Travis recognizes the sheer importance of how advocacy and leadership could produce sustainable and transformative change. Becoming a CEEP Fellow to Travis means that he can inspire people to recognize that there is power in their voice and vote, to then use that newfound inspiration to develop a more perfect union that they wish to see.

Whitney Wright is a recent graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in pre-law. Becoming a CEEP Fellow has made Whitney more committed and passionate about helping at-risk and minority communities become better represented in government. As a CEEP Fellow, Whitney wants to encourage everyone to express their right to vote and participate in democracy. She hopes this experience allows her to develop into a more compassionate and service-oriented leader and human being. Whitney is currently a graduate student at Florida State University where she is studying criminology.

Kelly Zaldivar is an upcoming star at Miami Dade College enrolled in the honors program at the Kendall Campus as a biology major. Kelly’s interest in becoming a CEEP Fellow is to become more involved and educated in the election process this year. With her acquired knowledge, she wants to further educate and involve her peers on the election procedure and its importance.


Domini’que Allen is a graduate student at the University of North Georgia studying the field of human services delivery and administration. Domini’que is a pan African Queer woman, scholar, mentor, intersectional feminist, warrior, and queen with the energy of an emperor. Taking civic responsibility to new heights is the reason Dominique chose to become a CEEP fellow.  The 2008 Presidential election was the catalyst for Domini’que to commit to understanding completely how politics can shape our lives and futures. As a scholar, Domini’que feels by informing others of the great democratic spirit this country was founded upon and showing that the same spirit exists today,  together we may write our own history as our founders did. 

Emily Bonham-Janes is an undergraduate at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. Emily is pursuing a bachelors in arts administration with a concentration in speech and theatre. Voting is one of the most direct and accessible ways we as American citizens can exercise our rights and as CEEP Fellows, we are able to encourage our peers to vote in an effective and empowering way. Emily looks forward to learning from the fellows team.

Nathan Carpenter is a senior at Georgia Southern University where he is triple-majoring in international studies, political science and Arabic; and minoring in Spanish. Nathan believes that increasing the number of younger, actively-engaged voters is one of the most important ways by which we can strengthen our democratic institutions. Nathan also serves as an officer in several campus organizations: the Political Science Club, the International Studies Society, the Arabic Club, and the University Student Conduct Board. Off campus, Nathan works as the Technical Director at a historic performing arts venue, and sits on the board of directors for multiple non-profit organizations.

Jessica Chan is a second-year student on the pre-health track at Georgia Tech majoring in biochemistry with a minor in economics. Jessica was born in Georgia but proudly notes her parents are from Guangzhou, China. She wants to be a CEEP fellow to follow her passion relative to politics and especially the voting process. Her former experience as a host of voter registration drives and campaigns in high school will help her to continue those goals in college.

Sophia Collier is a senior undergraduate student at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. She studies environmental science and sustainability, and has interests in food and water security, sustainable agriculture, ecological systems and environmental policy. With the weight that this election has on our country, Sophia felt responsible to help engage others, as well as herself, inactions that could influence voter turnout and education in her community. She learned about CEEP through a friend and saw the perfect opportunity to immerse herself in initiatives that would allow her and others to learn more about the election, and ease some of the uncertainties about voting rights in our state.

Kaylon Day a senior political science major at Valdosta State University. Interning this past year in both the state and federal level, the unique experience has provided her further insight into the legislative procedure and the importance of voting. As a seasoned resident from the  rural south, Kaylon has witnessed the lack of faith in voting within her community and she is hoping to change that dynamic! She projects the impact CEEP fellows can make will not only have an effect in Georgia but all over the nation.

Cameron Gadson, is a senior, political science major at Morehouse College. Eager to be a part of the team at CEEP, Cameron notes it’s a platform to raise awareness on the importance of voting. He is genuinely excited about the work we will be doing especially during times such as these.

Tessa Gebert is an ambitious biochemistry and molecular biology and political science double major attending  Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Through her journey at Mercer, she has gained a particular interest in politics, especially realizing  how much individuals in power are able to affect our everyday lives. As a result, Tessa became passionate about civic engagement and voting in particular.

Paola Gonzalez attends Dalton State College, a community college located in Dalton, Georgia. Her major is Biology with a minor in sustainability and concentration on environmental science. She is overjoyed to be part of an organization that encourages students on campuses all over the nation to vote. She is thrilled to be able to directly get in touch with my peers and educate the importance of voting. She strongly believes we all deserve to be heard and will never cease to execute her desire to reach out and stay engaged.

Dasia Jones is a senior sociology student at Kennesaw State University. She serves as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion in the Student Government Association, representing over 40,000 students within a shared governance. Dasia is passionate about diversity, which further strengthens her passion for voting in underrepresented communities.

Rebecca Kalik is a neuroscience & behavioral biology (B.S) and psychology & linguistics (B.A.) double major at Emory University. After interning for the Tom Malinowski NJ-7 campaign, Rebecca began to appreciate the profound impact of large-scale voter registration. Rebecca’s volunteer work in healthcare settings solidified her desire to mitigate the disenfranchisement of marginalized populations through a CEEP Fellowship. In her free time, Rebecca loves to cook and compete in general assembly at Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. 

Pam Kenney is a human service delivery and administration graduate student at University of North Georgia who enjoys advocating for others in the public and policy areas. Pam feels the first step is giving people a voice and educating them on the process and their right to vote is very important. That is why joining CEEP as a fellow was an easy decision for Pam. Change starts at the election polls and each person knowing that their vote matters starts with us.

Jansen Killian is a senior political science major at Georgia Southern University. After graduation in December, she  plans to attend law school to specialize in business law. Holding a deep passion for educating her peers on the importance of being involved in their community through elections was the driving force for Jansen to become a CEEP Fellow.

Philippa Ladun is an applied linguistics major at Georgia State University, minoring in communication sciences and disorders and Spanish. In the future, she would eventually like to do research on autism in the field of speech language pathology. Likewise, CEEP’s mission is important to her as a future clinician because voting is so important for vulnerable populations with disabilities, as healthcare policy can directly affect the services they receive. Philippa is  humbled and excited to support CEEP’s mission and inspire others to vote.

 JJ Lopez attends Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. She is a nursing major and with a political science minor. She is interested in CEEP because even though she is going into the medical field, she has a passion for politics and advocacy. She wants to eventually work with medical policy in the government.

Malaya Miles is an aspiring third year student at the  University of West Georgia. She is studying Nursing and will be applying to nursing school this fall. As a young adult experiencing her  first Presidential election, Malyay feels it’s her duty to be informed and to inspire others with the same opportunity, which is why she joined the CEEP Fellowship. Awareness is key and Malaya strongly feels true solidarity happens in numbers and as the upcoming generation she will utilize her voice to lead her peers in the right direction by registering them to vote, as well as teaching the importance of voting.

Jadon Murad a Mercer University rising star is majoring in international business with minors in economics and French. On campus Jadon serves as the Executive Director of Mobilize Mercer, Co-Director of The Green Coalition, and President of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He is a passionate leader who believes being civically engaged is the cornerstone for social change. Based on his credentials, Jadon  seeks to inspire his peers to be more civically engaged and help them advocate for the issues they care about most. The aforementioned was the inspiration and motivation to be a CEEP fellow, so he may continue to engage with his peers to provide them the tools and resources to be the change they want to see.

Devin Prather is a fifth-year undergraduate at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia studying music education. Devin’s primary instrument is piano and he anticipates teaching in high school or middle school chorus. His goal as a CEEP Fellow is to help get people in his age demographic excited and engaged with voting. In his experience, Devin believes many people say that they don’t vote or don’t plan to vote this year which he hopes to solve by participating in the project, creating awareness and change.

Daniel Silverio is a rising star at Dalton State College and is majoring in English.  Daniel is proud that he is a second generation American and became a CEEP fellow because he enjoys serving through civic engagement in the community and sharing his knowledge by providing information about the electoral process. 

Rickia Stafford Headshot

Rickia Stafford is a political science major at the University of West Georgia. She wanted to be a CEEP Fellow, because she is that young adult who did not get reached. Rickia turned 18, gained an amazing right and didn’t understand how powerful it was. She wants to ensure that students on her campus do not have the same feeling or lack of voter education that she faced. Rickia wants to create an inclusive environment for all and give her peers the resources to be civically engaged.

Camille Trotman, is a first-year student at Georgia Institute of Technology. She is majoring in literature, media, and communications and plans on pursuing a career in law. She was interested in being a CEEP Fellow because of the direct and meaningful impact it has on young people learning how to use their voice and right to vote. Being a new voter herself, she knows the importance of having access to resources and information and is excited to do that for other young people.

Harrison Taylor is a 4th year student at the University of Georgia, from Nashville, Tennessee. He is studying  international affairs and economics, with a minor in Spanish. Harrison is eager to participate as a CEEP Fellow, citing his passion about political engagement on campus. Harrison  has recognized  improvements on campus when students come together to push for initiatives that they  believe in.  He also believes students do not vote at the rate they should, shutting them out of the political process, and Harrison wants to help change that.

Sabrina Viana is majoring in political science at Valdosta State University. Sabrina was drawn to the Campus Engagement and Election Project (CEEP) due to it being a non-partisan project. She strives to be a non-partisan influencer to others by educating them about the rights they have such as to vote, to be activists and to want to change the world for the better. As an international student from Belize, C.A with limited opportunities in the United States, she takes every opportunity that comes her way with as much honor, dedication and perseverance as possible.

Indira Washington is a senior consumer journalism student at the University of Georgia minoring in fashion merchandising with a concentration in digital marketing. The CEEP Fellowship interested Indira because she believes voting is a fundamental right and everyone deserves to have a voice in a democracy.

Andrew Wittmayer,  is a junior at Kennesaw State University double majoring in political science and history. As then,  Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson said in one of the many arguments he made in favor of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, “Give them the vote, that’s what matters. Then things’ll change…” Ensuring that every American, regardless of color, class, or creed able to exercise their fundamental right to vote, a right that has been fought for since the founding of our Republic, is of paramount importance to our exceptional civic democracy. Andrew,  simply stated, wants to do his part, no matter how small, to help Americans understand the weight that their vote holds and to not take for granted the power that they have to improve their lives, the lives of those they love, and their country.


Joshua Crockett, a senior at Illinois State University, is a political science major with a minor in civic engagement and responsibility. Joshua has been involved on campus in a number of ways, including serving in ISU’s Student Government Association and as a 2020 Census Fellow through Campus Compact. After graduation, Joshua plans to continue his education with the goal of one day working in higher education administration.

Diamoneek Green, a senior at Southern Illinois University—Carbondale, is studying political science with a pre-law specialty. Diamoneek became a CEEP Fellow because she is passionate about voter education and wants to empower her collegiate community. She seeks to increase voter turnout by fostering an inclusive environment for all persons to become civically engaged.

Elizabeth Paniagua is a sophomore at Illinois Institute of Technology. Elizabeth is  currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. She is  interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she believes providing voting resources to students will motivate them to vote in the upcoming election.

Ally Smith is a senior studying social work at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Ally is thrilled to be a CEEP Fellow this year to help students on campus become more involved and excited about voting and being able to help show those around her their vote matters.

Alexandria Simms is currently completing her Ph.D. in Business Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Leadership at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Alexandria earned an M.S. in Human Resources Management from Roosevelt University and an B.A. in Applied Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She is a member of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources, the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, the Society of Human Resources Management.  Alexandria is also a member of Valeisha Butterfield – Jone’s “The Branding Intensive”. Alexandria is the CEO of the dog bed company, Mason & Bone. Alexandria uses her social media following to promote women’s empowerment, leadership, and lifestyle. Alexandria is a Mielle Maven with Mielle Organics, a partner with the MavelyApp, and Madewithmelanin.Co ambassador. Alexandria enjoys fitness, music, volunteering, and her dog. Alexandria is currently a volunteer Engagement Manager with Executive Service Corps, and The Sinza Project, a volunteer tutor with Erie House, and a volunteer student recruiter with PowerthePolls, a Campus Election Engagement Project Fellow and Illinois Campus Compact.


William (“Bill”) Dickey, II, a non-traditional student at Ivy Tech Community College is entering his final semester and anticipates graduating summa cum laude with his Associate’s of Science in criminal justice.  He will further his education by  transferring to the University of New Mexico as a dual major student studying  political science and criminology with a future goal of law school and practicing Constitutional Law.  Bill’s dream job consists of becoming a successful staff attorney for an organization like the ACLU, NAACP, or Black Lives Matter taking on racial justice issues in the courtroom and driving legislative measures that create meaningful reform. Being selected as a CEEP Fellow fits perfectly with his personal and professional goals. Bill is passionate about political involvement and using his education and experience to make significant changes to the criminal justice system to ensure that that all citizens are seen equally in the eyes of the law. He is a political activist and has volunteered for political campaigns and voter registration drives in the past. Bill believes that the upcoming 2020 election cycle may prove to be one of the most crucial elections we have seen in our lifetime. This fellowship will allow Bill to educate faculty, students, and others about the importance of voting in this election cycle.  His enthusiasm for this topic can be quite contagious and will hopefully drive students to the polls for what may be the first time in their lives. He is also very committed to providing an unbiased view regarding the voting process, encouraging people of all political ideologies to ensure their voice is heard and their vote is counted.

