Jesus Villanueva 

Fall 2023

As Jesus Villanueva heads into his third year as an undergraduate student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas – he hopes to continue his pursuit in attaining a bachelor’s degree in political science. Currently, Jesus is an intern at the Intersection which is UNLV’s multicultural resource center where he is tasked with researching and planning events that will serve their diverse student population with workshops, handouts, and 1-on-1 conversations. Additionally, Jesus is an intern at Higbee and Associates where he assist with liaison work between the courts, district attorney’s office, and his legal team to best represent their client with post-conviction relief. As if that were not enough, Jesus also took on the role of being a senator for his college with the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada Las Vegas to ensure that his perspective is of use to addressing needs and resource gaps on campus. Being someone with such a diverse background , Jesus understands the hardship that his intersectionality entails which is why he is passionate about creating change for his community. Jesus hopes to attain a role as a civic influencer because he is well-aware of the impact his state has during election cycles and understands the voters that need to be targeted to increase voter turnout in Nevada.