Plaintiffs Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, Ohio Federation of Teachers, OhioAlliance for Retired Americans, Union Veterans Council, and Civic Influencers, Inc. file this amended complaint against Defendant Frank LaRose, in his official capacity as the Ohio Secretaryof State, and allege as follows: NATURE OF THE CASE This suit challenges certain provisions (the “Challenged Provisions”) … Read more

Listen to Civic Influencers’ CEO Maxim Thorne on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour.

Civic Influencers CEO Maxim Thorne sat down for an interview with Ralph Nader: two-time presidential candidate; legendary activist, consumer advocate, and public speaker; and host of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. In an energizing and nuanced exchange, the two talked about the rising power of Gen Z, the dire state of our democracy, and the … Read more

Civic Influencers’ Briefing on Turbocharging Young Voters

We want to extend our sincerest thanks for attending the Civic Influencers’ briefing on turbocharging young voters through 2024. A special thank you to our wonderful hosts: Leslie Bhutani, Michele Cuttler, Ann Daniel, Deborah David, Jill Finsten, Martha Gabbert, Beryl Kreisel, Dorothy Largay, Hon. Susan Rose, Nancy Sheldon, and Merryl Zegar. Many thanks to Robert Hubbell for his continued … Read more

Civic Influencers 2023 Town Hall

We  hosted our Civic Influencers 2023 Town Hall to celebrate International Women’s Day! In the video below you’ll learn how women’s voices and power were evident in the 2022 Midterm Elections. Women continue to focus their voting power and play a key role in elections by highlighting issues that interest all Americans.

The Trump Indictment: “What It Means for Youth Organizing and Democracy” Town Hall 

On March 22, 2023, we held a Town Hall to discuss the looming Trump indictment–and what it means for youth organizing and democracy. We were joined by our esteemed Board Member, Bruce Spiva, and our Statewide Organizer, Anna, both of whom provided some wonderful insights. Make no mistake: This is a watershed event in American … Read more

“You either care or you don’t.”

Many of us are waking up this morning to the news of the tragic shooting at Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing. We grieve along with our fellow Spartans for the 3 students that were killed and pray for the recovery of the 5 that are critically injured and the thousands that have been … Read more

Civic Influencers Joins Lawsuit to Sue Ohio’s Secretary of State over New Youth Suppression Law

COLUMBUS, OH — Civic Influencers today announced that it has joined a lawsuit over Ohio’s new voter suppression law for restricting the ability of young people and other Buckeyes to cast their ballots. Other plaintiffs in the suit, filed by Elias Law Group, include the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, Ohio Federation of Teachers, … Read more