Meet the Spring 2022 Civic Influencers™

Civic Influencers are committed to ensuring young voices and votes matter in our democracy. We use real-time data to draw attention to democracy power outages on campuses and in communities and fight for youth voting rights and the policies that impact immigrants, and Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Disabled Youth of Color (BIHDYoC) for a more equitable and inclusive democracy.

Every Civic Influencers member is a valued part of our community. Our newly formed Alumni Association allows us to stay in touch with previous Civic Influencers Fellows. To see our 2021 Civic Influencers click here and to see Civic Influencers from 2016 through 2020 click here.

 Civic Influencers Video 2022

In Fall 2020 we worked with a talented cadres of young people to amp up their civic power.   See here for their photos and stories.


Kylie Reese is a senior at the University of Alaska. She was born and raised in Eugene, OR. She attended Seattle Pacific University for 3 years in which at the same time she worked in the King County Prosecuting attorney’s office. Last year she transferred to the University of Alaska Anchorage where she studies Economics and Political Science and is a member of the gymnastics team. She is excited to be a Civic Influencer fellow because it will allow her to engage with students on campus and open the arena at UAA and in Alaska for more civic engagement in the future.


Lynz Baxter is a second semester student at Cochise College in Sierra Vista, Arizona pursuing a degree in Social and Behavioral Science with a concentration in Political Science. She is currently the Vice President of Public Relations for the Student Government. Lynz wanted to join Civic Influencers to help educate others in her community about voting and democracy.

Samantha Renteria is a sophomore at Cochise Community College in Douglas, Arizona. She is a motivated student who believes it’s important for students to know about voting and how to use their voices to make a difference.


Rawan Abhari is a third-year student from Fort Myers, Florida originally born in Missouri, studying economics and Middle Eastern studies while minoring in Political Science. She is currently a legislative intern at the Florida Senate and is heavily involved in campus leadership across many different offices from being the studentʼs top lobbyist in the Student Government Association to the administrative realm of the former President’s Anti-Racism Task Force. By being present in many corners of campus around students, faculty, and staff, Rawan focuses on unifying students across identity and community lines in order to best advocate for progressive and equitable university policies. After graduation, she hopes to enroll in law school pursuing a joint JD and MA in Economics in order to utilize economic expertise with legal knowledge to engage in international climate crisis negotiations and deal-making.

Creanne Butler is a Senior studying Aeronautical Science at Florida Memorial University. Creanne is ecstatic to be a Civic Influencers Fellow this year because this allows her to shed light on the importance of voting and how one vote can make the change. She believes that it is imperative that first-time voters, such as herself obtain access to the resources and knowledge needed to cast a vote.

Tammy Cao is a junior at the University of North Florida majoring in International Studies and minoring in Food System and Sustainability. Tammy is a member of the Hicks Honors College while taking part in various honor societies. Tammy is interested in being part of Civic Influencers in order to help gain skills and knowledge of being a better world citizen while educating on the importance of being an active voter in politics and community service projects.

Amalia Herrera was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her college is Miami Dade College West Campus. She is the President of the YES! Club and is part of Dialogues for Democracy and the Nothing Club. Amalia is interested in Civic Influencers because the knowledge of how to secure your vote is essential.

Rita Jacobs is a returning Civic Influencer at the University of North Florida. She is majoring in Criminology with a minor in Film. Rita is an officer in The Film Making Club, The Criminal Justice Club, We The People, and a member of The Talon Review student-led journal. Working at Civic Influencers has allowed Rita to have greater involvement and connection to her campus. For Rita, being able to organize opportunities for stronger civic and community engagement and having a lasting impact on campus through systemic changes is incredibly fulfilling. Being a part of Civic Influencers has helped her become a better leader and allowed her to make a lasting impact as a student. This has helped Rita to see that we can all change more things than we realize.

Recently, Bobby Sena worked with the City of Winter Park’s Sustainability Program to advocate for a political topic that he is extremely passionate about — climate action. Bobby’s love for change making is a large part of his everyday life. Bobby hopes to run for public office sometime in the near future so that he can make a positive impact in the world.


Aylon Gipson is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, the birthplace of the civil rights movement. Gipson graduated from Booker T. Washington Magnet High School in Montgomery, Alabama, receiving awards in communications and law. Gipson received a full-ride servant leadership at Morehouse College, where he studies Economics. Aylon has a passion for service and is dedicated to helping his community. He currently serves as the Political Participation Coordinator for the Morehouse College Bonner Office of Community Service.

Domini’que Allen is a graduate student at the University of North Georgia. She is president of the HSDA Organization and V.O.T.E. Domini’que has been part of Civic Influencers since her first semester of graduate school. She is passionate about voting rights and ensuring equity in the polls for all citizens. She is also passionate about educating young adults about voting rights and about the power of their voice.

Jared Williams is currently a sophomore Political Science Major and Journalism Minor at Morehouse College in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This is his first term as a civic influencer. He’s interested in participating, because of the opportunities and resources the program provides to help increase civic engagement on college campuses across America.Furthermore, whenhe’s not reading or doing schoolwork at the library, he’s in his room watching movies, the news, or listening to music. Additionally, hisother hobbies are playing Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, and photo editing.

