Save Democracy, Take GenZanax Today!

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Feeling stressed about the state of our democracy? See if GenZanax is right for you!

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These are scary times for our country. Stressful times. Anxious times. And the right’s generational gerrymandering is a big reason why.

That’s why we created GenZanax, a revolutionary treatment that will make you feel better about the future of our democracy.

And it’s only $18 a month—in honor of the 4 million young people who become eligible to vote each year.

In several clinical trials, GenZanax has been shown to:

  • Increase election turnout among GenZ voters 
  • Boost civic engagement at community colleges and trade/technical/ vocational schools 
  • Combat depression resulting from the right’s voter-suppression efforts

Why did we call it GenZanax? Because Gen Z has proven to be a powerful force in protecting our democracy. Our mission at Civic Influencers is to engage and empower as many young voters as we can. 

Since 2021, we’ve deployed more than 700 Civic Influencers to campuses and communities across the country—especially community colleges, MSIs, and trade/technical/vocational schools. Their efforts were instrumental in helping secure wins for several pro-democracy candidates in the 2022 midterms. 

Don’t let generational gerrymandering get you down. Get your prescription of GenZanax today!

To learn more about how GenZanax can help you combat the stress associated with generational gerrymandering, click here!