Ohio Fellow Spotlight ~ Hailey Berliner

Hailey Berliner a 21-year old sophomore serves as CEEP’s 2016 Election Engagement Fellow at Owens Community College.  Since accepting the fellowship Hailey has hit the ground registering peers, building a team of volunteers and developing partnerships with faculty, staff and student organizations.  Thus far she has registered hundreds of students, provided educational materials and developed events to engage Owens’ student body.

Just as with Hailey who’s a recent Florida transplant studying Urban Planning and Geographic Information Systems [GIS]; Campus Election Engagement Project Fellows come from various backgrounds, political ideologies and academic studies.  Yet, all do the important work of ensuring students are prepared to vote.  As a fellow Hailey utilizes educational materials (such as nonpartisan voter guides), and engages Owens’ community in creative means such as mock debates, photo campaigns to keep the election at the forefront.  For student political power lies not in just registering and voting, but being prepared in the decision of taking action of civic responsibility.  This approach helps ensure not only Owens Community College, but all students get-out-to-vote this November!

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