Imari Jeter-Wilson is a Junior Political Science Major at Morehouse College. They aspire to attend Law School with the goal to earn their L.L.M degree, in effort to become a litigation attorney. They are highly interested in being a part of the Civic Influencers Team simply because they are confident that they will learn necessary skills that will be applicable to future endeavors. They are excited for the opportunity  to be a part of a team that will serve as a catalyst to change in various communities.

Chrystopher Moultrie, most known as Chrys is a First-Generation from Mobile, Alabama. He is currently a Sophomore at Morehouse College, where he studies Political Science with a minor in Education Studies. At Morehouse College, he serves as Sophomore Class Council Vice President. After his successful matriculation through Morehouse College, he plans to attend law school with an emphasis on Education Policy and Law. Back in his hometown, Mobile, Chrys has organized several Voter Registration drives and worked closely a several local and statewide campaigns. Chrys’s greatest passion is working on policy for Education and fighting for the disenfranchised right to vote. In his spare time, Chrys enjoys cooking, watching the Real Housewives franchise, eating seafood, and working on his podcast titled “The Chrys Show”.

Isaiah Jackson is from Decatur,Georgia and is a senior at Valdosta State University where they major in Political Science. They are also a Leadership Fellow and the vice president of VSU Rugby Club. This amazing opportunity as a Civic Influencer is a wonderful chance to give back to their community by encouraging them to use their voice by voting. They are excited to be a Civic Influencer and all the wonderful things this year will bring.

Samia Park is an exemplary student at the Unsinkable Albany State University. She is a senior, double majoring in psychology and health and human performance. On campus she serves as the Academic Affairs Senator in the Student Government Association, President of the Psychology Club, and the Health Chair of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Samia is a scholar-activist who seeks to improve the importance of voting in underrepresented communities, which is why she became a Civic Influencers Fellow. She plans to utilize her platform to encourage her peers to be more civically engaged, as well as teaching the importance of voting.

Ira Eidle is an autistic self-advocate from Decatur, Georgia. He participated in an Autistic Self-Advocacy Network’s Autism Campus Inclusion program in 2020. He has interned at The Hirsch Academy where he presented to students about the Neurodiversity Movement and is the curator for the site Autistic Archive. Ira recently was a canvasser for the Democratic Party of Georgia. He is interested in being a Civic Influencer because Georgia is in a dire situation politically and he wants to do everything he can to inform his community on the issues and make sure that the disability community in Georgia votes in the upcoming election.

Auriel Goodall is currently a senior at Clark Atlanta University, who is majoring in Criminal Justice and double minoring in English and Political Science. Auriel remains active in her community through her organization, Girls Around the World and several others on campus including, the National Association for Blacks In Criminal Justice, IGNITE, CAU Votes, The Mighty Marching Panthers, The Orientation Guides Corp., Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International, NSLS, and more. Auriel is interested in becoming a part of Civic Influencers because of her passion to serve and inform her community of their Civic rights.

Abigail Waldron is a recent graduate from the University of Georgia. Through her undergraduate work, Abigail has worked on historical research of American political polarization in 20th century. She’s an artist and climate researcher in the evenings. Abigail wants to help bring about systemic change in the election system, specifically wanting to fight voter apathy and increase youth participation in voting, especially in more rural areas of Georgia.

Christian Parks is a sophomore majoring in Political Science at Valdosta State University. She is the President of Young Democrats VSU, and the Political Action Chairman for the Valdosta State collegiate chapter of NAACP. She is excited to be a civic influencer because she wants to share her passion for active involvement in government and politics as a civilian.


Cole Tilley is a junior political science major at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Transferring from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he became involved with non-partisan civic engagement organization Geaux Vote LSU. This led him to find a passion in voting rights and civic engagement. Currently, he serves as Social Media Director for Geaux Vote; although, most of his time is spent working within the LSU Student Government as a member of the Communications Department. When he is not spending his time serving the LSU community, he can probably be found at one of the many coffee shops or plant nurseries in Baton Rouge. In the future, he hopes to pursue a law degree and a career in government.

Matthew Delatte wants to be a Civic Influencer because he knows that his passion and tenacity for civic engagement will not only increase voter turnout, but it will also inspire people to have those tough conversations and create an everlasting change on our democracy.


Noah Karcher is a recent graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Philosophy and Global Studies. They plan to go into working with non-profits in the Chicago area moving forward with a focus on social change. For now, they’re interested in being a Civic Influencer because it’s the best way to get people involved in the civic process and enacting change.

Maddie Thomas is currently a senior studying Political Science and Cultural Studies at Central Michigan University. She is passionate about public policies that address government transparency and accountability — this includes expanding and simplifying access to voting and implementing civics learning curriculum within K-12 and colleges and universities. She plans on attending graduate school to study education, civic engagement, and political behavior.

John F. Akwetey, MSc., is an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation student and Doctoral Research Assistant & Organizer, Evaluation Café at The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University (WMU). John is committed to serving in various leadership and organizing roles, including as a Senator within the Western Student Association, a commissioner of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with the Western Student Association Allocations Commission at Western Michigan University, a member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and a member of the Forward for Food Security, Agriculture & Rural Development, the United Nations (EvalForward). John prides himself on being a youth-centered and multilingual experienced voter advocate with a strong data-driven background. He believes all his leadership experiences and skills in inclusive and diverse youth mobilization will help Civic Influencers build a passionate, representative, and inclusive movement.

