Fellows Alumni Spotlight

CEEP would like to put you in the spotlight as a fellow alum! It’s quick and easy to do. Send an email to the National Fellowship Director, Courtney Cochran at courtney@campuselect.org with the information below. By answering these CEEP Alumni Spotlight questions and submitting a photograph, you are agreeing to release your picture and responses to be used by CEEP in publications, newsletters, website, or any CEEP-related materials. 

  1. A three sentence bio
    1. For Example: (your name) was a CEEP Fellow at _____  (University/College) in 2013. (Your name) majored in ____. (you) currently are _____  (if applies: position title–graduate school, job title, internship, etc)
  2. A recent photo
  3. Answer these following questions:
    1. What did you learn from your experience with CEEP?  
    2. What advice would you give future CEEP Fellows?
    3. How can we encourage young people to participate in the political process?

Thank you for your continued work and we’re glad to hear from you!