Civic Influencers Description & Application (Data-focused)

We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis.

We believe what makes you (and me) different is our superpower”

We are collaborating with Tableau, the world’s leading visual analytics platform, to collect and analyze youth voting stories across the country, which we will display on our Youth Civic Power Outages  Heat Maps and Youth Democracy Index (YDI). The Civic Influencers will collect voting stories and data to feed into our Heat Maps and YDI so the entire voting ecosystem can see the power outages and cascading blackouts that directly affect youth and Black Indigenous Youth of Color (BIYoC) populations.


This is a four week, self-paced, self-directed fellowship.  


Civic Influencers will receive a total of $500 grant-stipend. 

($250 for data collection activities + $250 for Civic Influencers Data Certification™ : Gold Level)

Additional Fellowship Takeaways: 

Opportunity for growth & additional advanced fellowship terms • National and local network • Data analysis and visualization training  from Tableau •  3-year Tableau product license • Coaching and mentoring from data experts in the field • Special meet and greet with Tableau leadership • Media, public speaking & publishing opportunities and more.

Duties + Responsibilities:

  • Participate in our  Civic Influencers Data Certification™ training (approximately 10-15 hours).  
  • Participate in our National  Civic Influencers Orientation.
  • Complete Data Collection Planning Worksheet and bring it to the Week 1 Office Hours for approval (times TBD).
  • Join Week 2 and Week 3 Office Hours (times TBD) to troubleshoot challenges and receive additional support.
  • Design and implement a diverse set of data and story collection tactics to ensure responses represent your campus and/or community.
  • Submit an end-of-term survey via Airtable summarizing your accomplishments.

Additional Requirements:

  • You should be concerned about voting barriers for young people in your community and on-campus experience.
  • You should have a passion for engaging your peers in voting, the electoral process, and strengthening democracy.
  • You should enjoy online and relational organizing and gaining social media skills.
  • You should have enthusiasm for conducting community outreach to diverse populations.
  • You should integrate DEI into all data collection activities and uphold our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • You should remain nonpartisan during the time you are serving as a Civic Influencers. 
  • You must have access to an electronic device (e.g., a computer or tablet) and a stable Internet connection. (We may be able to help on a case-case basis. Please let us know your needs.)

We are looking for young people who are currently enrolled in college or are active in their community, in particular, we strongly encourage the candidates who identify as the following to apply:

BIYoC (Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color) • STEM majors •  Creatives • Artists • Non-English first language speakers •  First-generation • LGBTQ+ • Neurodiverse • People with disabilities

About Us:

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit that activates young people’s civic power through organizing, learning, and advocacy.  We use real-time data to draw attention to democracy power outages on campuses and in communities, and train young people to fight for youth voting rights and the policies they care about.  Civic Influencers are committed to ensuring young voices and votes matter in our democracy.