Daniel Placencia is a rising figure in the new leftist movement, determined to effect change that benefits the working man. He attends Concordia University Irvine as a Political Science student. As a young and accomplished political activist, Daniel has become a part of the Orange County Democratic Socialists’ board, supporting labor unions, leftist political candidates, and protests. He … Read more

Miles Parker is enrolled at Vanguard University and studies History and Political science and is currently part of the Peacemakers club at Vanguard. Miles is also planning to intern in Washington D.C as well in the spring semester at Vanguard. Miles is passionate about the Civic Influencers team because he is interested in diversifying the campus.

Andrew Lewis is a first-generation Angeleno, and UCLA Student living in Westwood Village, Los Angeles. His mom is an immigrant from Lima, Peru and his father is an African-American. It is his current passion to civically empower the young voters in my neighborhood.

Sam Varriano has a Masters Degree in Political Science from Southern New Hampshire University. He has worked in many elections before including as a volunteer for Clinton in 2016 and working with a political organization called CADC-LLC as a field organizer in 2020. Sam is very interested in community organization and creating equitable outcomes in my community.

Maria Villalobos attends Gateway Community College as a full-time student majoring in philosophy. She has a passion for helping her community and spend her free-time volunteering at non-profits around her city. Maria also passionate about social change and leadership, which is why she serves as club president at my club’s Hispanic Student Organization.

Jessica Quesada is a Senior majoring in Business Administration at Arizona State University. She will be pursuing her Master of Business Administration in the Fall of 2023. She is interested in pursuing this role because she cares deeply about enhancing the lives of those around her and aims to make a positive contribution to her community.

Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez served as our Civic Influencer at Arizona State University (ASU) She is a transfer student from Mesa Community College to ASU. Yudidt has been civically engaged with many local and national political campaigns since high school. She has volunteered over 500 hundred hours in her community to support efforts and organizations she believes in, including … Read more

Daniel Kocian attended Scottsdale Community College. He is passionate about online safety and climate change. He is interested in being a part of Civil Influencers team to get the younger audience more invested and involved in politics.

Habigail Nonthe is a first-generation college student who attends Mesa Community College. Her advocacy for her community has given her opportunities to learn and grow in which is why she’s part of Civic Influencers. She is part of her colleges entrepreneur club and sits in the Housing and Community for her city as a vice chair. The young generation … Read more

Valeria Garcia is a first-generation student and American. She attends Cochise College, works in the financial aid office at campus and is a member of PTK honor society. English is her second language; school was difficult for her, but she still manages and is currently studying psychology. She is passionate about democracy and the idea of youth … Read more