As Civic Influencers continues its critical work in the Georgia Runoff, we need YOUR help to CALL and TEXT young voters at community colleges and trade schools across the state of Georgia.

December 6th may change the power dynamic in the Senate… or not. If Senator Warnock wins, the most significant difference with a 51-vote majority is that Democrats will not have to “power-share” with the Republican minority. Democrats will have the ability to move bills out of committee as well as to issue subpoenas without Republican cooperation.

This will speed up the process substantially for Democrats who would be able to confirm judicial nominations with a simple majority vote. There are currently 89 vacancies on the federal bench  due to nominations being tangled up in partisan politics.

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We’ve got the campuses, names and phone numbers. You will be calling and texting community college and trade school students who can swing this election. Your encouragement will make a difference.

We need your time to ensure that young Georgians turn up at the polls on and before December 6. We also know that most young people don’t read email. So please help us text and call them.

We’ll contact you and guide you on calling and texting once you fill out the form and we receive your interest. Sign up today!