Every CEEP fellow is a valued member of our election engagement community. Regardless of what state or institution you worked in, we invite you to connect and engage with our current fellows and stay in touch. 

CEEP takes pride in your accomplishments both as a fellow and in your career. Our alumni include young leaders who have found careers in fields such as education, political science, and the arts. The success of our more than 400 alumni inspire us to continue educating students that are making a difference in their communities. As a former fellow, join us in staying up-to-date on current CEEP news, participate in continued professional development trainings, and give back to current fellows through our mentoring program. 

Welcome to the alumni association!


CEEP wants you to continue your career success and hopes to become a lifelong resource center. As part of your commitment to the alumni association join us in our webinars. Some of the topics we will cover are networking, resume building, interviewing tips and voter engagement now, and of course, how to continue voter engagement in your community. As a member of our Alumni Network, you will also be alerted of job openings within Campus Election Engagement Project BEFORE they are open to the public! Just update your contact information to ensure you are receiving these opportunities. The CEEP Alumni Association also offers personal professional development coaching in the areas of resume building and job interviews. This service is limited to alumni of the fellows program, so please include the semester(s) you were a fellow in your email if you wish to partake in these services. For advice on resumes, please send your resumes to Rachael at rachael@campuselect.org. To set up a practice interview, please contact Jessica at jessica@campuselect.org.


Your CEEP experience made a difference and there are still many ways to get involved. Connect with current staff, state directors, and fellows to find out the latest CEEP news. We want to share with you how far we’ve come in our engagement activities. Allow us to share your success by being a part of our Alumni Spotlight or share a video testimonial.

We want to hear from you now and often. Help us update our records and we’ll let you know what resources and events are in the works. Keep in touch and update your information here and/or if you are interested in receiving the CEEP Alumni Newsletter, please sign up here.


Whether it’s starting from the ground up or working with an established coalition, there will always be things to learn and questions to be answered. CEEP is asking you to share your expertise by mentoring a current fellow. Help pay it forward by allowing us to connect you with fellows from your alma mater and beyond. What we ask is that you connect with those fellows at least twice a semester to talk about voter engagement, exchange ideas, or talk about where you can go after the fellowship. For more information on the mentor program or current CEEP opportunities email the National Fellowship Director, Courtney Cochran at courtney@campuselect.org

You can also make a difference in sponsoring a fellows stipend, any amount helps. Your gift can change a fellows experience or support an event. Check out our donate page to give back to a fellow like you.


What if I’m done with my CEEP Fellowship, but I haven’t graduated college yet? Can I be a CEEP Alum?

Yes! The CEEP Alumni Association is for fellows who have completed their CEEP fellowship(s), whether you’ve graduated from school or not.

What does the Alumni Group do?

The Alumni Association does a variety of things. We do projects like:

* Creating brief video testimonials about on campus voter engagement,

* Write blog posts,

* Join our new podcast series,

* And professional development trainings and networking opportunities.

Why should I join?

As an Alumni Association member, you will have access to professional development trainings and CEEP networking events throughout the year. You will also get to meet the members of the CEEP staff and be apart of different voting awareness projects.

Is there a fee to join?

Not at all! The Alumni Association was created to continue engaging fellows after they finish their projects with CEEP. Our goal is to provide fellow alumni with continuous learning and networking opportunities, and to keep them updated with what CEEP is up to. Donations will always be welcome, but not required. 

How do I join?

Easy! Just update your information here and/or if you are interested in receiving the CEEP Alumni Newsletter, please sign up here. Someone from the CEEP Alumni Team will contact you!

What’s my commitment?

As a member, you will have the opportunity to attend four Zoom meetings a year, all of which will include a professional development training or networking opportunity. It is also expected that you partake in the projects laid out for the program.

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Join our Alumni Group!

Update your contact information to stay in the loop with all CEEP Alumni Association activities. You will receive career opportunities and networking opportunities with our current fellows as well as other past Alumni. 

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