David Thornburgh “Renewing Our Local Democracy: What Will It Take?” Takeaways

On March 9th, 2021 David Thornburgh, President and CEO of the Committee of Seventy, joined our Faculty and Staff Webinar Series for a talk on, “Renewing Our Local Democracy: What Will It Take?” David discussed his takeaways from working with voters during the 2020 election, and even showed off the Committee of Seventy’s WeVote voter wagon in his Zoom background. David talked about five habits of highly effective citizens, and ways that faculty and staff can ensure that students on their campuses stay engaged for years to come. 

WeVote, an initiative of the Committee of Seventy, draws on a set of research-based Habits of Highly Effective Citizens. Taken together, these habits ensure a healthy local democracy – one in which voters are highly informed and are better able to engage in the electoral process. These habits are:

1. Be a Voter

We have everything you need to cast an informed ballot. Register to vote, discover who is on your ballot, and learn how to vote at home.

2. Choose Your News Wisely

Navigating today’s media landscape isn’t easy. Discover the best tools to help you tell fact from fiction and maintain a healthy media diet.

3. Invite Diverse Perspectives

“If you want to hear a different conversation, you have to hold a different conversation.”

4. Learn How It Works

If you want to cast an informed ballot, if you want to see positive change in your community, you have to know how our government works.

5. Act

You’re equipped with information. You’re prepared to cast your ballot. Now discover additional actions you can take to make your vote count and your voice heard.

For more information about these habits, check out their Who We Are page. Thanks again for the awesome talk, David!

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