Kevin Gast is currently a senior at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana. He is  majoring in social studies secondary education. Kevin is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because he believes every citizen deserves the right to vote and wants to encourage citizens to utilize their voice.

Isra Haider, a senior at Indiana University-Purdue University is pursuing degrees in biology and sociology. As a CEEP Fellow her interests are to help increase voter turnout among young people, especially on  campus and encourage more students to register to vote for this upcoming election. Prior to the CEEP Fellowship, Isra served as president of Women4Change @IUPUI, a non-partisan, grassroots organization aimed at encouraging women in Indiana to be more politically and civically engaged. While involved with Women4Change @IUPUI, one  main goal was to get new students registered to vote.

Alexandra Nickerson is a senior political science and communication major at the University of Indianapolis. In 2018, she partnered with Dr. Laura Merrifield Wilson and became the student project director for UIndy Votes!, a non-partisan student-led voter registration drive. Ally is passionate about voter engagement on her campus and believes that college students are uniquely positioned to bring change in the upcoming 2020 election. Fueled by her concerns about voter suppression, her goal is to make the electoral process as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Ally also serves as the vice president and treasurer of UIndy College Democrats, paints in her free time, and works as a resident assistant for an Honors College living and learning community on her campus.

Amanda Parkinson attends Indiana University South Bend. Amanda is currently a junior majoring in a political science with a history minor. Amanda resides on the Board for the League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area and is interested in being a fellow to provide civic education so that we have informed voters.

Bailey Sauls grew up in Oregon and received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from George Fox University, a small Quaker institution in his home state. Bailey is currently  earning a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Development from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. He applied to become a CEEP Fellow because he was raised to appreciate the significance of the way politics affects both our own lives and the lives of those around us. He thinks that faithfully and openly engaging in politics and voting is one of the best ways that we love our neighbors.  Bailey is also writing his thesis on students’ sense of belonging on campus during this election. When not talking about elections, he serves as an Assistant Hall Director on Taylor’s campus.

Raegene Thomas raised in Merrillville, Indiana to a family of steel workers currently attends Marian University where she is a double major in political science and sociology, with a minor in history and a concentration in legal studies. Her studies have given her the opportunity to take a broad range of classes from American Politics and International Relations to Public Policy.  After graduating Marian, Raegene plans on attending law school, and hopes to one day run for office. As part of the Marian University 2020 Electoral Engagement Project: Ig-Knight the Vote 2020, Raegene is excited to apply the concepts and ideas from her classes with her experiences working in the community to build both awareness and enthusiasm for the importance of voting.

Lucy Utterback is a graduate student in the Master of Student Affairs and Higher Education program at Indiana State University. Lucy is the graduate assistant for the American Democracy Project in the Center for Community Engagement. She is a member of the Alternative Break Student Organization, Graduate Student Association, Association of Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals as well as a committee member for the Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award. Lucy plans to graduate in May of 2021.


Garrett Arbuckle, a sophomore at Morningside College is majoring in political science with a minor in legal studies. Garrett is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because he strongly advocates civic responsibility. Throughout this Fellowship he believes he will have the ability to convey the informative side of elections and voter registration as well as assist in the actual execution of these processes. Garrett is excited to continue working with CEEP to get Morningside College ready for the big 2020 elections!

Kevin Drahos is a second-year student at the University of Iowa studying international relations and economic policy. In addition to his work with CEEP, Kevin also serves as Director of Public Relations with Hawk The Vote and leads several organizations on campus that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. He is a fierce advocate for student civic engagement, voting accessibility, and voter education. Kevin looks forward to working with CEEP and helping students vote in the 2020 election.

Daniel Estrada is a senior at Simpson College. He is a double major in political science and international relations with a minor in psychology. Daniel plans on one day going into law school to practice Civil Rights Law and International Law. He is the descendent of immigrants who view voting as a sacred and treasured right. There is also a lot of change that can, and will, happen if students vote. Daniel is excited to play a part of the wave of students who enact change in the United States.

Sehba Faheem, a senior in biological systems engineering with a bioenvironmental option, attends Iowa State University. She is  interested in pursuing public service post-graduation. What that looks like exactly, she is not too sure. Sehba does know that she has a passion for providing civic engagement projects.

Scott Franklin is a senior attending Coe College in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Scott is studying Political Science, International Studies and Asian studies. He is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because of his passion for getting people to vote and empowering student voices.

Cesar Perez, a first-year graduate student from Aurora, Illinois, is earning his Masters in Student Affairs and Public Affairs at the University of Iowa. Cesar is currently the Volunteer Director with Hawk The Vote, a student initiative where students are encouraged to be active citizens by voting.  Thrilled to be a CEEP Fellow, Caesar welcomes  new incoming students to get out and vote this fall as this election is so important and everyone needs to get their voice heard!

Mel Sadecki, a standout  sophomore at Drake University, is studying biology and political science, with minors in mathematics and data analytics. Mel has always valued civic engagement and believes strongly in giving back to the communities in which you reside. Miss Sadecki is  passionate about turning out the vote and educating young people about why both major and local elections should be important to them. Mel is looking forward to engaging with classmates and community members to turn out the vote!

Natalie Shroyer is a senior at Wartburg College majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology and political science. Natalie  plans to attend law school next fall to pursue a career in human/civil rights law. She is passionate about social justice and political action and hopes to one day work as an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union.  Natalie believes that empowering students to vote is critical to preserving our democracy, especially during this historic election year. As a CEEP Fellow, she hopes to encourage and educate her peers about the importance of exercising their right to vote.

Colby Williams  a student at Grand View University is a Spanish for Health Care major with intentions of attending an accelerated nursing program upon graduation in December. Colby is  interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she is drawn to environmental activism. President Barack Obama once said, “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”Colby believes that one of the best ways to fight climate change on a global level is to be politically active and to vote. She especially wants to work on making voting more accessible to people who are not English language speakers.


Derek Dunn is a third-year student at the University of Kansas. He is a double major in political science and global and international studies with a minor in intelligence and national security studies. Derek decided to become a fellow for CEEP to expand his knowledge on voting rights and education. He believes informed voters are essential to any democracy and as such, he can assist those within his generation to use their right as a U.S. citizen and have an educated vote

Ashley Hooley-Lickteig is a political science major at Johnson County Community College located in Overland Park, Kansas. Upon completion of her studies at JCCC, she plans to attend KU and major in political science with a minor in public administration. Ashley is excited to be involved with CEEP because she believes political engagement is the key to a government that works for all people. After college, she plans to run for office and address barriers in political representation including hurdles to vote and barriers for third parties to compete against mainstream politics.


Dylan Geary, a sophomore attending Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky is  a secondary English education major along with a double minor in business administration and communications. Dylan’s interest in becoming a CEEP fellow is based on many reasons and they all revolve around getting others engaged. Dylan is most excited to share information about voting, getting students on campus registered to vote, and create many new friendships along the way whether this is local, state, or national.

Nicole Heuker is a sophomore studying finance at the University of Louisville. Growing up she would always talk about politics with her papa when we went sailing. Those are some of the fondest memories of her childhood. Nicole wants to be a CEEP Fellow because it allows her to take her passion for politics and help create informed voters at the college level.

Isabela McClintock is a public relations major at Northern Kentucky University. Isabela is deeply privileged to enjoy the right to vote in the United States and is so excited for the opportunity to empower youth voters and help others to see their vote really does count.

Kayla Payne

Kayla Payne is a political science major at the University of Louisville. Kayla has been passionate about voter turnout for quite some time and has worked with a number of organizations whose mission it is to not only register more people to vote but to encourage them to show up on any given Election Day. Kayla currently serves as Executive Vice President of her university’s student government association and is excited to blend her responsibilities as a CEEP Fellow and that of an elected student official in encouraging higher voter turnout in Louisville and across the commonwealth.

Jezebel Roldan is a junior in Centre College, majoring in anthropology and sociology with a minor in social justice. Following her undergraduate education, she intends to continue her studies through graduate school pursuing a career as a lawyer. Jezebel continues to work on promoting a civically engaged campus through voter engagement and voter education for her second year. Being a new CEEP Fellow is more than just the resources and tools she can use because it allows her to passionately express and advocate for social justice efficiently. She hopes to increase the campus’ voter turnout and make students more aware and educated about their right to vote- to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Madelyn Wilke is a junior this year at Northern Kentucky University.  She is majoring in English complimented with a minor in dance. Madelyn aims to help fellow citizens learn to become educated voters and how they can find a way to express their rights.  Being a CEEP fellow will provide the opportunity to fulfill her passion with others about voter education and expressing your right to vote as a fellow American.


Ashley Dabney is attending  Grambling State University and invested in her studies majoring in business management-marketing. Ashley is thrilled to be a part of the CEEP Program because she feels it is essential we use our voices and encourage voting. While it is important to vote in Presidential elections,  she also believes it to be crucial to be informed and aware of local and state elections.

Kaylee Valencia attends Louisiana State University. She is a dual-degree candidate in political science and sociology with a concentration in criminology. The CEEP Fellowship is important to Kaylee because she believes your vote is your voice, but your agent of change can go so much further than that. Our political systems may seem daunting, but there is an avenue for involvement at almost every level of government. Her passion is helping others find what they care about, and encourage them to fearlessly pursue it.


Vincent Carwyn  is currently a student at  Kennebec Valley Community College majoring in Culinary Arts. Vincent’s interest in being a CEEP fellow is due to his belief that the fight for the fundamental human rights of all people has not yet been won. Young voters tend to be the push towards inclusivity necessary for passing laws to protect minority groups. A proud member of several minority groups, with a strong Native-American heritage, Vincent  understands the importance of those laws and how much damage can be done to a people without them.

Shannon Connelly studies special education at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine and has a focused career goal to become a teacher at a facility for children or adults with severe disabilities. As acting president of the Interhall Council at St. Joseph’s,  Shannon joined CEEP to share her passion of the importance of being involved on campus and strives to get other students, teachers, and faculty members to become involved as well. With the CEEP Fellowship, Shannon will be looking forward to this great opportunity as a catalyst to encourage participation!

Ally Cooper attends the University of Maine in Orono. Her major is global policy with a concentration in foreign policy and international security. Ally is excited for this opportunity with CEEP so she can get hands-on experience working in politics.

TJ Gourlay attends the University of Southern Maine and double majoring in economics and social work. After graduation, he’d like to get a Masters in labor studies and work in union organization and negotiation. Voting and civic engagement is imperative to the representation of working-class Americans. He believes it is necessary to preserve economic and social prosperity for all, opposed to a few. With a new program launched at USM called Democracy and Diversity, he hopes to build a foundation for student engagement on campus and within the local community for years to come!

Ashka Jhaver is a junior at Bates College majoring in politics with a minor in French and Francophone studies. On campus as a mediation and restorative justice fellow, Ashka hopes to create honest conversations with students to discuss why they vote.

Kaylee Jipson is on track to complete her senior year at the University of Maine. Kayalee is studying psychology with a double minor in kinesiology and education. Voting rights have peaked her interest in becoming a CEEP fellow and she plans to share her gained knowledge on the subject with her peers at the university.

Aoguzi Muhameiti is a sophomore at Bowdoin College planning to major in government and legal studies with a Japanese minor. He aspires to obtain a law degree and work for constitutional rights law organizations. As a Uighur Asylee, he witnessed early on the significance of those that are governed being able to decide the policies. Aoguzi is excited to be a CEEP fellow so he can contribute to the efforts of maximizing voter engagement.

Joshua Parks, a dual major at Southern Maine Community College is majoring in political science  and human services. As a CEEP Fellow he strongly believes everyone that can vote, should vote. In his spare time, you can find Joshua working on his novel and watching Clint Eastwood movies.

Ali Rami,  currently a senior at Colby College is studying education and science, technology, and society. Ali is passionate about all-things food, talking with strangers on the street, and VOTING! As a  CEEP fellow I want to encourage students on campus to engage with the voting process. All too often, Ali feels as if we don’t realize how important our voice is in the democratic process, and the moment we choose to forsake our right to vote, we lose out on creating the futures we want.

Ryley Velozo is currently attending Thomas College and majoring in political science with a double minor in criminal justice and sociology. Ryley believes strongly that voting is one of the best ways to cause change.

Samantha Wood is a senior at the University of Maine at Farmington and earning a double major in political science and international and global studies as well as a minor in women and gender studies. Last fall Samantha had the unique opportunity to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. She is intensely eager to work for CEEP this fall providing students with accurate voting information and getting them excited to vote.


Sofia Aleem  attends the University of Michigan-Dearborn as a sophomore. She is a business major with a political science minor. Sophia credits her beliefs that educating people on the process and importance of voting is the reason she is attracted to a fellowship with  CEEP.  She stated elected leaders are supposed to be a reflection of the voters and Sophia wants to encourage people to educate themselves on how our voting system works and get people to actively participate in elections.