Abigail Carson is a dog lover and hiker. Abigail is online in graduate school at Arizona State University, studying to become a BCBA. Abigail is passionate about civic engagement and is joining Civic Influencers to encourage other young individuals to vote.

Cat Hadley is a senior studying Political Science at the University of Michigan. Cat is a research assistant at Turn Up Turn Out and Vice President of the Michigan Caregivers and Student Parents. Cat is passionate about engaging new voters and getting people excited about the democratic process.

Ethan Gerds is a junior at Michigan Technological University Majoring in Social Sciences with a concentration in Policy, Law, and Society. Ethan is the Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Government as well as the Liaison to the University Senate. Ethan is also an Eagle Scout as well as an active member of the ultimate frisbee team and member of an undergraduate research team. Ethan was interested in Civic Influencers due to the political nature and encouraging students to be more politically engaged.

Caitlin Houde is a third-year Political Science major at Saginaw Valley State University. Caitlin is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Alternative Breaks, and an RA on the SVSU’s campus. Caitlin loves being part of Civic Influencers because she loves to help others become civically engaged on campus.


Owen Ledebur is studying Psychology as a junior at St. John’s University. Owen has been actively involved within civic engagement and political activism growing up, witnessing the importance of activism firsthand. He believes that it is of the utmost importance to let people’s opinions and voices be heard to inspire change from local to national levels.

JJ Briscoe is a sophomore pursuing a B.A. in Global Liberal Studies with a concentration in Politics, Rights, and Human Development at New York University. He is the lead of his school’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, organizing his local county’s Young Democrats club, and is volunteering for the New York State Democratic Committee. JJ is passionate about ensuring that our votes are as effective and powerful as possible through democratic reforms. This is why JJ has joined the Civic Influencer program as he plans to dedicate his life to public service and seeing that the United States finally exists as a true multiracial democracy.


Abby Florek is a rising star at the University of North Carolina in Asheville and is pursuing a degree as a political science major. Abby became interested in being a CEEP Fellow after seeing the turnout in the 2020 election, and she wanted to be a part of helping young voters understand the importance of all elections.

Annabeth Jones is a first year Levine Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she is double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. She plans to attend law school after college. Annabeth is from Durham, North Carolina, where she attended Jordan High School and worked with the climate advocacy group the Sunrise Movement for three years. She is passionate about justice, the environment, and voting rights.

Aigné Taylor is a fourth-year dual-degree Political Science and Sociology student from Havelock, North Carolina. She has been advocating for equal rights and fair elections since March 2019. Her passion for voting rights developed after realizing North Carolina A&T was split into two GOP congressional districts (also known as, “gerrymandering” or “cracking”). She is eager to join the Civic Influencers team to promote civic engagement through programming and community building.

Rayquon Edwards is a sophomore at North Carolina Central University, who is a passionate first-generation college student studying Criminal Justice. He plans to utilize his degree to advance into law school and become a criminal defense attorney. Rayquon decided to participate and be a part of the Civic Influencers to help others express their opinions and to allow their voices to be heard.

Sara Luber is a third-year student at North Carolina State University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environmental Science. She serves as the Student Government Chief Justice at her college, as well the Associate Vice President of Government Outreach for the UNC Association of Student Governments. As part of the Civic Influencers Team, Sara hopes to promote civic engagement on college campuses, as well as making voting accessible for all communities.

Levi Sweat is a freshman at Western Carolina University majoring in Computer Science and Math with a concentration in Data Science. He enjoys playing and watching soccer along with hiking in his free time. He actively participates in the Student Democracy Coalition at WCU and loves civil discourse and increasing voting rights and voter education. He is interested in being a Civic Influencer because it supports him in combining his passions in Math and Computer Science with his passion for voting rights.

Jasmine Amaniampong is an honors sophomore studying Economics at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Jasmine currently has the pleasure of serving as Sophomore Class President for the 2021-2022 academic school year. Jasmine is interested in being part of the Civic Influencers team so she can help her fellow students learn how to impact the community they all live in, Greensboro, North Carolina!

Daisja Burke is a junior studying Social Work at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Daisja is a third-year marcher for the Blue and Gold Marching Machine. Daisja is grateful to be part of the Civic Influencers team because it gives her the opportunity to engage and educate her community and peers on the voting process.

Darian Cathion is a first-year student at UNC Pembroke, who studies Psychology and Business. He is a member of InterVarsity which is a group that centers around the Christian religion. Darian’s reasoning for becoming an influencer is to educate young people and encourage more young people to take a political stance.

Kymora Darcuiel is currently a 2nd-semester freshman at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP or UNC Pembroke). She is majoring in nursing but is also interested in early childhood development. Her interest in being a part of the Civic Influencers program is to be physically involved with her community to spread the importance of voting.

Joe Franco is from Calais, Vermont, and is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies. Joe is a dedicated member of his University hub of the Sunrise Movement and is passionate about climate justice. In his free time, Joe is a member of the ultimate frisbee team at his school and likes to play tennis, ping pong, and enjoy the outdoors. Joe is excited about being part of the Civic Influencer team to keep up amazing voter engagement on his campus.

Katie Aguilar Manueles is majoring in Political Science: International Studies and Criminal Justice at UNC Pembroke. Katie is interested in being part of Civic Influencers because she wants to be part of the solution for voting struggles.

