Get Your Democracillin Prescription Today!


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We call it Democracillin. Take it as prescribed, and you’ll start seeing results immediately, including:

  • Greater youth-voter-engagement at community colleges, POC-serving institutions, and trade/technical/vocational schools. 
  • Higher turnout in tight-margin House districts across the country. 
  • More pro-democracy candidates representing us in Washington.

Is your democracy not as healthy as it should be? You could have a case of Anti-Young-Voter Syndrome. Symptoms may include insane voter-ID laws (see: Ohio), the closing campus polling stations (see: Texas), or raising the voting age to 25 (see: an actual presidential candidate).

Luckily, Democracillin is specifically designed to alleviate these ailments. How? By mobilizing young people (ages 18-29) in communities across the country. And it only costs $18 a month!

Why $18, you ask? Each year, 4 million Americans turn 18 and become eligible to vote. Your monthly prescription of Democracillin will help active more Civic Influencers, the critical antibodies we need to defend our democracy! 

Tired of feeling “blah” about the state of your country? See if Democracillin is right for you by signing up for a monthly donation today!

Sign up today, we’ll even send you a gift: a lifetime subscription to “Dose of Hope” our monthly mini newsletter featuring one recent news story that shows how young people are fighting back against the right’s anti-democracy agenda!