Diana Antonio is a second year student at Northern Michigan University studying biochemistry and Spanish on a pre-medical track. She is part of the president’s committee of diversity, Latino student union, superior edge, and Student Leader Fellowship Program. Diana is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she wants to encourage others to be an educated voter. She is a strong believer that every vote matters and that it can create a difference in our election and society.

Jacob Bohlinger is currently attending Delta College and completing his associates degree in the field of  Science. His  interest in participating as a fellow for  CEEP is sparked by the  love of doing work for his community and his belief that democracy is a necessity in our lives.

Ethan Bradley Headshot

Ethan Bradley is an applied statistics and political science major with a specialization in campaigns and elections at Oakland University. He is the Legislative Affairs Director for Oakland University Student Congress, Tools and Tech Lead of the Oakland and Macomb Counties chapter of Students Demand Action, and a volunteer member of the committee staff for the Great Lakes Invitational Model United Nations Conference. Ethan got involved with CEEP, because he believes access to the right to vote is the single largest obstacle facing students in political life.

Tova Carter Headshot

Tova Carter is a second year student part of the James Madison College of Public Affairs at Michigan State University. There she is studying for a double major in Social Relations & Policy, and Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy, and two minors in Bio Ethics and S.T.E.P.P. (Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy). She has been politically active from a young age, and this will be her second semester as a CEEP Fellow. Tova believes that non-partisan engagement is key to revitalizing the United States democracy.

Betsy Cook is a junior at Madonna University majoring in political science and double-minoring in history and sociology. She believes it is very important for young adults to vote, but also acknowledges not enough choose to utilize the right to vote. As a CEEP Fellow, Betsy is looking forward to encouraging students on campus to get out and  vote so their voices can be heard.

Demitria Dawson is a second-year student at Henry Ford College, pursuing a Nursing degree. She is active in the Nursing Program’s Student/Faculty Committee and the Black Male & QUEENS Focus Group. Ms. Dawson has served on the Michigan Collegiate Student Advisory Task Force. She is passionate about issues surrounding equity in voting, increasing the number of eligible voters, and increasing voter turnout.

DeVoogd, Alina Headshot

Alina DeVoogd is a political science and Spanish major and biology minor at Saginaw Valley State University. Alina hopes to work in environmental policy research in the future after attending graduate school. Alina’s passions are knowledge and education, service, environmentalism and advocacy. Alina wanted to be a CEEP Fellow, because she believes in empowering and educating others to create the world they want to live in. 

Atulya Dora-Laskey is currently attending Alma College where he is majoring in political science and history. At various points in the history of the United States, almost every kind of American had to fight hard for their right to participate in electoral democracy. Now we are closer than ever to achieving universal suffrage for all people over 18, but many young voters still face barriers (whether informational or institutional) when it comes to voting. Atulya as a CEEP fellow wants to work alongside the amazing team fighting to overcome those barriers in order to empower college voters across the country.

Emma Drever is a dual major at Northern Michigan University studying both the English and Spanish Languages. As a CEEP Fellow, she is hoping to encourage students to fuel their civic action by their individual passions, which will create lifelong engagement. Emma wants to use her understanding of languages and civic society to empower others to advocate for change from a local to a global scale.

Brooke Galloway is a senior at Central Michigan University, working towards a B.A. in communications with a minor in leadership.  Brooke is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she is passionate about making positive change in her community a reality, and she believes the most effective way to do that is through voting and civic engagement.  Brooke feels that, by supporting and encouraging students to get involved in their community, she will be able to truly affect change in her spheres of influence.  Aside from community engagement, she is passionate about mentoring young people, taking care of her horses, and reading a good book with a warm cup of coffee.

Elana Goldenkoff, a PhD student  at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is  studying how different brain regions communicate to control fine hand movements. She also participates in many science outreach and science communication events hosted by UM’s Neuroscience department and Natural History Museum. Elana became passionate about improving student democratic engagement when she learned that science and engineering students vote at a rate that is about 10% lower than social science and humanities students. Her  goals as a CEEP fellow are to promote civic engagement and voter turnout across campus –especially among STEM and graduate students.

Sophie Greenberg is a sophomore at the University of Michigan with an undeclared major and a minor in Spanish language literature and culture. Sophie has spent her time on campus working with Turn up Turn out, a non-partisan organization focused on increasing student voter registration, turnout, and education.  Ensuring equitable access to voter education and resources, especially in an unprecedented time for public health, sparked her interest in becoming a CEEP fellow.

Caitlin Houde is an energetic second year student attending Saginaw Valley State University. As a political science major with a minor in history and legal philosophy she has set her goal on going to law school and running for office someday. Caitlin’s passion about learning to vote ignited at the age of eighteen as an uninformed voter. A Fellow from the Campus Election Engagement Project  provided her the knowledge to  register to vote and recommended her to join CEEP as a Fellow. Today, Caitlin is a resource on campus to those who are unsure of how to vote and those who are interested in learning more about the election.

Allie Ingalls is a sophomore at Wayne State University majoring in political science. She is interested in the Collection Election Engagement Program because she believes everyone has the right to vote and that engaging young people in politics is the greatest way to strengthen our democracy. She loves to learn and teach what she has learned, which is why educating people on their right to vote is one of the most important things she believes she can do in her undergraduate studies.

Samuel Lee Jacobs Headshot

Sam Jacobs is a public administration major and political science minor at Grand Valley State University. Sam is excited about being a CEEP Fellow, because he wants to help students become more engaged and active in their communities through civic engagement and voting. Sam wants to help keep his campus a place where voting is important to the students and faculty and where all voices can be heard.

Aaron Keathley is a sophomore at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He is majoring in economics and minoring in statistics as a member of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College. He is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because youth turnout in our elections is one of our greatest electoral shortcomings as a nation. In the 2018 November election, the U.S census reported that only 35.9% of potential voters age 18-29 actually voted. He hopes to do his part to make sure that young people are fulfilling their civic duty.

Ariana Khan is a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Statistics with a minor in Sustainability. She is an active contributor on campus, working for Orientation, the LGBT+ Resource Center, Student Government, and frequently collaborating on projects with other departments across campus. Being involved with the student body has made her aware of how many concerns directly impact students and how voter engagement can do wonders to alleviate many of these issues that weigh heavily on young folks especially. 

Alex Lawrence is a political science – public policy major at Western Michigan University. Alex is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because he wants to help college students become well-rounded citizens in our democracy. After graduating from Western Michigan University, he plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Higher Education to continue institutionalizing civic engagement at colleges and universities around the country.

Maddie Maviglia a proud returning CEEP Fellow and thriving senior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn will complete her political science degree and minor in urban and regional studies. Maddie loves being a CEEP fellow because it gives her a community to bounce ideas off, people to create a game plan with, and most of all a support system for voter engagement work. A fun fact about Maddie is that she used to work in the Canadian government.

Hope Miller is ambitiously seeking a political science degree and minoring in music at Kalamazoo College in her journey to her MBA. Having high aspirations after college, Hope would like to start a nonprofit that provides free legal services to women. She is excited to work with CEEP so that she can continue to help young students in her small hometown and at college feel less intimidated about voting and learn to use their voice and participate in democracy. Since her first year of college, Hope has worked on the SOS student advisory task force, interned for the league of women voters, became an ambassador for rock the vote, and is currently a board member of Kvotes.

Jocelyn Medina is an ambitious returning CEEP fellow and currently a student at Grand Valley State University earning a degree in communications in higher education- student affairs. Her journey as a fellow began in  January of 2020 and she thrives with the opportunities to share her wisdom and experience on campus. She believes all students should be educated on voter rights. In her spare time you may  find Jocelyn out and about campus advocating for students or in my community advocating for Immigrant rights!

Vanessa Najjar is a senior this fall at Michigan State University. Vanessa will be completing a dual degree this December pursuing a Bachelor of Science in human biology with a minor in bioethics and a bachelor of arts in women’s and gender studies. Impacting the number of minority students that vote in this upcoming election is the top of her interest as a CEEP Fellow. She believes student voices and especially minority student voices tend to be drowned out.

Zachary Olson is a junior majoring in chemical engineering at Michigan Technological University. Zachary has served on Michigan Tech’s Undergraduate Student Government since enrolling as a freshman, and is currently its Chairman of Political Affairs. He is also affiliated with Beta Sigma Theta, a local fraternity. Zachary wants to help his friends and classmates at Michigan Tech vote because he believes the interests of students, workers, and young people are not adequately represented in government.

Kaitlyn Prebelich Headshot

Katie Prebelich is an integrative public relations major and a political science and leadership minor at Central Michigan University. Katie is involved in her Student Government Association, Leadership Institute and Organization of Women Leaders. Katie has also worked on campaigns, a congressional committee and is a precinct delegate in her hometown. Katie can’t wait to use the skills that she has gained from all of her experiences to help her peers on campus become more engaged and informed voters.

Will Sheffield is a Central Michigan University junior, studying recreation, parks, and leisure services administration in the recreation and event management concentration, and minoring in public administration. They chose to get involved with CEEP after spending two years in CMU’s nonpartisan voting RSO, Central Votes. They are very passionate about voting and they are attempting to be an event coordinator for their career, so organizing voter advocacy events feel right.

Jim Takeshita attends Albion College in Albion, MI. He is currently on track to graduate in May 2021 with a double major in public policy and international studies, as well as a public service concentration. Jim is interested in being a CEEP fellow because of his previous work in student government trying to increase voter activism and registration on campus, and he is looking to network with people who have experience and passion in doing the same.

Samantha Uptmor Headshot

Samantha Uptmor is a political science major at the University of Michigan Flint. Samantha is a returning CEEP Fellow, and is extremely passionate about voter engagement and education. Samantha was recently an intern at The Walt Disney Company and is currently the Director of Foreign Outreach for her campus’s Student Government.

Josiah Walker

Josiah Walker is a political science major and an entrepreneurship minor at the University of Michigan. Josiah’s interest in the civic engagement process was piqued when he was exposed to a variety of thinking styles as he grew up in Maryland, Michigan, and North Carolina. Josiah believes it is imperative that everyone participates in the political process because no one party or individual has the solution to every problem. Throughout his college career, Josiah has remained involved with several student political organizations, including Turn Up Turnout, a nonpartisan student group whose goal is to increase voter registration and turnout among 18- to 24-year-olds. Josiah also served as a Diversity Peer Educator, a resident advisor whose primary responsibility was to help students navigate conflicting cultural and political identities on campus.

Lija Wendt is a student at Delta College. She hopes to go on to get a Bachelor’s degree in either Political Science or Sociology. She is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she desires to see real change within her college community regarding civic engagement and awareness. She is passionate about young adults becoming empowered to participate in the political system as they discover what it truly means to be a citizen.


Olivia Brammer is a student at Augsburg University, in Minneapolis. She is currently in her third year and majoring in special education with a minor in political science. She is excited to be a CEEP Fellow and hopes to achieve the highest voter turnout her campus has ever witnessed. Olivia believes her university peers have tremendous power, values and knowledge that will reflect in the vote in the current election as well as in the future.

Felicia “FoFo” Bristol is the CEEP Fellow, a member of the governing council, and president of the newest club “I AM” at Minneapolis College. Majoring in fashion, FoFo loves politics and laughter. Newly married and a mom from Minneapolis there is nothing but love for the city and all diversity. Unity IS strength.

Linnea Cheek a senior at St. Olaf College is a political science major with a concentration in international relations. Working with CEEP and St Olaf, Linnea wants to  ensure every student, staff, and faculty member has the resources they need to make informed decisions in 2020’s upcoming elections. Linnea and another CEEP Fellow at St Olaf will work together to engage their fellow peers.

Isabella Erickson is a committed senior at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota earning a double major in political science and history with a minor in criminal justice. Isabella’s  passion for civil and voter engagement led her to become a team member at CEEP . Voting is the most basic and essential method of being heard by your government, so everyone should vote.

Josie Groebner is a political science and public administration major at Winona State University. By encouraging people to start voting when they are younger, they are more likely to be civically engaged in the future and continue to vote throughout their lives. Josie became interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow because she believes it is important for students to vote and to be educated about who and what they are voting for. 

Hannah Liu is a senior at St. Olaf College studying political science and music. She has a passion for helping others become more civically engaged, especially on the local and state level. Hannah is excited to help her school find safe and creative ways to mobilize students this fall!

Carter McLaughlin, a  junior and honors program student at Southwest Minnesota State University  is majoring in Philosophy, with minors in pre-law, religious studies, and political science. The realization of how underrepresented the young demographic  voters are at the polls at all levels of government was the draw and motivation for Carter to become a CEEP fellow. Carter hopes to have a positive impact on campus and the surrounding community that will nurture and lead  more young voters to exercise their right to cast an informed vote for local, state, and federal elections.