Ashanti Marshall is a 2021 graduate of the illustrious Winston-Salem State University. She previously served as the Political Action Committee chair and Campus Vote Project fellow while in undergrad. She is excited to serve as a Civic Influencer for Forsyth County because she recognizes the need to keep her community informed and confident in their right to vote.

Justice Perry is a sophomore at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical state University. Justice is majoring in Mass Communications. She is interested in being part of Civic Influencers because she wants to be able to learn more about voting and also motivate other students to vote on her HBCU campus.

Joana Tellez-Flores was born and raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is very passionate about helping and advocating for marginalized communities. She has been involved with organizations in North Carolina advocating for immigrant, voter, and farmworker rights. She is currently a senior at Appalachian State University majoring in political science with a concentration in comparative politics and a minor in Spanish. Her goals after graduation are to attend law school and be able to continue serving my community.

Sam Hiner is a first year at UNC Chapel Hill who is passionate about political advocacy and organizing. Sam is the Founder and President of the NC Young People’s Alliance (formerly NC for Better Government), an organization dedicated to empowering young people to advocate for political change. The NCYPA uses phone banks, paid canvassing, and direct advocacy to get college students out to vote and provide opportunities for students to advocate for policies important to young people. Outside of advocacy, Sam is on UNC-CH’s Mock Trial team, volunteers for political campaigns, and maintains an interest in the law by helping student-run nonprofits obtain 501(c)(3) status. Sam is a Civic Influencer so he can learn from and collaborate with other students who care about civic engagement across North Carolina.

Shaina Dudley is a student at North Carolina A&T. Shaina is majoring in Mass Communications/Journalism with Public Relations as her main focus. Shaina is interested in being part of Civic Influencers to actively be involved around campus, especially in regards to concerns and opinions about voter registration. Shaina believes this experience will help strengthen her as a Public Relations major since she has to be aware of the public concerns on her campus.

Hannah Goldfarb is a student at the University of North Carolina at Asheville with double majors in Political Science and Management and minors in Human Rights Studies, Spanish, and International Studies. She currently serves as the Co-President of the UNCA College Democrats and as Associate Editor for the UNC System’s publication of Dignity: An Undergraduate Human Rights Journal. She is also an intern at Inclusive Development International. Hannah’s particularly interested in the field of human rights. She believes the work Civic Influencers does is essential to the democratic process.

Emily Moshinski is a senior at UNCC majoring in Political Science. Emily is a member of the College Republicans club. She was interested in becoming part of a nonpartisan organization and found that Civic Influencers was a great fit.

Tiyana Boyce is a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing at Elizabeth City State University. Tiyana is part of the Honors Program, Chancellor’s Ambassadors, and many more organizations on campus. Tiyana is interested in being a Civic Influencer because she wants to inform and influence others to provoke positive change.


Jakob Lucas is a sophomore at Denison University studying Communication and Politics & Public Affairs. He strives to foster more awareness and participation in local elections on his campus. He believes that showing up can make all the difference and wants everyone to cast their ballot. Jakob also hopes to use his role as a class senator to engage more students in campus governance.


Elayna Storts is a sophomore at Wright State University, majoring in clinical psychology with a minor in German. She is very involved in a variety of different organizations at her college and finds this fellowship as another great opportunity to get more involved. She wants to help empower her fellow students through exercising their right to vote, this is what made her so passionate to become a Civic Influencers.


Joel Howe is a senior International Studies major at the University of Dayton. Joel is also studying Political Science and Spanish and is from the Cleveland area. Joel decided to become a Civic Influencers because of his interest in serving as a leader both on campus and in the community. Through his fellowship, Joel hopes to engage students on campus, specifically first-year students, by encouraging them to register and vote in local and national elections.


Victoria Villanueva is a junior business economics major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, minoring in political science and history. She’s part of the University Honors Program and involved in the Associated Student Government, student-run credit union, and pre-law office. She hopes to pursue a law degree and go into intellectual property law. She is excited to continue to be part of the Civic Influencers to further the ties she has built and help make Civic Influencers’ mission more long-term on Miami’s campus.



Nya Grantham is from Jacksonville, Florida and attends the illustrious Claflin University located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She is a junior with a major in political science and a minor in business management. After graduation, she plans to attend law school. Nya is interested in being a part of the Civic Influencer team because her passion is centered towards the justice system, and making sure individual rights are being heard. She is excited to make a difference in the community and working with the team!


Wes Un’Sel Guyton is a young man of imagination and integrity. He is currently a Senior Business Administration Major attending the illustrious Claflin University located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Wes had been raised in a home where his family are prominently known in their community. His parents and mentors worked to lay the foundation before me; as a result, Wes connects with figures who tackle political and social issues. As a writer and volunteer in community services, Wes intends to understand all aspects political engagement so that he can teach his peers the importance of Civic duties.

Payton Jackson is a sophomore at Claflin University, the oldest HBCU in South Carolina. She double majors in Political Science and Business Management and is a member of the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College, the Political Engagement Chair of the Claflin University NAACP, and Peer Counselor for Student Support Services. She became a Civic Influencer because she wants to help combat voter suppression and she believes in the importance of voter education.

Amanda Johnson was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and now attends the illustrious Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She is a freshman with a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. After graduation, Amanda plans to pursue her Ph.D. or attend law school. Amanda became a Civic Influencer because she is very passionate about voting rights and encouraging those around her to exercise their right to vote, especially individuals her age.

