Civic Influencer spotlights

Misael Mendez
Dallas College, Texas

Misael is a CIVIC INFLEUNCER and student at Dallas College in Texas. As a CI, he dedicates his time to empowering and educating young people to engage in civic activities. He emphasizes the significance of engaging young people and making them aware of their civic power, even in off-years like 2023, where state and local elections have the potential to impact the community.

Misael’s work showcases the importance of the youth vote in effecting change, inspiring, and motivating the next generation of voters. By educating young people about civic engagement, Misael fosters a more informed and active electorate, hoping to preserve and promote our vibrant democracy.

Jessica Quesada
Arizona State University, Arizona

Jessica is a CIVIC INFLUENCER and a student at Arizona State University. She stresses the importance of young people’s voices in shaping the future of our country, from student debt to housing. As a CI, she worked tirelessly to empower her peers, leading efforts on campus to inform and equip students to make a difference.

Jessica’s number one priority as a CI was to ensure young people in her community remain engaged, informed, and active. Her efforts across campus ensure that young people understand the impact they can have on policies on campus and beyond.

Habigail (Abby) Scott Nonthe
Mesa Community College, Arizona

Habigail (Abby) Scott Nonthe is a CIVIC INFLUENCER and student at Mesa Community College in Arizona. During the Fall of 2022, she helped organize civic engagement meetings in partnership with the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, where she registered people to vote and helped check voter registration statuses. Abby also hosted two Boba and Voting events where she held a voting text challenge and went over sample ballots to assist voters.

Abby is committed to civic engagement work. Her work as a poll worker was featured by Buzzfeed during the 2022 midterms. She has also been highlighted by CIVIC INFLUENCERS during Hispanic Heritage Month, where she shared which Latinx person she looks up to most.