Kate Ostaffe is a second-year student studying marketing at the University of St. Thomas. Kate found passion for government and civic engagement during high school and the excitement bridged to be a fellowship at CEEP! When not registering people to vote, Kate is singing in the Liturgical Choir, at a Model UN conference with Foreign Affairs Club, attempting to dance with Swing Dance Club, or accidentally breaking a sewing machine in the Create[Space].

Katelyn Padden is  a determined Senior at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She is majoring in political science and minoring in public health. Her passion to ensure everyone exercises their right to vote, especially younger people who generally have lower turnout rates is the driving force to become a CEEP fellow. Katelyn hopes to increase voter engagement on campus.

Noah Rooze  is a political science transfer pathway student at Inver Hills Community College. His passions include filmmaking, computer science, and US-Chinese relations. In addition to english, he has working proficiency in Mandrin Chinese and is the published translator of the argentine poetry chapbook, Azul Sin Tiempo.

Brian Swancutt currently attends Minnesota State University, Mankato and is majoring in social work and pre-law with minors in psychology and political science. Brian became interested in serving as a CEEP Fellow because he believes voting is one of the most important rights we can choose to exercise as citizens of our country, and he wants to help ensure that every eligible voter person utilizes their right to vote.

Alex Tracy is a senior majoring in social studies education at Winona State University. He is also an RA in one of the on-campus residence facilities and is excited to promote voting in the halls this semester.

Mushtaq Wahidy is an international student from Afghanistan and a returning CEEP Fellow from Fall 2018. He is Majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry at Metropolitan State University. Mushtaq is a student coordinator for the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship focusing on voter outreach. Mushtaq is also a social activist and has established a youth association in his community to help street labor and work on empowering women and youth in Afghanistan.


Uniya Arnold is majoring in communication studies at Harris-Stowe State University. She is interested in helping America colleges and universities get as many students as possible to register, volunteer in campaigns, educate themselves and turn out at the polls. She is counting on being a leader that leads their campus with voter registration, voter education and voter engagement for the November 2020 election!

Beatrice Beirne is a senior studying political science, American studies, and communication at Saint Louis University. President of her campus’ Political Round Table and Editor-in-Chief of SLU’s social justice magazine, Beatrice loves registering people to vote as much as she likes discussing policy and political issues. She is passionate about CEEP and its mission because she believes that college students must advocate for the world they want – and teamwork is the best way to do it.

My name is DeAsia Britton, a current senior at Lincoln University of Missouri. I’m majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. As a student at an HBCU, I personally feel it is important that my community and peers realize the importance of voting. More importantly, knowing what they’re voting for. With the platform that I already have on campus, I would like to make a difference in the mindsets of my colleagues so we can actually make a change this time around. If I could play a role in getting the students at Lincoln University to go out and participate in voting this year, it would be very rewarding and I would feel like that was a huge accomplishment.

AJ Foster is a senior at the University of Missouri majoring in black studies with double minors in psychology and criminal and juvenile justice.  She  enjoys reading books about critical race theory and hanging out with family.  AJ is  hopeful to learn a lot about voter education through CEEP and connecting with the other fellows on voter registration initiatives on our campuses.

Sarah Hill Headshot

Sarah Hill is a political science major with certificates in leadership and Spanish at Webster University. Sarah has worked on various voting rights and electoral-reform campaigns and loves encouraging Fellow voters to get involved in elections, no matter their party affiliation, or the lack-thereof. Other involvements and pastimes at her university include serving as the 2019-2020 Student Body President, leading the campus-wide community service organization that she founded, and consistently—also shamelessly—having a voter registration application on hand any time another student mentions anything election-related.

Ericka Loida is a sophomore at the University of Missouri – Columbia (aka Mizzou)!She is a journalism major with a minor in criminology and juvenile justice.Ericka is involved with the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta on my campus and with Mizzou Outreach. She is passionate about social justice, politics, and sustainability! Ericka is thrilled to be a part of CEEP this semester because she wants to make voting less intimidating for others.

Bailey Martin, a sophomore at the University of Missouri Columbia is studying constitutional democracy and history. Empowering students on campus to use their voice and take history into their own hands is the reason Bailey has decided to become a fellow at CEEP.  She wants to communicate to her peers that young people have an incredible amount of power in our elections and it is time we wield it!t.

Joseph Methner is a junior at the University of Missouri Saint Louis. He is studying public policy with an emphasis in labor policy. Joseph believes organizing to be some of the most important work that can be accomplished on a college campus. As a CEEP Fellow,  he is excited to help organize his peers to increase voter education and proliferate engagement in the electoral process.

Anna Meyer is studying public policy administration with a certificate in nonprofit management at University of Missouri – St. Louis. Anna has experience working in grassroots advocacy for a national non-profit, and a passion for voter engagement.

Jordan Miller is a sophomore at Missouri Western State University. Jordan is studying political science with the intent for law school to follow. With a strong interest in politics, this CEEP Fellowship presents the perfect opportunity to try and have some effect on the American Political scene.

Garrett Moeller currently attends Ozarks Technical Community College and Missouri State University. He is earning a bachelor’s in marketing and a minor in political science. Garrett has been involved with the political process since the age of eighteen and believes it to be a rewarding experience. He encourages his peers to get involved and to vote every chance they get, and CEEP is an opportunity to further the goal of expanding political literacy in his community. Garrett is grateful for the privilege of voting and wants to help his community in exercising that same privilege.

Michelle Perez is a junior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Michelle is majoring in political science with a minor in pre-law. She is  interested in being a CEEP fellow to help further educate people about the importance of their vote and voices


Helen Badaruddin is a sophomore at Carroll College studying international relations and French. Helen is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she recognizes the power of the youth vote, and is proud to participate in helping others engage in our government. Helen emphasizes young people must use their voice because current issues will impact our generation and future generations for years to come.

Elizabeth Bowles, a political science major attends the University of Montana, in Missoula Montana. Elizabeth is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because of her involvement in politics for a number of years and constantly sees friends and people in general  not vote. Elizabeth wants the ability  to encourage the change in the voting that she thinks is super common and shouldn’t be.

Emily Cook is an enthusiastic sophomore attending the University of Montana earning a degree in political science. Emily was drawn to the opportunity to join the CEEP Fellows Program because it presented a way to make a real difference for something she genuinely cares about. Voter rights are important to Emily and she believes a diverse group of voices will always create a better government.

Lisbeth Madriz is a student at Montana State University of Billings. She has an associate’s degree in General Science with the goal of becoming a physician’s assistant. She is currently working in completing her bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in business administration. She is the President of the Spanish Club, a member of the Hispanic Outreach Committee, international studies, Student Activities Board, Trio Support Services and Alumni Association.

Sarah Parker, a sophomore at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT, is majoring in political science and history with a pre-law minor. Sarah is interested in being part of CEEP because she feels like her generation doesn’t realize how important their voice truly is. She hopes this fellowship will help her become a resource to them.


Abby Davidson is a sophomore at Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire. She is majoring in history/political studies. Abby is passionate about informing her peers that they have the power to vote and have a role in democracy, and if you can vote you can make change and a difference. She wants to help Colby-Sawyer stay informed about the process of voting and increasing student engagement.

Ty’Aaron Ennis is a motivated, driven senior at New England College. Majoring in political science, Ty’Aaron  plans to seek employment with the foreign service after college. His experience led him to become a CEEP Fellow because Ty’Aaron has done this type of work in the past and really enjoys getting out there and helping people get the information they need to vote.

Arielys Liriano is a senior at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH. She is double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in World Languages & Culture. With extensive NGO and service experience, she has seen how local issues are greatly impacted by government actions and policies. Her passion for helping vulnerable populations and nation-states has led her on the path of studying international law.  Arielys is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because her experiences have shown her how voter and civic engagement is critical to creating social change.

Scott Mitsching is a student from central New Jersey and is currently attending Antioch University of New England in Keene, New Hampshire. While at Antioch he is pursuing his M.Ed in Waldorf Education and New Hampshire state certification. Scott earned a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He served in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia as an education volunteer teaching English at a high school in the Amhara region. More recently Scott was teaching English in Haiphong, Vietnam.

Abigail Theobald a junior at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH is majoring in political science with two minors in environmental studies and sociology.  Along with being a co-chair of the Civic Engagement Committee at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics,  Abigail wanted to become a CEEP fellow as it would allow her to connect with other students who share similar passions and together can inspire campus’ populations to become involved in our nation’s democratic processes!


Amira Kinlaw, is a first-year computer science and physics major at Camden County College in Blackwood, New Jersey. She is proud to be a 2020 Campus Engagement Elections Project (CEEP) Fellow because Amira feel she has an obligation to her community, family, and herself to exercise the right to vote and help spread vital information pertaining to New Jersey’s voting processes to communities who feel ostracized and/or who believe in the notion, “my vote does not matter.”  Every vote does matter.  Amira stated her ancestors did not have the opportunity to vote and it is with great pride that she cast her vote, spread voting awareness and offer resources deemed most useful for everyone to exercise their voting rights here in America.

Gianna Simon is attending Brookdale Community College through NJ Stars and is a psychology major. Encouraging doubtful voters that their voice matters is her vital interest in becoming a CEEP Fellow.

Valeska Yaninas attends Brookdale Community College and will be graduating at the conclusion of the Fall 2020 semester. Majoring in education, Valeska aspires to teach in an elementary school level environment. This CEEP Fellowship excited her because she is determined to inspire others to use their voices to make a change!


Jacqueline (Jackie) Camacho is a business major at the College of Southern Nevada. Jackie was interested in being a CEEP Fellow to spread voter awareness to people of all ages and ultimately impact her community in a positive way. She always wanted to help out what is around her in some way, and being a Fellow will allow and help her find her way to be an advocate and figure out her own life goals from there.

Fernanda Cardenas attends Truckee Meadows Community College and she is a senior in high school aspiring to major in political science. As a returning CEEP Fellow,  Fernanda thinks it is important that college students and younger people take an interest in voting and participating in our democracy. There is real change to be made and Fernanda is determined to help educate and empower people to make a difference.

Maggie Dostal is currently a senior in high school while also attending Truckee Meadows Community College in Nevada. Maggie is interested in being a CEEP Fellow as an aspiring career pursuit in law, she has discovered that she is very passionate about standing up for her beliefs, and Maggie believes that everyone has a voice no matter how big or small. More importantly, the democracy of our great country runs off of the voice of the American public. It is imperative now, more than ever, for everyone to use their voice, as it is such that ultimately influences the future of our nation. With her fellowship, Maggie pledges to work extremely hard to inform and involve as many voices as possible, because it’s her determination, every voice matters, and every voice deserves to be heard.

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Raeyan Goff attends the University of Nevada Las Vegas, double majoring in social work and criminal justice with minors in African American Studies and Sociology. Her goal is to be a therapist for women in prison who experience trauma and to have a nonprofit for marginalized communities, which is why she is excited to be a CEEP Fellow. She feels this Fellowship would give her the necessary experience for dealing with people who won’t always agree with her opinion, and help her learn how to combat that. In doing so, she will learn the different approaches necessary for talking to different people because as a social worker/therapist, she is going to need to know how to deal with resistance without giving up.

Michael Robinson has served our country eight years in the United States Navy and is currently attending Western Nevada College earning his associates of science. Moving forward, Michael plans to attend the University of Reno Nevada to pursue his bachelors in mechanical/aerospace engineering. Michael learned about the CEEP Fellowship Program through his student governing body advisor which generated his interest in this program.


Tymia Atkinson is currently a senior undergraduate at North Carolina Central University pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree in social work. Tymia is excited about being a CEEP Fellow for the Fall 2020 Semester for the opportunity to maximize personal and professional social media pages to engage fellow peers and students on voter participation, their responsibilities as an active citizen, and why their vote is important to their surrounding community through engaging on campus and virtual activities, seminars, and incentives. She is interested in the opportunity to collaborate amongst other campus initiatives, departments, and student organizations to better meet the needs of our campus community as it pertains to voter knowledge. Lastly, Tymia is looking forward to working alongside fellows from other colleges and universities in an effort to promote more collaborative efforts across the UNC-System and beyond.

Thomas Beebout is  currently a sophomore attending Western Carolina University majoring in political science with a business law minor. Thomas is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because he believes it is crucial for his generation to become involved in our political system now, not years from now. Ever since Thomas accompanied his mother to vote in 2008,  he has been fascinated by our civil process in the United States, and is glad to finally be able to cast his own vote but also help mobilize and activate others to exercise their right to vote as well.

Kayla Bertling is a second-year undergraduate student at North Carolina State University. Majoring in political science, she is concentrating in the field of law and justice and hopes to find a career where she is able to make meaningful and lasting change in our world. Kayla is excited to begin her Fellowship with CEEP because it allows her to ideate and form new opportunities to engage with her peers on campus. Kayla is active within her university. She is involved with the NCSU band programs, winter guard team, student government, Honor’s Program, and has an on-campus job at her student center. Kayla hopes that we see major voter turnout this November, and she can’t wait to begin implementing her ideas to “Pack the Polls” at NC State!

Jimmy Chambers is currently a junior at Elizabeth City State University studying criminal justice and homeland security. Jimmy is serving as the Student Government Association President for this academic year.   