India Rice is a sophomore Political Science major, Spanish minor attending Claflin University. She is a member of the Claflin chapter of NAACP, M.I.S.S. Women’s group, and ACT honors council. She became a Civic Influencer because in her community there is a lack of government involvement. Many of her peers do not realize the necessity of voting and spreading knowledge about what is happening in American democracy. By being a Civic Influencer she can change that disparity.

Taliyah Stallworth is from Dayton, Ohio and attends Claflin University. She is a Sophomore with a major in Psychology. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school with hopes of opening her own practice in therapy/counseling. Taliyah became a Civic Influencer because she has a passion for voting rights and youth voter turnout.


Julia Koehl is a student at University of Pittsburgh studying political science and history. She is super excited to be a part of CEEP this semester. Voting is very important to Julia and she wants to do whatever she can to engage other students on campus. Pennsylvania is a major state in this year’s election, so there is an extra emphasis to increase voter turnout, especially with students.

Demont Davis goes to the California University of Pennsylvania. He is currently studying business finance with a minor in political science. He is a part of student government and many other originations on campus that will aid him in reaching people. He wanted to become a Civic Influencers fellow because throughout his time at CalU, he has noticed that many people don’t know or have any information on voting.

Alex Dutra is a first year student at the Community College of Philadelphia, majoring in International Studies. They are originally from Sacramento, CA, and relocated to the East Coast in 2018 to serve in Hurricane Sandy recovery through AmeriCorps. They are passionate about social justice and creating a government that represents every American. When they are done with their Associates Degree, they will transfer to an Undergraduate program in Global Studies before applying to law schools to study Immigration and International Law. They are excited to be a Civic Influencers fellow and help more youth get engaged with their community.

Kylie McGovern is a sophomore at La Salle University. She is majoring in political science and has minors in communications and leadership and global understanding. She is from the Philadelphia area and enjoys spending time outside, exercising, and trying new restaurants. Kylie was interested in being a Civic Influencers fellow because she thinks that young people have not only the opportunity but the duty to vote and be politically engaged for a better future for our country.

Vivek Babu is a second-year student at Drexel University, where he majors in Biology (with a minor in Global Studies and Global Public Health) through the Guaranteed BS/MD Early Assurance program. He plans to pursue medical school in the future, and ultimately, hopes to promote equitable healthcare systems with a special focus on immigrant health. Vivek is excited to be part of Civic Influencers to not only work with other students to create more politically informed college voters state-wide, but also continue the fight for a university-wide day off on Election Day at Drexel.

Taylor Boyle is a graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania who currently resides in Western Pennsylvania. She spent four years registering students and educating voters through the CU Engaged Coalition at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Through her efforts, Clarion University of Pennsylvania was recognized as a Voter Friendly Campus. Taylor has previously served as a Civic Influencer.

Angela Chen is currently attending Drexel University and in the Lebow College of Business. She is currently studying business and entrepreneurship at Drexel. On campus, Angela is engaged with organizations such as Global China Connection (GCC) Drexel Division, National Organization for Business & Engineering (NOBE) and Asian Students Association (ASA). Off campus, Angela is currently a Blood Donor Ambassador for Red Cross and a Development & Outreach Associate for GCC Global Department. Angela became a part of Civic Influencers because she wanted to empower young voices from diverse backgrounds to vote for an equal and rightful democracy.

Jess Dougherty is a fourth-year student at Penn State University pursuing her BS in Political Science with a concentration in Data Analytics. She is an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority where she has held various positions. Jess joined the Civic Influencer team to apply her passion for politics and data in a meaningful way. She hopes to show people how important data can be in making impactful decisions.

Brianna Duffin is a sophomore honors student at Rosemont College majoring in English with a minor in New Media Communication. She is involved with the on-campus feminist club and college literary magazine. She is an outspoken advocate for mental health, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ liberation with a lifelong passion for civic engagement in politics on all levels. She wants to work with Civic Influencers so she can work within her community to empower young people.

Amaris Felton is a first-year student at Drexel University. She is currently studying Culinary and is interested in picking up another major in Psychology. She is a new member of Civic Influencers and is super excited to dive in. Amaris is interested in this program to better the Philadelphia community and educate others about the importance of voting and how those issues stem from who is in office.

Sydney Gant is a senior at Millersville University majoring in English with a minor in Sociology. Sydney is interested in being part of Civic Influencers because Sydney believes that this current time in our lives has the makings of a new precedent. Sydney hopes to serve and inspire others in the community to take part in civic engagement as well.

Jules Koehl is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying History and Political Science. She has been with this team for four semesters and has enjoyed every minute!

Paulie Loscalzo was born in Riverhead, NY on Long Island. A freshman at Drexel University, he is majoring in Legal Studies and Sports Business. From a young age, Paulie has been passionate about civic engagement, and he is so excited to bring more awareness and accessibility to public participation in politics to University City.

Caroline MacDonald is a graduate student at Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center, completing her Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship. She has a B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Nutrition and is excited to continue her education in Nutrition. Caroline joined the Civic Influencers team because she is passionate about ensuring young voices and votes matter in American democracy, and fighting for youth voting rights and the policies that impact young people and Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color communities (BIYoC).

