Charnice Horne 

Charnice Horne is a newly graduated Political Science student looking to make change in North Carolina and the broader United States. She is the founder of the upcoming independent journalism organization Film Dork Productions, the organization that seeks to education Generation Z on the importance of civics education and getting involved not only nationally but also within local and state politics. In addition to this Charnice has also worked directly with the North Carolina Democratic Party as a Data Fellow and Charnice Horne wants to make a change in lives of people of color, in particular faith-based black communities who may not be as politically aware as they should be. Charnice’s work often centers Generation Z as well as people of color, in an attempt to create a more inclusive and affordable world for the people who are often considered at the bottom. Charnice Horne wants to be apart of Civic Influencers to help be apart of the change that the next generation will make happen in order to change not only America but the world at large.