Evan Corrado is a history major at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He is also pursuing a 6-12 teaching licensure at UNCA. Evan’s plan after graduation is to become a teacher with his sights set on possibly entering politics later on in life. Evan was very interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow as it offered him the chance to assist in making his community more engaged. He hopes that the work done by CEEP across the country will result in a record turnout in 2020 and beyond.

Tavin Felton-Stackhouse is an energized senior attending the illustrious Winston-Salem State University. He is earning a political science degree along with a minor in mass communications. Tavin proudly serves as the Political Action Committee Chair for the 2020-2021 academic year. He became interested in joining CEEP after seeing how hard they work to get students engaged in elections and how much they listen to the input students when it comes to finding ways they can encourage more students to vote.

Devon Gill

Devon Gill is a political science major and a sociology and legal studies minor at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Devon serves as the President of the Model United Nations Club and the Vice President of the Political Science Club. Devon’s ultimate goal after graduation is to continue to law school and eventually become a United States Congresswoman. Devon wishes to be a part of the CEEP Fellowship to create a culture of political awareness and increase civic engagement across the campus community. Devon believes that the CEEP Fellowship will allow her to better equip students, faculty and staff with the tools needed to eagerly participate in local, state and national elections.

Devin Green, a remarkable recent graduate of Cato Middle College High School, simultaneously earned both his Associate’s degree and high school diploma at the same time frame. Transferring with junior standing, Devin currently attends UNC-Pembroke as a political science major with a concentration in pre-law as well as a member of the Honors College.  Devin plans to attend law school and pursue a career as a civil/human rights attorney. His passion for civil rights and policy is a large proponent that contributes to his passion about civic engagement and why he is so excited to be a CEEP fellow.

Rebecca Hart is a rising senior at Western Carolina University majoring in political science and communication and minoring in marketing and leadership. On campus, she is heavily involved in the Student Government Association. Rebecca wanted to be a CEEP fellow to acquire skills on how to promote voter registration and education with her campus peers.

Hadeel Hamoud is a junior at Duke University studying Political Science with a concentration in security, peace, and conflict and international comparative studies with a concentration in the Middle East. She is President of Juhood Magazine, Duke’s undergraduate publication and online magazine for content related to the greater Middle East and North Africa regions, an assistant at the Bolch Judicial Institute, and Director of Media for Duke Amnesty International. Through her work, Hadeel has gained an intimate understanding of the importance of political engagement and civic education and their effects on policy and the promotion of civil and human rights. Being a CEEP fellow will allow her to acquire the skills to work towards addressing systemic barriers to voting and better equipping her peers with the tools to actively participate in local, state, and national elections.

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Leslie Hernandez is a first-generation college student studying political science with a concentration in global politics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she wants to be more involved on campus and most importantly, serve and help others. During her fellowship she hopes to become more knowledgeable on the process of registering others to vote. From her experience, it was a little confusing to register to vote without anyone’s help. She would like for anyone else to avoid any sort of confusion and help them when registering. She knows an opportunity like this is rare, especially since presidential elections happen every four years and wants to take advantage and give a helping hand on campus.

Hannah Horowitz, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is majoring in public health with a minor in nonprofit management. Voter turnout and civic engagement on college campuses are so important in regard to electing officials on all levels of government. Being a CEEP Fellow will allow Hannah to assist in efforts to increase voter turnout and civic engagement on not only her campus but campuses across the country. Hannah is  excited to be a CEEP Fellow and looks forward to the collaboration efforts between the fellows.

Lawton Ives is a Statistics & Analytics major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He is also pursuing a certificate in Energy and the Environment at Duke University through the Robertson Scholars Program.  Lawton has worked on a variety of civic engagement efforts through student government and UNC’s student-led Institute of Politics and is looking forward to working with CEEP to bring UNC’s voter participation to the next level.

Tori Joy is an emerging public health major at Appalachian State University. Tori’s interest in being a CEEP Fellow stems from her belief that voting is the single most important way to influence change as Americans! Ms. Joy is remarkably excited for the election season.

Ayesha Kamdar attends the University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying Health Systems Management. She was immediately interested in being a CEEP Fellow for the opportunity to get more involved in her community. She has always been very interested in civic engagement and believes this will be an effective way to stay involved on campus while supporting civic engagement efforts.

Hannah Kaplon is currently a rising junior pre-law student at Duke University studying international comparative studies (middle east concentration) and gender, sexuality, and feminist studies with a minor in visual media. Hannah is the Editor-in-Chief of Juhood Magazine (Duke University’s Undergraduate Journal on Middle East and North African Studies), a columnist for The Coven Magazine, and a middle school mentor for female-identifying individuals. Hannah is passionate about fighting for social justice and human rights, gender and racial equality, and bridging differences through conversation, art, and education. For the upcoming presidential election she would like to encourage her peers and classmates to be active and informed citizens and voters, deconstructing the viewpoint that an individual vote doesn’t matter.

Tatiana Keo is a senior studying birth through kindergarten on the campus of Elizabeth City State University. She was born and raised in Lexington, North Carolina and is a first-generation student in a family that came from Cambodia in the late 70’s during the Khmer Rouge. Tatiana recently became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated in the fall of 2019. In her spare time she indulges in shopping online.

Hunter Klas is an upcoming student at Meredith College  majoring in political science. Her future plans include pursuing law school. Hunter joined CEEP because she has a passion for politics and believes voting is one of our duties as citizens of the United States. Hunter  wants to encourage everyone to vote and make sure college students have all the correct information needed to do so.

Ashanti Marshall is a senior biology major with an art and chemistry minor from Winston-Salem State University. She serves as Political Action Committee Co-Chair at the university and is devoted to making sure the campus is actively  involved in the 2020 national election. She became a CEEP Fellow to help the students be informed. 

Destinee Matthews attends the University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying Health Systems Management. She hopes to someday become a dentist and own her own dental office. Being a CEEP Fellow will further educate her and allow her to educate others on the importance of being politically engaged. While being involved directly with the government is not her ultimate goal, she wants to be a part of helping to change her community.

Daliah Moungui is currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro majoring in political science with a minor in French. Daliah takes pride in using her platform to create positive change in the community through the encouragement of voter participation, and uplifting minority groups. Daliah joined the CEEP Fellows Program because she understands how important the young vote is, especially in the college town of Greensboro, NC.

Grace Powers is a junior at Appalachian State University majoring in electronic media and broadcasting and minoring in graphic arts and imaging technology. Grace became a CEEP Fellow to encourage students to be active in both local and national elections. She aims to help students overcome any barriers to voting and to help educate voters.

Jessica Scudella is a junior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is studying political science and environmental science with a concentration in conservation and minoring in leadership studies. Jessica is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she has developed a passion for learning more about elections and becoming a more civically engaged citizen. She wants to continue to learn more about elections so that she can share that information with other students on campus. 

Aigné M. Taylor is a student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Due to her aspirations to be an attorney and later Supreme Court Justice, she is double majoring in Political Science and Sociology to gain a direct insight into our political systems and how our human society functions. Being an active member of the Student Government Association, where she serves as the Political Action Committee Chair, she is able to register an abundance of students to vote and cultivate a safe haven for political action. Serving as a CEEP Fellow will fully equip her with the tools to allow her to continue advocating for equal voting rights on a larger scale while continuously educating the already politically engaged campus community of North Carolina A&T.

Alexander Thomas, is an vibrant Operations Research Masters Student (Fall 2020 Graduation) at North Carolina State University. Alexander believes that our government conveniently ignores the needs of college students and young people for the only reason that they are not reliable voters and that is why he became a CEEP Fellow.  He feels to achieve better representation across the political spectrum, we need to get the student voting rates to the levels across the rest of the population. That means more awareness, easier access to the ballot, and more enthusiasm. After CEEP, Alexander hopes to enter law school and become an Air Force JAG.

Julian Woods is a sophomore English student at North Carolina A&T State University. He is passionate about youth voter engagement and public policy. Julian is incredibly excited to be a CEEP Fellow this semester so that he can work to sustain a culture of civic engagement and political participation on campus. As a CEEP fellow, he looks forward to ensuring that students are informed of the issues impacting their everyday lives and understand how to take action


Devin Brown

Devin Brown is an international relations and real estate major at Columbus State Community College. Devin was interested in being a CEEP Fellow because of his fascination with politics. Devin is now combining his passion of politics with his other passion of connecting with the youth. Devin believes it is important that today’s youth choose the type of world that they want to live in, in the future. In order to do that, they need to vote. Devin also loves to travel, play soccer and chess, and just connect with people.

Reese Campbell a third-year student at Ohio University is majoring in communications, minoring in marketing, and earning a certificate in social media. Currently interning with the Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative, a group that is working towards getting back to local food systems by connecting farmers, millers, etc. nationwide is a step that provides added experience and opportunities for her. Reese is eager to be a CEEP Fellow because voting is so important and she would love to be able to help her peers become more informed on how to register to vote, become informed citizens, and make a difference across the country.

Mara Cvelbar currently a junior at the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio is a double major in English and political science with a minor in legal studies. She applied to be a CEEP Fellow this semester because Mara  thinks it’s so important for students to understand the power we all have to enforce change. Too many people bypass their right to vote because they do not care or they are not educated enough to vote and Mara wants to play an active role in changing that.

Kaylyn Dailey is a senior at the University of Dayton majoring in political science. Kaylyn is a CEEP Fellow wanting to learn more about the voting process and become actively  involved in government affairs.  Kaylyn strives to help others find their voice and be more motivated to exercise their right to vote!

Joey Derrico

Joey Derrico is a political science and public affairs major and an international business minor at The Ohio State University. Joey was interested in being a CEEP Fellow, because he believes that civic engagement, specifically voter registration, is the best way to empower others to create their own change at the ballot box. On campus, Joey is active in other civic engagement groups such as OSU Votes. After college, Joey hopes to pursue a law degree with the eventual goal of serving as a Judge Advocate General in the Navy.

Tyger Devore is a former Fellow from Columbus State Community College now attending Ohio State University. She is pursuing a bachelor degree in Political Science with a minor of American History. She also plans on pursuing a law degree after graduating. She is incredibly excited to continue to be a part of an organization that believes in empowering and educating young voters and our communities.

Sarah Donaldson is a junior at Ohio University pursuing a major in journalism on the news and information track, a minor in political science, and a certificate in social media. Outside of class, she also serves as the editor-in-chief of The New Political, an award-winning, independent, nonpartisan student publication that covers politics on campus, in Athens, and around the state. Sarah is passionate about public affairs and can’t wait to spend the semester as a CEEP Fellow.

Tait Ferguson is a political science major and an environmental studies and religion minor at Denison University. Tait wanted to be a CEEP Fellow, because civic engagement and education is very important to him. A lot of students on Denison’s campus do not have a comprehensive understanding of how to be involved, and Tait wants to make sure that process is as easy and simple as possible.

Christo Fosse is a junior at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, majoring in the philosophy, politics and The Public (PPP) Honors Program, as well as economics. He became a CEEP Fellow because he deeply believes that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process. Outside of the fellowship, he works in Xavier’s Title IX office, participates in service immersions, and plays trombone in the symphony band.

Halen Gifford is a senior communication studies major at the College of Wooster. This is her second time working as a CEEP fellow and she is excited to continue doing election engagement work with students. Halen is passionate about registering students to vote and assisting them in participating in elections and local politics. 

Deanna Henry Headshot

Deanna Henry is a student at Ohio State University. After completing her major in Political Science, she is now pursuing a double-major in Public Affairs, as well as a minor in Peace Studies. Motivated by a desire to learn and help others, Deanna is active in several organizations on campus; including Politics, Society, and Law Scholars, College Democrats, and OSU Votes. With plans to work in Washington, D.C. upon graduation, Deanna is excited to be part of the Campus Election Engagement Project to increase civic engagement in her community.

Christy Hicks is currently enrolled in the nursing program at Cincinnati State. After many years of working as a radiology technologist she decided to pursue a degree in nursing. Christy chose to join the team at CEEP because she believes that all of our voices matter. Our country is facing so many challenges and together our votes will let our elected leaders hear them loud and clear. 

Charlotte Hurst is a student at Wittenberg University, studying international studies and Spanish. She is excited to work with campus leaders on creating an engaged environment. Charlotte’s goal is to create a connection between campus and the Springfield community centered on voting registration, education, and communication. She hopes to help students participate in community based election projects.

Johannah James, a double major in political science and journalism with a minor in leadership, is a student at Marietta College. Johannah is extremely passionate about social justice and civil rights, and working in voter engagement through the CEEP fellowship is an opportunity to be involved in that passion. Alongside my fellowship and academics, she is also a coxswain on Marietta’s Men’s Crew Team and part of the Chi Omega Fraternity.

Alex Lee is a junior attending Muskingum University majoring in political science and  also foresees a minor in pre-law. Alex initially became interested in being a CEEP fellow because of her love for elections. Keeping politically informed and up to date with conventions, debates, election-related news and  events, Alex hopes to spread her love for politics and voting to others during this fellowship.