Teddy Zhmut is a second-year student at Mongomery County Community College located in Blue Bell, PA. He is majoring in Business Administration, serving as the Vice President of Student Government, and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Teddy joined the Civic Influencers team is due to his strong passion for politics and being part of positive change. Last semester, this program gave him hands-on experience in increasing student voter tunrout and helped enlighten many students about the significance of the past election and why their votes truly matter.

Olivia Maddox is a freshman Environmental Studies & Sustainability major at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. She is a member of the Pennoni Honors College and the club track team. She is passionate about equity in voting rights and is exciting to help promote this on campus!

Nina Mitchell is a senior attending Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania majoring in Marketing with a minor in Art. Once Nina graduates, she would like to attend grad school in Philadelphia and get her masters in Art History. Nina is very excited to be a part of the Civic Influencers team because she is passionate about educating young people on the importance of voting and politics. She would like to inspire students to take agency in their own communities.

Daphne Plantner is a student at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing an Ecology and Evolution Major, a Spanish Minor, and a Certificate of Sustainability. At Pitt, she is a Pitt Votes fellow, the Engineers Without Borders student chapter secretary, and an avid volunteer. She also loves painting, hiking, and playing board games with her friends. Daphne is excited to continue civically engaging and educating first-year students on Pittsburgh’s campus with the Civic Influencers team.

Natalayna Purnell is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She is very involved in her community as the events coordinator for Penn Leads The Vote, fellow and multimedia staffer for The Daily Pennsylvanian, and Robeson Cooper Scholar. She joined the Civic Influencers team to help increase youth civic engagement, remove barriers many face to voting, and further develop herself as an advocate.

Ruby Scupp is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, pursuing majors in Politics-Philosophy and Psychology, with a minor in Legal Studies. She is an ambassador for PittVotes, an active member of Women in Law and the Psychology Club, and a volunteer for the Harry Potter themed service organization Project Potter. Ruby is ecstatic to be part of the Civic Influencers team because she is passionate about facilitating a campus environment that makes voting more accessible, in hopes of uplifting the valuable and diverse voices of her peers.

Max Senlick is a freshmen Philosophy & Pre-Law major at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania. Max is involved in the Washington Fellows alongside being the secretary of the Student Voter Coalition. Through the Civic Influencers team, he hopes to fight voter suppression as well as unsafe drug use in Washington.

Daisy Shephard is a senior at Bryn Mawr College majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus on Land Use and Justice. They are currently serving as the Secretary of Bryn Mawr’s Self-Governing Association and work in the Civic Engagement Office as a student coordinator, running the community garden. She is passionate about community engagement, accountability, and open source data projects! Daisy joined Civic Influencers to help make his academic community more open to having difficult conversations and finding joy in civic participation!

Aidan Winkler is currently a first-year student at Drexel University in the city of Philadelphia. He is a member of the Penonni Honors College and is studying Management Information Systems. While away from school, he likes to hike, distance run, and continue his hobby of woodworking. Aidan is super excited to begin working as a Civic Influencer and fight for youth civic power!

Hannah Gowdy is a student at Penn State University Park and is studying Labor Employment Relations with a minor in Psychology. She is a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and also a THON Chair. She is set to graduate in the Fall of 2022 and plans to go to law school. She is a part of Civic Influencers to help spread voter education across her campus.

Lorraine Fischer is a senior at West Chester University majoring in Sustainable Food Systems Management and minoring in Applied Community and Environmental Sustainability. These majors and minors allow Lorraine to have a nuanced understanding into the intersectionality of human, urban, and environmental impacts of our current global food supply. As a result, Lorraine sees these areas as being in most urgent need of change, and her education allows her to analyze these issues of environmental, economic, and social impacts. Lorraine joined Civic Influencers to connect with the community around her, and encourage the power of voting to facilitate these necessary changes.

Hannah Gowdy is a student at Penn State University Park and is studying Labor Employment Relations with a minor in Psychology. She is a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and also a THON Chair. She is set to graduate in the Fall of 2022 and plans to go to law school. She is a part of Civic Influencers to help spread voter education across her campus.


Kylie Dykgraaf is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University studying exercise science and psychology. She is interested in the Civic Influencers program because she wants to make an impact on her community and promote civic engagement. She is the president of the American Democracy Project, Club Volleyball Team, and Rotaract Club at MTSU.


Miura Rempis is a Master of Public Policy and Administration student online at American University in Washington, DC but currently lives in and serves Nashville, Tennessee. She is also graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. In 2020, she published a children’s book titled “Smarticle Particles and Constitutional Articles: Understanding the Articles and Amendments to the US Constitution”, as part of her pageant platform titled, “The Power of Civic Engagement”. Miura is a two-time local pageant titleholder under the Miss Volunteer America Scholarship Pageant Organization, and serves Tennessee as Miss Midtown 2022. She is also host to the Smarticle Particles Podcast, which focuses on debate and civic engagement as an adult-oriented extension of her book series. Find her on all social media at @miuradorable!


Trinity Altemeyer hails from the Rio Grande Valley and goes to school in Nacogdoches. She is majoring in Political Science with a minor in French, at Stephen F. Austin State University. Where she is also involved with campus poltiical groups, the Model EU, and is soon to become a Politcal Science tutor. She firmly believes that while it may be disheartening to see the rise in voter suppression in Texas, encouragement and education will help overcome these hurdles.

