Fellows Alumni Video Testimonial

Instructions for Alumni Fellows Video:  For one of our first Alumni Fellows’ projects, we are hoping that you all will make videos (similar to something that you would see on YouTube, TikTok, or in an Instagram story) to offer advice and insight on your own experiences as CEEP Fellows. We intend for these videos to be fun, but also informational for helping our current Fellows with their civic-engagement projects.  For many of our Fellows this may be the first time that they have engaged in projects ranging from voter registration to working with different offices on campus, so any guidance or advice you can offer will go a long way in helping them out. Questions and completed videos should be sent to the National Fellowship Director, Courtney Cochran at courtney@campuselect.org. Thanks for your time and we hope you have fun with this!

Alumni Fellows Video Sample Script

Here’s the video script: 

Intro: “Hi my name is ________ and when I was a CEEP Fellow I was at _______ (name of their college) which is a ________ (4 year public/ 4 year private/CC) in ________ (name of city and state). Today I want to talk with you about (if it’s a topic) OR and today I want to answer your question about _______ (if it is a question).  

Examples of topics to answer:

  • How to work with student government associations?
  • How to partner with other organizations on civic-engagement projects?
  • How to find funds are your campus to host a voter-related event or a voter registration table?
  • How to find rooms and resources on your campus for National Voter Registration Day? 


Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do:  Make sure you are taking your video in front of a blank wall. 
  • Do:  Keep your video to around 2 minutes.
  • Don’t: Feel that it needs to be too serious (have it feel conversational and fun).

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