Rebecca Leslein Headshot

Rebecca Leslein is an interior design major at Lakeland Community College. Rebecca is excited to be a CEEP Fellow, because she believes it is important that people of all ages continue to stay educated on important issues, local or national. Rebecca used to work for a grassroots, nonpartisan nonprofit that had a focus on providing people with the information and resources they need to make educated votes on local environmental issues.

Ethan Lower Headshot

Ethan Lower is a political science major and a pre-law, English and philosophy minor at Kent State University. This is Ethan’s second year as a resident assistant, and he serves as President of the May 4th Task Force, an organization dedicated to commemorating those killed and injured on May 4, 1970, as well as educating others on the issues and injustices surrounding the event. Ethan is passionate about voter engagement, education and registration, which drew him to the CEEP Fellow position.

Anthony Lyon will start his senior year at Hiram College this fall, double majoring in international studies and political science with a minor in history. Since becoming interested in politics during the 2012 election, increasing civic engagement has been very important to him. To this end, he founded what is now called Middle Ground in 2018 – a causal political discussion club. Serving as a CEEP Fellow, Anthony looks forward to having the resources to bolster his efforts to inform and register voters during a crucial election year.

Sophia Maltese is a student at John Carroll University. She is studying English and Communication and she has a minor in Political Science. Sophia loves to write and report for her school paper, The Carroll News, and seeks to engage her Fellow students in the media. She is a major proponent of the democratic process and is seeking a career in investigative journalism. 

David Mathisson is a junior from Oberlin College studying at WashU in St. Louis. He is majoring in Political Science, double minoring in Legal Studies and Writing, and on track for Honors in Entrepreneurship. David is an innovative, driven, and policy-focused student leader. At Oberlin College, David was elected as a Student Senator, confirmed to the high-level leadership position of Senate Policy Director, and honored as a Cole Scholar. His work focused on privacy rights, environmental sustainability, and public health. The impact David has had on his community drove him to get involved with CEEP, and he is excited to bring political agency to everyone at WashU.

Cameron Monaghan Headshot

Cameron Monaghan is a political science major and a legal studies minor at Baldwin Wallace University. Cameron is passionate about organizing, political involvement and informing as many people as possible about the importance of active citizenship, which naturally led to his interest in becoming a CEEP Fellow and directing Jackets Engaged.

Sabrina Morales is a current student at Sinclair Community College and is majoring in political science. She is excited about being a CEEP Fellow because voting is one of the most important, if not most important, part of our democracy. The more people that are voting with the proper knowledge, the better our government can represent us. She is super excited to get people registered and out and voting this year.

Ella Musher-Eizenman is currently a junior at Kenyon College. As a sociology and studio art double major, she hopes to blend her two passions, so as to generate creative, positive, and effective social change. During her time as a CEEP Fellow and in the future, Ella hopes to educate others, learn as much as she can, and above all, protect and promote the democratic process.

Sierra Nathans is a student at Bowling Green State University. She has two majors, one of which is Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law, and the other is Sociology. Sierra is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she feels it would be an amazing opportunity and great experience to develop new skills. She also believes that civic engagement is extremely important, especially on college campuses.

Lindsey M. Payton, an Equine Pre-vet major at Otterbein University, enjoys volunteering at a rescue horse barn and caring for horses and other various barn animals in her free time. Lindsey is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because her appeal is to help her peers better understand our government process and encourage them to use their voice by voting.

Jake Penko a rising senior at the University of Mount Union, is pursuing bachelor degrees in national security & foreign intelligence analysis, and international affairs & diplomacy, along with a minor in Spanish. Jake a member of the football team for the University is involved in many other groups and organizations around campus, including: Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society, Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honorary Society, National Security & International Affairs Club, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Jake is interested in being a CEEP Fellow for many reasons, but one big one is to provide the football team with the tools, information, and other necessary items to allow the biggest group on campus to be able to have their voices heard through this year’s upcoming elections and to allow them to learn different things regarding voting that they did not or were not able to do before.

Emma Prusha is a student at Ohio Northern University majoring in political science and public relations with a minor in public policy. She hopes to eventually go on to pursue a career in advocacy. Emma is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she is passionate about helping other students become engaged and educated voters. Emma believes that the student voice is extremely important and helping young people understand the significance of their voice and their vote is one of her goals.

Kish Richardson

Kish Richardson is a philosophy major with a focus in cognitive studies and international human rights at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to being a CEEP Fellow this semester, Kish will also be interning with the Ohio Innocence Project and serving as a Senator At-Large within UC’s Undergraduate Student Government. Kish is ecstatic to have been chosen as a CEEP Fellow as he believes civic activism is a critical component to rectify the flaws in our political systems, as well as creating the change necessary within our world.

Cara Robbins, first-year student at Cleveland State University is an aspiring film and media arts major with a propensity for writing and directing with a minor in political science. Her interest in being a CEEP Fellow has been noted largely due to this election year promising  to be one of the most important elections in our nation’s history. The combination of the coronavirus and two extremely controversial presidential candidates, the 2020 election is shaping up to be largely consequential, and simultaneously difficult for people to access. Cara wants to help to ensure that people make their values and beliefs are heard and represented on every level in the government, from the local, to state, and to  national platforms.

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Taylor Ronnebaum is a political science major at Wright State University. Taylor hopes to attend Vanderbilt Law School after graduation and wants to foster an environment where students are politically empowered and believe that their voice matters. Helping people take an active role in our political system is not just important to Taylor, but to society as a whole.

Joshua St. Pierre headshot

Joshua St.Pierre is an international affairs major at the University of Cincinnati. Joshua is very involved in his university’s student government organization and loves to play tennis. Joshua is so excited to be a CEEP Fellow this year and help people find their voices by participating in the civic process.

Loraine Stone, a political science and theater studies major at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio is excited to join the team as a CEEP fellow. She believes it’s incredibly important to make sure the younger demographic that historically polls low understands the voting and electoral process. Her strong message to all is to get out and vote! Loraine is convinced that Democracy is at its best when everyone participates and she will hit the ground running this semester.

Hannah Sturgeon is a student at Otterbein University double majoring in environmental science and political science with a minor in sustainability studies. On-campus she works as co-leader of Raise Your Voice, a voter registration group, Community Service Chair of Alpha Lambda Delta, Press Secretary of the Cardinal Corps Leaders, and Senator in Student Government. Hannah was interested in becoming a CEEP Fellow in order to continue to help engage and educate others in her community.

Jenna Thomas is a senior at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio, where she is studying nonprofit & public administration. Jenna is passionate about engaging in local government and building political power among young people. She is so excited to get out the vote on Cleveland State’s campus, promoting safe & informed voting.

Victoria Villanueva is a junior business economics major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, minoring in political science and history. She’s part of the University Honors Program and involved in the Associated Student Government, student-run credit union, and pre-law office. She hopes to pursue a law degree and go into intellectual property law. She is excited to be part of CEEP to connect with different types of groups across Miami’s campus and be a resource to them.

Hannah Willingham started her college studies with sophomore status, beginning her freshman year in the University of Findlay‘s Doctorate Pharmacy six-year program. Her career aspirations led to her joining the Black Student Union (BSU) where she became Vice President for the past two years. As an accomplished musician, she is also the Principal Chair for Percussion in the University of Findlay’s Wind Ensemble and Set Drummer for their Jazz Band.  Hannah has decided to pursue another path while studying at the University of Findlay. She is interested in pursuing Law School in the Fall of 2021. Obtaining a summer internship with the Hamilton County Commissioner’s Office, she was able to be part of the #513 campaign, under Commissioner Victoria Parks. She has assisted the Commissioner in fundraising for candidate Judge Fanon Rucker, running for Hamilton County Prosecutor and has attended various county meetings.

Jonathon Wahlie, a thriving senior at the University of Mount Union is earning his degree  in political science. Jonathon is interested in being a member of CEEP because he cares about political issues and encouraging  his peers to be engaged with issues that will have an effect on the future of our country. Republican, Democrat, or independent, each vote matters whether it is for a seat in congress, the senate, presidency or city council.

Mallorie Watts is a First-Gen student at Ohio Wesleyan University, where she is a social justice and politics & government double major. You can find her off-campus organizing for local politics and volunteering; and on-campus in student government, mentoring First-Gen students, and advocating for a more equitable and just campus. Mallorie joined the CEEP team because she knows the importance of making voting and civic participation more accessible. CEEP allows Mallorie to build on her long history of political and civic involvement with various campus roles. Mallorie hopes to create a cross-campus effort to help her peers navigate the voting process.


Taylor Boyle a Senior at Clarion University of Pennsylvania is pursuing a dual major in political science and international economics with a certificate in paralegal studies. Clarion proud and extremely involved throughout her four year experience; Taylor continues serving on the Student Senate and Model United Nations team where she has served as Vice President and President respectfully. Taylor works in the Office of Student Conduct and Community Development and serves as the co-chair of the CU Engaged Coalition at Clarion, which works to get our students registered and voting.Taylor is excited to work as a CEEP Fellow because she wants to learn how to best guide students to being civically informed and engaged members of their community. Her goal is to present engagement ideas to best serve our campuses.

Daisy Convoy Headshot

Daisy Confoy is a political science and public relations double major from central Jersey at Temple University. She is an activist for progressive causes and has volunteered and interned on several political campaigns. Additionally, she’s on the executive board of the Temple College Democrats and serves as a student ambassador for Temple’s College of Liberal Arts. Daisy is passionate about youth voter engagement and hopes to use her CEEP position to increase voter turnout among college students.

Ian Coyne headshot

Ian Coyne is a political science major at Shippensburg University. Ian is interested in being a CEEP Fellow, because he wants to encourage civic engagement at his university.

Lakesha Datts attends Community College of Philadelphia and is currently undecided one a major,  however leaning towards pursuing a Black Studies and Communications major. Being a CEEP Fellow allows Lakesha to make an impact and help people get out there to exercise to vote.

Falentzky Edouard is a first semester freshman at Montgomery County Community College pursuing an Associates Degree in business administration. He is interested in being a CEEP Fellow so he can better inform himself and the people around him about voting. This is a new experience for him as he has never done anything related to election engagement work before.

Amira Elston is a psychology major from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She has a passion for justice equality. She has always been a change agent for those who may not have a voice. Because of this, she minors in criminal justice and hopes to someday be a part of the change that is needed in the world.

Blake Emmanuel is a professional studies major and a political science minor at West Chester University. Being the parent of two boys, Blake has changed careers so that she can have a greater impact on her children’s future, and the future generations. Blake believes civic engagement is crucial to the prospect of our democracy and that we are all responsible. Blake looks forward to working with the university on increasing student voter engagement.

Maia Fequiere is a political science major at La Salle University. Maia is looking forward to this Fellowship, because she would love to help other students on her campus engage in democracy. This is an important part of being an adult and teaching students to engage now could result in lifetime voters.

Dana C. Freeman is a political science major attending Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Originally from Prince George’s County, MD, she is interested in getting people of color and young people to vote. She has always been interested in politics because she knows how much it affects our lives. She hopes to help people to see there is power in casting a ballot.

Grace Harnett is a Fellow at Pennsylvania State University. She is a sophomore studying Education Policy with a minor in Sociology and Recreation, Park and Tourism Management. She is really excited to be part of CEEP; politics have always been an interest of hers and helping people register to vote and get their voice heard is something she’s always wanted to do.

Emily Hall is a senior at Gannon University pursuing a triple major in public service and global affairs, chemistry, and criminal justice. She believes that the voice of every individual is valuable and civic engagement is the key to projecting those voices in a manner that can enact political change. Emily is thrilled to be a CEEP fellow and is excited to engage with her peers about the importance of participating in the democratic process.

Julia Koehl is a student at University of Pittsburgh studying political science and history. She is super excited to be a part of CEEP this semester. Voting is very important to Julia and she wants to do whatever she can to engage other students on campus. Pennsylvania is a major state in this year’s election, so there is an extra emphasis to increase voter turnout, especially with students.

Nicole Kruse is a second-year student at Penn State University and a first-time CEEP fellow. She is studying history and italian with a focus on the pre-law track. Last spring, Nicole was recommended to apply to CEEP by a fellow classmate and was awed by CEEP’s non-partisanship values in regards to civic matters. She looks forward to assisting other students in navigating the complexities of voter education, registration, and participation to become educated, engaged, and active participants in the voting process this fall.

Christopher Lisle, a vulcan proud political science major attends California University of Pennsylvania. He aspires to work in the field of political campaigns as a consultant/strategist and eventually teach university political science. Chris is intrigued by studying political campaigns and political parties. Being a fellow to Chris means making sure everyone is engaged and involved in the political process and increased voter turnout in the United States. Voter registration and engagement amongst college students is historically low and he is excited to continue his efforts to engage his peers and get them registered and to the polls in November!

Nathan Manion is  currently a sophomore at Gannon University majoring in political science.  He was drawn to the CEEP Fellowship because Nathan saw it as an opportunity to get fellow students engaged in this election year. When not in class he loves to listen to music and add to his ever growing collection of vinyl records.