Johnny Ruffer is a Junior at the University of Texas at El Paso, where they major in Political Science and minor in Latin American Border Studies. At UTEP, Johnny serves as a Student Leader with Texas Rising, President of a campus poltical group, and Co-Chair of UTEP YDSA. Johnny is interested in being a part of the Civic Influencer’s team to engage young El Pasoans in the political process, as the community continues to experience the impacts of climate change, immigration policies, and voter suppression laws.

Ruby Alanis is a senior at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX, triple majoring in International Development, International Studies, and International Business with minors in Finance, Economics, and Latin American Studies. She is also pursuing a Masters’s Degree in Business Administration. Ruby is involved with a campus initiative which promotes sustainability and spirit, is a Study Abroad Global Ambassador, and mentors students who want to study abroad.

Hermela Aregay is a sophomore at Abilene Christian University. She is majoring in Social Work with a Pre-Law concentration. She is an officer for a campus political organization and the African Students’ Association. Hermela is interested in being part of the Civic Influencers team because she wants a foundation she can build off of to begin her career in social justice.

Alma Arellano is a PR Specialist in a local magazine that embraces femininity, culture and her border city’s lifestyle. In addition, she is a social media manager with accounts that help uplift community voices through art and events. As a first generation Latina graduate, Alma always dreamed of making sure that her people’s voice was heard miles and miles away because she believes her community is unique and beautiful. Alma joined Civic Influencers to increase her knowledge and help her community become even more informed.

Ana Fuentes is currently a second year student at The University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Government and attaining a certificate in Public Policy. Ana is active on her university campus, through her involvement in Hook the Vote, a student government agency, aiming to increase civic engagement on the UT Austin campus. Ana is excited to be a part of the Civic Influencers team, as she hopes to gain more knowledge in regard to increasing civic engagement!

Yailen Gomez is a first-generation junior at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a major in Biology and UTeach Certification (7th-12th). Yailen is the Vice-President of Community Engagement for the Civic Engagement Alliance under Student Activities at her university. Yailen acts as a bridge between her campus and community through the creation of various initiatives that arise. She hopes to make use of her experience as a civic leader on her campus to have a statewide impact. While staying true to her Mexican roots, Yailen hopes to increase her impact on a wide socio-economic scale.

Valerie Gonzalez is an active community organizer in the Valley, with ongoing projects including Laredo Sustainable, a coalition focusing on climate change on the border and the Laredo Community Fridge, the city’s first community fridge feeding folks through mutual aid. Gonzalez enjoys thrifting, spending time outdoors and engaging in community events.

Osvaldo Grimaldo is a student at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley majoring in Sociology with a minor in Legal Studies. He is the President of UTRGV’s Civic Engagement Alliance, a state-wide ambassador as a Texas Civic Ambassador, and a member of his U.S. Congressman’s Youth Advisory Council. IOsvaldo became a Civic Influencer to have greater outreach in his community!

Sabrina Sha is a first-generation American and an accountant turned fundraiser. She was a staff auditor at KPMG before leaving to serve as Finance Director for James Talarico, the youngest representative in the Texas State Legislature. After working a legislative session, she joined People’s Community Clinic as a nonprofit fundraiser, while continuing her advocacy work as one of the key organizers of Austin’s Stop Asian Hate Rally, bringing thousands together to stand against Asian hate. Now, she works as a fundraiser for the Texas Freedom Network, fighting for progressive values in our state, education, and future leaders of tomorrow while serving as the Vice-Chair and Finance Co-Chair for the Travis County Democratic Party and the President of Asian Democrats Central Texas.

Isabel Herrera is a senior at St. Edwards University, where they are majoring in Global Studies and Political Science. Isabel has worked as a student leader with Texas Rising, as well as a fellow with Planned Parenthood, Jolt, and the Texas Tribune. Their goal is to increase civic engagement in their community and make both state and local governments more accessible for young people and people of color. Being a part of the Civic Influencers team will allow Isabel to continue spreading accurate information about issues that young people care about.

Jaida Johnson attends Trinity University, double majoring in International Studies and Art. She is an illustrator for the campus publication and participates in political activism on campus. Jaida joined Civic Influencer to become engaged with San Antonio’s local non-profit community as well as gain experience in helping with youth activism.

Esma Kurtlu was born in Istanbul, Turkey, where she developed her love for history as she was exposed to Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, and Ottoman remains. She moved to Texas in 2014 and is now attending the University of Houston as a Political Science Major. She is a current member of UNICEF, Student Tennis Club, Students in Justice for Palestine, and MSA. She considers her participation in diverse clubs and with diverse students reveal to her the problems facing society today and will inform her career in International Relations.

Rogelio ( Rojo ) Meizueiro attends the University of Texas at Arlington and is a first generation Mexican-American immigrant from Oaxaca, Mexico. He is studying environmental science and sustainable development. Rojo joined the Civic Influencer team because he believe this is the time for young people to take control of their destiny by participating in democracy.

