Martha McSally (R)
Martha McSally (R)
Kyrsten Sinema (D)
Kyrsten Sinema (D)

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Abortion: Mostly ban or mostly legal?

Martha McSally – Ban. “I’m pro-life.” Voted to ban after 20 weeks with exceptions for rape, incest, & life of the mother.

Kyrsten Sinema – Legal. Uphold Roe v. Wade. A woman, her family, & her doctor should decide what’s best for her health – not Washington politicians.”


Campaign Finance: Support DISCLOSE Act to require political ads to disclose their largest funders? Stand on Supreme Court Citizens United decision, allowing unlimited political donations from corporations & unions?

Martha McSally – No stand found on DISCLOSE Act or Citizens United. On separate bill voted against making it easier to see who was funding TV ads.

Kyrsten Sinema – Co-sponsored DISCLOSE ACT.“Overturn Citizens United.”Only way to fix “our broken political system is to get the vast sums of secret money out of politics & shine a light with more transparency.” 


Climate Change: Consider climate change a serious threat?

Martha McSally – Unclear how serious a threat she considers. Says climate is changing, & that humans have played a role. But also voted to end Defense Dept assessments of climate-related threats to military installations & operations.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes. “Our climate is changing & human activity is contributing.”Voted for continued Defense Dept assessment of threat.


Climate Change: Limit or tax production of greenhouse gases?

Martha McSally – No. Opposed Obama Clean Power plan, citing impact on Apache generating station. Voted against the potential carbon tax in 2018.

Kyrsten Sinema – Mixed. Supports limits & opposed condemning Obama Clean Power plan, but raised issues about impact on Apache& opposed potential carbon tax.


Contraception: Allow employers to withhold contraceptive coverage from employees if disagree morally?

Martha McSally – Yes. Says not about women’s access to contraception, which she supports, but legality of Obamacare mandates.

Kyrsten Sinema – No. “Women in our district want a chance to…make their own health care decisions.”


Courts: Support Brett Kavanaugh nomination? (before recent allegations)

Martha McSally – Yes. Calls Kavanaugh “a highly qualified nominee.”

Kyrsten Sinema – Unclear.  “Should be judged by his body of work & the judgment of his peers.”


Economy: Support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?

Martha McSally – Generally, no. Need to get spending under control.Did support federal transportation funding for AZ.

Kyrsten Sinema – Mixed. Supports infrastructure bank to help “create good jobs,”cosponsored Balanced Budget Amendment.


Economy: Support President Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese steel & other products?

Martha McSally – Unclear. Opposed tariffs on imported solar cells. Backed tariff exceptions for products used in manufacturing.

Kyrsten Sinema – No. Worry about retaliatory tariffs & “reckless trade war.”


Education: Help parents send their children to private schools with public money?

Martha McSally – Yes. Supports education vouchers. Backed SOAR Act to help DC students attend private schools.

Kyrsten Sinema – No. Opposed SOAR Act, & vouchers in general for eroding public education.


Financial Regulation: Support cutbacks in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

Martha McSally – Yes. Voted for 2017 Financial Choice Act, which weakened the CFPB.

Kyrsten Sinema – Mostly no. Opposed Financial Choice Act & legislation that would have ended independent CFPB funding.


Gay Marriage: Support gay marriage?

Martha McSally – Personally opposes, “marriage is between one man & one woman,”  but now accepts as the law.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes. Sinema is Bisexual and strong LGBT rights supporter. Called Supreme Court decision “A historic victory for families.”


Gun Control: Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic weapons?

Martha McSally – Mostly no. Enforce existing laws & address mental illness issues, rather than enacting new gun laws. Supports banning bump stocks.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes. Supports some gun rights but also stronger background checks.Voted to end law banning federally funded research on gun violence.


Healthcare: Support or Repeal Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare?

Martha McSally – Repeal. Says, Obamacare, which was flawed from the beginning, is collapsing under its own weight.” Says should replace with a different plan based on bringing down costs & increasing competition.

Kyrsten Sinema – Support, shaped by not always having health insurance as a child. “No family should be forced to choose between getting the care they need & paying their bills.”Says Repeal would strip coverage from hundreds of thousands of Arizonans, & skyrocket premiums for older patients & those with pre-existing conditions.


Healthcare: Let Planned Parenthood receive public funds for non-abortion health care?

Martha McSally – No. Voted to defund.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes.  Voted to continue allowing.


Immigration: Support path to citizenship for “DACA” recipients or “Dreamers,” who grew up in the US after coming here as children?

Martha McSally Formerly supported citizenship options. Now supports extending DACA protections but no path to citizenship.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes. “Congress must act to secure our borders & provide an earned path to citizenship for Dreamers.


Iran: Support withdrawal from treaty limiting Iran nuclear capability while lifting sanctions?

Martha McSally – Yes. Supports decision “to terminate U.S. participation in this rotten deal.”

Kyrsten Sinema – No. Withdrawing without defined strategy does not make us safer.


Marijuana: Legalize or decriminalize marijuana?

Martha McSally – No. Voted against letting states legalize medical or recreational cannabis. Would allow prescriptions for veterans.

Kyrsten Sinema – State option. Voted to let states legalize medical or recreational cannabis.


Minimum Wage: Raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25/hr?

Martha McSally – No stand found.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes. Has supported increase to $10.10 an hour.


President Trump: Percentage voting with President Trump?

Martha McSally – Voted with Trump 98% of the time as of Sept. 24.

Kyrsten Sinema – Voted with Trump 61% of the time as of Sept 24.


Privatization: Support full or partial privatization of Social Security?

Martha McSally – Possibly. Increase retirement age for younger workers & let them privately invest part of their contributions.

Kyrsten Sinema – No. Opposes gambling in stock market with Social Security returns.


Renewable Energy: Support government subsidies for renewable energy?

Martha McSally – Unclear. Has said supports new technologies, but led by private sector.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes. Supports government funding to develop renewable energy.


Student Debt & Financial Aid: Refinance student loans at lower rates, paid for by increasing taxes on high earners (Elizabeth Warren proposal)? Position on Pell grants?

Martha McSally – No on Warren proposal. Did not join 181 sponsors.Initially supported budget that would radically cut Pell grants.Recently more supportive, like allowing for summer courses.

Kyrsten Sinema – Yes. Voted for Warren proposal. Also restore Perkins loans for low-income students, increase Pell Grants, & allow for summer courses.


Taxes: Support President Trump’s tax cuts?

Martha McSally – Yes. Voted for it. Says average taxpayer in her district saved $1,029.

Kyrsten Sinema – No. Voted against. Says increases debt by $1.456 trillion, threatens cuts to Medicare, & doesn’t help most ordinary taxpayers.