Caroline MacDonald is a nutrition major at LaSalle University. Caroline wants to educate and empower students on her campus to vote and provide a better understanding of the local and federal elections. As a future health care worker, she believes everyone should be involved and knowledgeable and decided CEEP will enhance her voice to make her fellow students more informed on the political system that regulates our healthcare system. Caroline is passionate about nutrition, holistic health, and functional medicine. As Associate Executive Director of the Bucks Cancer Foundation, she brings her procedural operational experience with her as the Foundation equips cancer patients with reputable, educational resources, and provides funding for research on the effects of natural, holistic treatments on conventional care.

Carlie McWilliams is a student at Drexel University studying elementary education and special education. She decided to become a CEEP fellow because she believes it is important to be civically engaged and educated in how to use your voice confidently. As a future educator, she wants to create a democratic classroom where each student can learn to use their voices proudly and be civically engaged, so she is excited to have this opportunity to help her peers get ready to vote for this upcoming election.

Nina Mitchell is a student at Shippensburg University. She is majoring in marketing with a minor in art and graphic Design. On campus, she is also the Shippensburg Chapter president of the National Association of Black Accountants club. Nina is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she believes that education is one of the best ways to make a difference in our communities! Educating everyone on the importance of voting and how to vote is a crucial component to understanding how the American government works and helps others to make well-informed decisions during election time.

Eve Murphy is a junior at Bryn Mawr College double majoring in sociology and music, enjoying extra curriculars such as the orchestra, flute choir, and the theater program. From her studies of the social world she has learned that when individuals are active participants in our society, they acquire a newfound sense of responsibility to shared values and a greater good. She’s compelled to do her part in engaging voters and more accurately representing our population in the electorate particularly in this unique election due to factors of suppression and accessibility.

Noah Nachmani, a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh is double majoring in environmental studies and political science. Photography and listening to new types of music are hobbies he enjoys. At Pitt, Noah is a member of the Green Team and is very passionate about the environment. As a CEEP fellow he is optimistic to see civic engagement on the Pitt campus and is optimistic about the process and participation.

Shayna Ortiz is a senior at Lasalle University majoring in Political Science and minoring in leadership and globalization. As a member of multiple campus committees and actively involved on campus, Shayna has a special place in her heart for the Universities Student Government Association. She aspires to be a lawyer and pursue a long career advocating human rights issues. Shayna is excited to be a CEEP Fellow and the opportunity to share an experience with other first time voters during this presidential election. At full completion of her Fellowship, she is determined to be a champion for voting rights across all spectrums and effectively share the importance of voting for our generation.

Caillou Peña, originally a proud resident of  Arizona is now a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying international relations and politics! Caillou is thrilled to be a CEEP Fellow! He believes voting is truly at the core of our democracy and cannot wait to encourage his peers to use their democratic right that Americans for our history have continued to fight to protect. Leading up to this year’s historic election day in and day out Caillou will be utilizing his passion to educate and encourage votership at CMU.

Ashley Pogash is a thriving  philosophy major at West Chester University with plans to pursue a PhD in the field, studying topics among applied ethics, political philosophy, and religion and ecology. Ashley believes the two most important qualities a person can have are education and agency. Ashley’s interest in  CEEP Fellow stems from her hope that every student on my campus gains the knowledge, interest, and confidence to cast their vote and make their views heard. 

Sarah Resanovich is a senior at Drexel University, majoring in hospitality management with minors in business administration and politics. She is a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national service sorority, and the Pennoni Honors College. Sarah previously worked with the Campus Election Engagement Project during the 2018 midterms and is excited to get another opportunity to foster a culture of civic engagement at Drexel University. She believes that it is important that all students feel educated and empowered to share their voice by casting their vote.

Noah Robertson is a student at Penn State University, University Park campus. He is double-majoring in General Science (focusing in legal studies, government service, and public policy) and Communication Arts & Sciences. He is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because he believes civic engagement —especially in the youth demographic— is integral to instilling senses of social cohesion and responsibility which constitute educated and actionable citizens.

Carlyn Searles, a United States Army Veteran attends Montgomery County Community College and is earning a degree in nursing. Carlyn is excited about this great opportunity to be a fellow for CEEP and looking forward to the adventures during this election season.

Alexandra Royal is an emerging  senior at California University of Pennsylvania. Alexandra will complete a dual major in history and political science with a minor in women’s studies in the heart of the Vulcan Proud campus. She is  interested in being a CEEP Fellow to have the ability to  educate her collegiate peers on the  importance of exercising your right to vote and how the voting process works.

Heather Sizemore is excited to be back in academia! Starting her return to school at the Community College of Philadelphia, pursuing a degree in Nursing, she also is an active volunteer with the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund. Heather is a professional photographer and also a yoga and movement teacher, working within her community alongside nonprofits and community initiatives. She is looking forward to being a part of CEEP to empower others through educating about voter rights, inclusivity, accessibility and humility.

Joseph Steidle is an emerging junior attending the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. At WCU  he is studying political science and music, with minors in music history and Spanish. Joseph is thrilled to share what he has learned about the political process with people, and make the information more accessible to everyone.

Ann Tyger is  an ambitious sophomore at Clarion University of Pennsylvania earning her degree in  secondary education English with a minor in literature. Ann’s passion about voting and the election process led her to becoming a  CEEP fellow. Her goal is  to help her  peers get more involved.

Tiara Wicks  is a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, PA.  She is studying business administration with a concentration in business analytics and her minor is in entrepreneurship and innovation. Tiara is the Executive Director for SPIRIT Fashion Show, the longest running fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University.  SPIRIT is a multicultural organization that aims to champion black awareness.  She is the President of the Theta Beta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and  CEO of two small businesses., ProstheKicks and Access.  She decided to be a CEEP fellow because she is very passionate about voter engagement and serving her community.

Rania Zakaria Headshot

Rania Zakaria is a finance and social impact major at the University of Pennsylvania. Rania was interested in being a CEEP Fellow, because she has experienced the obstacles college students face in the election process firsthand. Rania believes that young voices matter now more than ever, and civic engagement is one of the most effective ways to express these voices.


Jessica Langston is earning her undergraduate degree at the University of Memphis, majoring in political science with a double in African American studies. Jessica is exhilarated to work and fellowship with an organization, such as CEEP, because of the limitless platform of outreach for such a critical message. Recent events have proven that we the people  must not only be aware of the circumstances that exist amongst us, but must be actively engaged and participate in these events and the maintenance of resources. Voting is an essential asset of those resources that should be amplified without bias. CEEP upholds this idea by engaging collegiate students in this practice and informing them of resources available to them. Their presence at the University of Memphis campus has proven to be an impactful experience and Jessica hopes to share the enthusiasm.

Miura Rempis is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University studying political science and history with minors in pre-law studies and political & civic engagement. Civic engagement is something that is very close to her heart; as a future public policy maker, Miura understands that policy is affected and influenced by the needs of those for whom it affects. Miura’s role in CEEP will help to not only prepare me for my career as a public servant, but will also help students on my campus become more politically involved and allow their needs to be better  addressed. Miura is looking forward to representing Middle Tennessee State University through CEEP and for new innovative ways to engage students during this election year!

Tiara Thomas is a political science major at Tennessee State University. Being a CEEP Fellow will allow Tiara to further serve the campus, specifically, and community by working to bridge the gap between minorities and government.

Lawand Yaseen is a rising Senior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in leadership studies. Over the past three years, Lawand has worked with students and faculty relative to issues rooted in education and engagement. As part of my role as a CEEP Fellow, Lawand looks forward to building infrastructure to encourage civic responsibility on campus and back in our communities.


Taylor Enslin  attends Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She is majoring in political science, public policy, and History with minors in law and legal reasoning and international public policy and affairs. Taylor is originally from Dallas, Texas and is very involved in numerous leadership roles on campus. She’s excited to be a CEEP Fellow so that she can utilize campus connections to promote civic engagement and encourage students to register to vote.

Ezra Ernest is a first generation senior at Texas State University majoring in political science with a minor in international relations. His firm belief that voting participation is essential to the democratic process has led him to collaborate with the Campus Election Engagement Project as a Fellow. Esra hopes to emphasize the importance of voting in all levels of government to empower his community so that elected representatives reflect its values and address its specific needs.

Macqueline Fontenette-Woods, also known as “Mac” is an uprising leader majoring in construction management technology at Houston Community College. As a former Campaign Manager for her son, the nineteen year old mayoral candidate of Washington, DC,  Mac honed her skills in effective media and social media communications transcending a message to an expanded audience which would be beneficial to CEEP.

Achal Kulkarni is a junior at the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in global business with a concentration in international political economy and minoring in economics. She became a CEEP fellow because of her passion to spread awareness to her peers and colleagues about the importance of voter registration and the direct impact it has on local elections and communities. Achal is excited to share her knowledge of local politics with the North Texas community.

Alexia Malcom is a sophomore at Texas State University pursuing a major in political science and a minor in Honors Studies. As someone who is passionate about all things government, Alexia currently serves as the Attorney General for Texas State Student Government. She is committed to using her own voice and informing others how they can use theirs. Alexia looks forward to engaging her peers and school community in the election process as a CEEP Fellow.

Srinidhi Palanivel, a current sophomore at the University of Texas at Dallas, studies healthcare management with an emphasis in business analytics and IT. Her initiative is to help young people recognize their voice in public policy, stressing the importance of expressing their right to vote. She is beyond excited to make a positive change on her campus!

Juan Preciado, a United States veteran born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He is currently a senior enrolled full time at Southern Methodist University majoring in political science and public policy. Prior to Academia,  Juan proudly served 5 years in the US Navy on active duty as a weapons technician for aircraft. He is excited to be a part of CEEP and his plan is to  encourage his fellow students at SMU to become more civically engaged.

Andrea Trillo attends the University of Texas in beautiful El Paso.  She is  majoring in political science with a minor in legal reasoning. Andrea  became interested in a fellowship for CEEP to embrace the opportunity to create awareness in her community relative to the  importance of voice  your vote and share her knowledge to help people become more informed.

Kaela Watson formerly of Austin, Texas is a  graduating senior political science major at Prairie View A&M University. Kaela is very excited to be working as a fellow for this program because voting was not always a right for everyone, especially to people who looked like me. As a young African American female going to a HBCU (historically black college or university) she thinks it is imperative to show the student body that voting is truly a gift and everyone should exercise this right.


Zeke Hodkin attends Middlebury College in Vermont, where he studies political science and religion and is pursuing minors in global health and English literature. Since the beginning of his freshman year, Zeke has been involved with the nonpartisan, student-led civic engagement group, MiddVote. They continue making immense strides in student voter participation and electoral enthusiasm, and are hoping Middlebury will continue that growth in this critical election cycle. Zeke is really looking forward to meeting and connecting with the other CEEP fellows this fall!

Sophie Feldman is a student at the University of Vermont majoring in political science. Sophie firmly believes in the importance of voting, and hopes that by working with CEEP she may be able to guide her peers through just one of the many avenues of civic engagement.

Sarah Ladd is a rising Junior at the University of Vermont studying elementary education. She is really passionate about community engagement and helping others find their voice. Sarah is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because everybody’s voice deserves to be heard. She thinks it is important that students feel empowered to make a difference by voting in every election.


Lami Akinyemi is a senior at Virginia Tech studying Spanish and political science. Lami is a returning  Fellow excited to partner with CEEP because of his belief that voting is a way to bring about change. To make it come to fruition, Lami believes everyone must have the opportunity to cast a vote and that every single citizen in the United States should know basic comprehension of voter education within their states.

TaNiya Bellamy hailing from Portsmouth, Virginia, is a political science major currently studying at Virginia State University. TaNiya is interested in being a CEEP Fellow to help educate and assist the next generation of voters. Our time is NOW! We play a vital role in aiding and orchestrating change within our country; that change starts with us, through CEEP.

Hudson Lee Dizon is an attending senior at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia seeking a double major in criminal justice and homeland security with a minor in political science. Originally from Northern Virginia, Hudson is proud to be a Voter from the great state of Virginia. Hudson became a CEEP Fellow because she is passionate about all residents of the United States having the ability to exercise their right to vote regardless of party affiliation or beliefs. She is excited to contribute to such an important mission and encourages her fellow peers to become more politically active!

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Kiley McLeroy attends Christopher Newport University and is currently pursuing a double major in political science and american studies, as well as two minors in leadership studies and philosophy of law. She wants to be a fellow for CEEP because Kiley recognized a lack of voter participation on campus, as well as a lack of overall enthusiasm about the ability to vote and the power of voting. Kiley desperately wants to transform her campus into one that has a politically engaged student body and readily available resources to assist students in registering to vote and learning about the voting process.

Kyhanna Mclean is  earning her degree at Old Dominion University. She is majoring in business management with a minor in accounting. Kyhanna aspires to help individuals grow and expand their knowledge in any aspect of their lives and that includes her interest in joining the CEEP Fellows program.  By becoming a fellow, she not only has the support of the team but also the  informational resources to implement and encourage you students to vote.