Tommy Wan (he/him) is a high school senior at The Village School in Houston Texas. His main areas of interest lie in engineering, civic engagement, urban politics, and music education. He is currently a youth organizing intern for OCA-Greater Houston, Council Member Tiffany Thomas’ office, and completed a voter education fellowship under Dr. Melissa Marschall at Rice University. Through organizing workshops, voter-registration drives, conferences, campaign events, and coalitions, Tommy has worked with the offices at the local level, state level, and federal level—such as Congressman Al Green’s office. He serves on the Mayor’s Youth Council, Youth Police Advisory Board Council, Mi Familia Vota’s environmental justice committee, and is a CFCI Ambassador. He is interested in being part of the Civic Influencers team because he hopes to mobilize voters in Alief.

Maham Qureshi is a Junior at the University of Houston where she is majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Biology. After graduation, she hopes to go into the law field. The reason she joined Civic Influencers is her belief in voting equity and increasing awareness of voting challenges faced by communities of color.

Christian Ochoa enjoys traveling with his family and friends, going to the gym, and DJing for Quinceneras or Weddings.

Domonique Roy is a recent graduate from Prairie View A&M University where she received her B.A. in Political Science. Throughout college, she served her campus and community as a student leader and activist. She helped organize numerous demonstrations against voter suppression within Waller County. Domonique wants to continue her work as a public servant with Civic Influencers to ensure voting rights for all people and students.

Brandon Torres is a junior level student in Texas A&M International University. He is majoring in Psychology in order to gain a better understanding of society and its ongoing issues. Brandon is excited to be part of the Civic Influencers team to put this knowledge to use for the betterment of society.

Eric Velasquez is an Air Force veteran and currently a local podcaster in San Antonio, Texas. He interviews local candidates running for office in an livestream environment. He also previously ran for office, once in 2018 and again in 2020.


Jack Houston is a Junior studying Government and International Politics Student at George Mason University. After graduation, he’s interested in working for the State Department or in the Intelligence Community. Jack has volunteered with several other Elections Rights/Reforms groups in the past and has a passion for making Democracy work better for everyone.

Priscilla Akpalu is a junior Political science Major at the illustrious Virginia State University. She is interested in being part of the Civic Influencers team because she wants to help educate and support students on her campus when it comes to voting. She hopes with her bright and bubbly personality she can encourage them to be more interested in voting and knowing their voting rights.

Preeti Pandey is a sophomore at Virginia Tech studying political science and legal studies on a pre-law track. Through her work with different political campaigns and learning about the electoral system of the United States, Preeti has noticed the lack of young, engaged voters. She is excited to work as a Civic Influencers and help provide young voters with the resources to recognize how essential their participation in national, state, and local elections is.

Kaylah Lightfoot attends the University of Mary Washington. She is heavily involved with her university by working towards equality in progressive and positive ways. Being affiliated with countless clubs and organizations like NAACP, Student Government Association, and UMW Votes the bridge between student impact on and off campus closes in.

Keegan Frederick is a senior studying Political Science and International Affairs at the University of Mary Washington. During her recent transfer to this institution, Keegan engaged with numerous campus organizations such as Political Organizations, the Office of Disability Resources, and UMW Votes. She was interested in being a Civic Influencers in order to expand civic engagement and knowledge on her undergraduate campus.

Zoe Deckard is a senior at George Mason University majoring in Government and International Politics. She is a member of the Honors College here at Mason and is very passionate about voting rights; encouraging everyone, especially young people, to get out to vote and be involved in the democratic process.

TaNiya Bellamy is a senior Political Science major at Virginia State University. She loves all things politics and considers herself an active agent of change! She is extremely excited to kickoff the semester as a Civic Influencer, sighting her love for content creation and politics as the reason she’s so passionate about her journey with this team.


Sorin Caldararu is a high school senior who is dually enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Through his extensive participation in competitive debate, Sorin has developed a keen interest in politics, economics, and civic engagement; he hopes to double-major in Math and Economics in college. While working with an organization that advocates for reforms to welfare programs, Sorin realized that the disconnect between legislators and constituents isn’t as large as it seems to be, so he became a Civic Influencer because he hopes to teach other people how to better engage with their government.

Alannah Ray a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is pursuing an MS in anthropology and a certificate in museum studies. Alannah believes civic engagement is incredibly important because it directly affects the communities where we personally are invested. One way to be engaged is to vote. Alannah is excited to be a CEEP Fellow because voting is a way for the collective voice to be heard and create change. Addressing the challenges voters face in engagement, education, and accessibility ensures more voices can be considered for the decisions that affect our lives on both a local and national level.

Zachary Young, a freshman attending the University of Wisconsin: Stevens Point, is a double major in political science and in media studies. He chose to be involved in Civic Influencers to help college-aged students to get out and vote in our elections. Zack’s plans in the future are to join as a sitting member of our government.

Carly Swaney is a student at the University of Wisconsin Green- Bay majoring in Democracy and Justice Studies with an emphasis on Legal Studies. She is interested in attending law school after graduation. She became a Civic Influencer because she believes in the power of democracy and the strength of young voices.

Randi McMorrow is a student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh studying Business Management and Marketing with a minor in Astronomy. She became a Civic Influencer because she wanted to grow as a person while helping others in the community grow as well.

Ashley Jordan was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and obtained her Associate degree in Marketing Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership. She is a creative, dedicated to the youth development and community work of Milwaukee and is grateful to continue her work in politics and with the community through Civic Influencers. Psalm 23.

Devin Heinz is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. Devin is majoring in Political Science and is interested in learning about the American government and campaigns. This is his first semester as a Civic Influencer and he is excited to help engage his fellow students in democracy.