Op-Ed by Maxim Thorne: Don’t count out young voters today

In a campaign season that confounds many veteran political analysts, younger voters’ potentially decisive role is an underappreciated storyline as we reach the midterms’ homestretch. The organization I head, Civic Influencers, partners hyper-locally with campuses and community-based organizations with the goal to increase the voting rates and civic power of 18–29 year olds. Through this work, … Read more

Civic Influencers In Newsweek!

With only 20 days until the 2022 midterm elections the Newsweek article highlighting our strategy is very timely and a must read: “Could Gen Z Voters’ Views on Issues Cost Republicans in Midterms?”  (You can also listen or watch the story.)

Maxim Thorne speaks to Neil Kreisel about Civic Influencers

“Young people’s ability to swing elections and determine the course of our democracy is the greatest it has ever been. In 2020, 12 congressional seats were flipped with less than a fraction of local campus enrollment. Presidential, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and down ballot elections – all can be powered by young voters.   CIVIC INFLUENCERS is … Read more

Calling all young people! ?

Are you concerned about: – Climate Change/Environmental Justice – Gun Violence – Reproductive Rights – Immigration If so, join us as a Civic Influencer for our Fall Term! You’ll work with our network of Civic Influencers across the nation to educate and engage your peers to get out the vote and VOTE about the issues … Read more

Americans with Disabilities Month!

The entire month of August you’ve been hearing from members across the Civic Influencers community as we celebrate Americans with Disabilities Month, and today we celebrate ADA itself! ? Our Chief of Organizing, Advocacy & Learning, Patrick, has one last message to share with you about the importance of ADA Day and access to voting … Read more

Civic Influencers Press Conference and Town Hall

  Civic Influencers Press Conference and Town Hall October 21, 2021 — Civic Influencers, a national nonpartisan nonprofit operating locally across the country, on and off campus, in local communities and states, that empowers young people to build their civic power and increase voting rates amongst their peers, hosted a virtual press briefing via Zoom … Read more

Civic Influencers™ Press Briefing, Featuring: Maxim Thorne, CEO, Tableau Foundation, and other technology industry leaders

Civic Influencers™ is hosting a Town Hall on October 21st at 12:00 pm EST to announce its laser focused data driven approach to increase and protect youth civic power and voting power, especially for Black, Indigenous and Youth of Color.   Civic Influencers has partnered with Tableau Foundation to build a more data driven strategy. Together … Read more