Rebecca Harris is a senior political science major attending the illustrious Norfolk State University (NSU). Rebecca is a returning Fellow because she is passionate about young generation voters using their voice and advocating for things that they believe in. Regardless of political affiliation, she wants young people to know that they have a voice and a right to use it. The time is now. The change that we want to see begins with us.

Seraphina Marino is a senior political science major with a minor in women’s and gender studies at Longwood University. Seraphina is involved in many different organizations on campus and has committed to improving the local community for the better.She has always had a passion for voter engagement and is extremely excited to share her interests with the greater community.

Callie Jordan is a political science major at the University of Mary Washington. Callie works in the Center for Community Engagement where she is involved in UMW Votes and serves as a voting ambassador on campus. Callie believes energizing the student electorate is important to ensure their issues are considered. She is looking forward to working with CEEP to further normalize civic engagement behaviors and strengthen democracy on her campus.

Mary Ndukwe is a first year graduate student in the Higher Education master’s program at the College of William and Mary. Her primary interest  in becoming a CEEP Fellow is because she feels local elections are typically overlooked and this would be a great opportunity to learn about voter education and engagement. Given the social climate that we are in currently, communication is very important. As a student, advocating for this from a nonpartisan perspective creates a space for people from all levels of colleges and universities alike to work together.

Kavon Nowroozi is a senior undergraduate student at George Mason University and on track to  graduate in December of 2020 with a degree in government and international politics from the Schar School. Kavon aspires to have a career in the government relations sector. He is passionate about politics and voting rights. This coming presidential election in November gives rise to extremely important issues and raising awareness about voting procedures, methods, and options, and helping people become more informed is perhaps more crucial than ever before. Kavon is grateful for the opportunity to help contribute to the work of CEEP as a Fellow this Fall. 

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Philip Oehler attends George Mason University. He is studying government and international politics. Phillip is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because he believes that voting is an essential part of being involved in the community, and the community will grow in a positive manner as larger numbers become involved.

Addie Parker is a psychology major at Virginia Tech. She is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she thinks that gathering young adults and educating them more on voting is so important! She absolutely loves social media and that’s mainly how she stays connected to what is going on in the world.

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Drew Persinger is a political science major and an international affairs minor at James Madison University. Drew believes that being actively engaged in the voting process is essential to advancing young people’s interests in the future. In addition to his work as a CEEP Fellow, Drew is a Co-Director of Virginia21’s chapter at JMU and a brother of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Drew is also continuing research on the US Census and Harrisonburg refugees after presenting at the 2018 JMU Engagement for the Public Good Conference.

Javion Peterson attends the historic Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. Currently studying elementary education along with a special education minor, he hopes to become a great influencer in the lives of young children he teaches. He wants to be a CEEP Fellow because it gives him a platform to encourage civic engagement and challenge students on his campus to become active citizens in their community. He hopes everyone knows how important their voices are and uses their voices to make choices that better the community.

Anaisha Ramzey, known as Ana, is graduating this fall from Old Dominion University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in public service. Anaisha became a Fellow in large part because CEEP plays a vital role in ensuring the younger generation and upcoming voters are educated and prepared to exercise their right to vote!

Katrina Tilley

Katrina Tilley is a public policy and media arts and design major at James Madison University. Katrina believes that being actively engaged in the civic process is vital for our generation. Katrina looks forward to working as a CEEP Fellow to see the amazing change we can make in our communities with increased voter participation and civic engagement. Katrina is excited to see engagement on campuses increase, because it is an opportunity to help young adults realize their voices can be heard no matter their career choice and changes can develop from simply being informed about local issues.


Reilly Allison is a second year graduate student at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the Neuroscience Doctoral Program. Reilly’s studies include glial cell impact on neurons in neurodegeneration in the Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy department and she earned her undergrad at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Still adjusting to the winter brrr of Wisconsin,  Reilly is determined and passionate about voting rights and getting people excited to make their voice heard.

Elyssa Anderson is a driven third semester student studying automation systems technology at Waukesha County Technical College. As a CEEP Fellow, Elyssa will ensure her colleagues and peers have the resources they need to vote and have their voices heard.

Jaricsa Ascencio is currently enrolled at University of Wisconsin-Parkside majoring in elementary education. As a CEEP Fellow Jaricsa would like to become more educated on the problems that revolve around us everyday such as establishing equality and justice and share her attained knowledge with her fellow peers. Jaricsa believes it is important to lead by example and not judge others for their poor actions but if not, help them understand where they went wrong. Spreading a little bit of kindness can only go so far.

Rachel Benck is a political science major and sociology minor at Saint Norbert College in De Pere Wisconsin. Rachel has been passionate about politics and government since her sophomore year of high school. Rachel is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she believes that voter engagement and education is an important issue in America and is looking forward to helping her fellow students learn about and engage in our democracy.

Keishla Lopez Castillo is a senior at Mount Mary University double majoring in justice and English with a concentration for creative writing. Being a CEEP Fellow to Keishla  means that she has a responsibility to her community, a role she does not take lightly. She believes that voting is a right that should be exercised and  providing resources and helping to make a difference is rewarding. Keishla is excited to see the turnout and the changes upon all of us.

Savannah Charles is a first-generation college student, research assistant, and senior at Marquette University studying political science. She is thrilled to be working as a CEEP Fellow as the work aligns with her passion for voter registration, civic engagement, and youth voter turnout. As a CEEP Fellow, her goal is to help educate young adults on why their vote matters and how they can use their voice to make meaningful and lasting change.

Kennedy Cutts attends the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. She is currently studying Political Science with an emphasis in Legal Studies. She is incredibly excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she has a major passion for encouraging people to vote, ensuring people are educated before they step into the poll booth, and making sure that people know their rights regarding voting. Did you know that if you are in line to vote by the time polls officially close, you cannot be denied your right to vote?

Sydney Devitt is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh completing her international studies and political science double major with a history minor and Global Scholar Certificate. She is eager to graduate in December. Sydney is interested and excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she is passionate about all people exercising their right to vote. She believes everyone’s voice must be heard in elections to protect and preserve our democracy and continue progressing the status and development of the United States and the world. She cannot wait to help and empower others in realizing the power within their votes this November.

Matt Dinse is a driven  senior at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. As a marketing major complimented by a minor in civic engagement, Matt is pursuing a Global Scholar certificate.  With extreme excitement to be a CEEP Fellow, Matt will exhibit his creativity to get students to the voting booths and engage them in our democratic principles. 

Gurtej Grewal is pursuing a degree in economics and professional and organizational communications at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. After undergrad, he hopes to pursue a dual JD and MBA degree at a top university. At La Crosse, Gurtej is the current co-chair of the Asian Student Organization, as well as a peer mentor and tutor for several different organizations on campus, and a 4-year athlete for the Eagle’s football team. As a CEEP fellow he wants to make a positive impact on his campus and to learn how to do organizing work in the future.

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Bailey Haines studies political science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because she would like to help educate and encourage young adults to vote as it is one of our civic rights as Americans. She believes that if the information is clear and simple for everyone to understand more people would be inspired to vote. As a CEEP Fellow she hopes to gain first hand experience and knowledge regarding political involvement and the importance of active citizenship.

Sean Hanzel is an emerging student at Cardinal Stritch University. He is majoring in political science with a  minor in history. Sean is looking forward to serving his school and community in a crucial election season.

Jonathan Hogan a sophomore at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin is majoring in government and German and minoring in cultural anthropology. After high school he spent a gap year in Germany as a Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship recipient. Having been interested in politics before his  exchange, Jonathan gained a much deeper appreciation for democracy’s unique potential to realize a fair and just regime, as well as its fragility. It is these two qualities that most compelled him to become a CEEP fellow and subsequently strengthen the most fundamental institution of democracy: voting. 

Ryan Krieser is a young, ambitious student studying political science at the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse. He hopes to find a position in government and politics upon earning his degree. Voting is one of the most important mechanisms of our democracy and that’s the catalyst that prompted Ryan to be a part of the team as a fellow for the Campus Election Engagement Project.

Lillie Lee is Marian University proud and  majoring in elementary-middle and special education and minoring in Spanish! Lille is interested in being a CEEP Fellow because she wants to learn to engage and learn more as a civic citizen and to help inform others how important it is to vote. Lillie is a first-generation student attending a 4 year college in her family and  hopes to empower her peers in their right to share their voice and to participate actively.

Harmony Maves is a non-traditional student at Western Technical College, adding a software development certification to her bachelor’s in education.  She has always been active in politics, attending rallies and protests from a young age with her mother, and feels that education and voter engagement are two pillars of lasting change.  When she isn’t getting out the vote, she is a caretaker for elderly family members and spoiled cats; or knitting gifts for her siblings and charities.

Joshua Naponiello, is a sophomore at Madison Area Technical College, in Madison, Wisconsin majoring in political science with a focus on legal studies. As a very political individual, Joshua’s goal as a CEEP Fellow is to strengthen voter attitudes with young voters who don’t show up to vote. By participating in this Fellowship, he believes young people like himself will be more involved and engaged in the political world.

Katie Pollock, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a double major student in political science and communication arts. Katie is also beginning the Accelerated Master of Public Affairs Program at the La Follette School of Public Affairs this fall. She hopes to focus on environmental policy in the United States with a concentration on  implementation of policy measures to combat climate change. Katie feels all students should be engaged in our democracy and should participate in all elections, big or small, and hopes to educate students on why their vote matters.

Alannah Ray a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is pursuing an MS in anthropology and a certificate in museum studies. Alannah believes civic engagement is incredibly important because it directly affects the communities where we personally are invested. One way to be engaged is to vote. Alannah is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because voting is a way for the collective voice to be heard and create change. Addressing the challenges voters face in engagement, education, and accessibility ensures more voices can be considered for the decisions that affect our lives on both a local and national level.

Sanne Roeven is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, triple majoring in political science, Spanish and international studies with a certificate in international relations. Sanne plans to pursue a graduate degree in the field of international relations after she graduates. She has always had a passion for service and justice and thinks these two values overlap in the work CEEP does to fight disenfranchisement of student voters by getting them the resources they need to register and vote. Sanne is excited to be a CEEP fellow because she admires the work that CEEP does giving students a voice in our elections.

Morgan Snyder is an enthusiastic sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Morgan is double majoring in political science and legal studies, with certificates in gender & women’s studies and public policy. She decided to  be a CEEP Fellow because college age students have the power to greatly impact elections and so many young people do not vote! Morgan is prepared to demonstrate to students the importance of voting, while also gaining relevant political experience in pursuit of her future endeavors.

Gavin Sordelet  is a junior at the University of Wisconsin Superior studying communications with a minor in political science. Enjoyable hobbies for Gavin include watching basketball, playing video games and taking walks outside with his dog.  Gavin is interested in a CEEP fellowship because as a first time voter, he believes voting is our civic duty and wants to help people being informed about  going out to vote especially since we are  enduring a pandemic.

Ankit Shah holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Studies- Marketing from the University of Mumbai, India and is currently pursuing his master’s in business administration at the University of Wisconsin- Parkside in Kenosha, WI. He has earned multiple certifications including Digital Marketing (Google Ads), Data Analytics using SPSS, Mark Strat- Business Simulation, and Bloomberg Certification. Ankit is excited about joining CEEP as being an International Student from a developing Nation he shares this significant passion towards the right to vote. The amendment states that every American is endowed to the right to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness begins with making the right choice. Hence, he shares that mission towards educating and getting people registered to vote so that people treat their right to vote as an obligation to get one step closer to be in control of your choices.

Lauren Tatum is a fourth year integrated studies major at Alverno College. Her interest in the CEEP Fellowship was born out of a strong desire to make a lasting, tangible impact on civic engagement among her classmates and in her community. Upon graduation, she intends to pursue a Master of Science in nursing.

Zöe Tietz  is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Superior.  Majoring in broad field social studies education with a focus in history, and a minor in special education, Zöe  has an interest in politics that began from a young age and loves to get the community involved. If you can’t find Zöe at school or work, you should look outside in the woods or on the water. 

Fabiana Veguilla is an up and coming junior at Edgewood College this fall studying biology and chemistry. The CEEP Fellowship to Fabiana means helping people use their voice in a meaningful way, no matter how small the action itself feels. Journeying into the medical field, Fabiana is baffled more and more by the voices that are left unheard and the subsequent mistreatment of people. As a CEEP Fellow,  Fabiana will be reaching out to students on campus whose voice would otherwise be silenced, and showing them how to project their voice at the polls.

Emma Verkuilen is an energetic returning fellow that  attends UW-Eau Claire. She is earning a degree in political science and organizational communications. Connecting with her peers to facilitate engagement and interpersonal connections on the importance of voter involvement and engagement is the driving force behind her stay with the team at CEEP.

Samantha Will is an energetic first-year political science major at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. Samantha feels so many young people do not understand the importance and impact of voting in our nation. Working as a fellow with the CEEP project is the inspiration and guidance needed to be able to encourage young adults to advocate for their beliefs and engage them in the democratic process. We must make our voices heard; we are the future