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Who We Are

Civic Influencers is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that operates hyper-locally, in targeted districts and states, to support a year-round movement amplifying the power of young voters (ages 18-29).

Each year, over 4 million 18-year-olds become eligible to vote. Our mission is to get them to the polls.

How Civic Influencers Is Turbocharging Student Voters

The power of young voters

In 2022, 34 U.S. House Races were decided by 1% or less. In some districts, that could be a few hundred votes. By mobilizing students in these tight-margin districts, we can help young people swing elections—and safeguard our democracy.

See How Young People Can Swing Elections!

Sponsor a Civic Influencer

Since 2021, we’ve trained and mobilized more than 800 Civic Influencers at campuses across the country. These paid fellows use on-the-ground data to help their peers make the connection between the importance of voting and the issues they care about.

Sponsor a Civic Influencer Today!

Mobilizing the Margins

How Civic Influencers Is Saving Democracy by Turbocharging Students Voters


In 2020, 12 of 15 congressional seats flipped by a fraction of local campus enrollment.


Almost twice the respondents ranked abortion as a top 5 issue after SCOTUS leak in May 2022.


71% of respondents felt giving time off to vote is the most important way to increase youth-voter turnout.



Plaintiffs Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, Ohio Federation of Teachers, OhioAlliance for Retired Americans, Union Veterans Council, and Civic …

Young Voters Will Change Ohio, Despite ‘GenerationalGerrymandering’ of HB 458

Earlier this year, Ohio passed one of the most restrictive voter-ID laws in the country. As of April 7, student …

Listen to Civic Influencers’ CEO Maxim Thorne on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour.

Civic Influencers CEO Maxim Thorne sat down for an interview with Ralph Nader: two-time presidential candidate; legendary activist, consumer advocate, …