Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez 

Fall 2023

Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez served as our Civic Influencer at Arizona State University (ASU) She is a transfer student from Mesa Community College to ASU. Yudidt has been civically engaged with many local and national political campaigns since high school. She has volunteered over 500 hundred hours in her community to support efforts and organizations she believes in, including voter registration to service at the local hospital. Yudidt plans to run for office in Arizona to represents Latinas in political office. Her dream is to be on the City of Mesa Council and prepare herself to be the first Latina Mayor of her city. Through Civic Influencer, she dreams of bringing young people to get out to vote. She is pursuing a degree in Public Service and Public Policy. She is alumni of the Andrew Goodman Fellowship, IGNITE National and Poder LATINX.

She is interested in being part of the team because she has seen the policy affect her community. She wants to vote in every election because many people from her community can’t vote.


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