Gil Cisneros (D)
Gil Cisneros (D)
Young Kim (R)
Young Kim (R)

Created by the Campus Election Engagement Project, a nonpartisan effort to help college and university administrators, faculty, and student leaders engage their schools in the election. Key sites consulted included,,,, and public candidate statements. For guides to local races, see from the League of Women Voters and For more detailed information visit their pages. To volunteer go to or To download a printable pdf version of this guide, click here.

Abortion: Mostly ban or mostly legal?

Gil Cisneros – Legal. “I trust women to make their own healthcare decisions.”

Young Kim – Mostly ban. Voted against resolution supporting every woman’s “right to control her own reproductive decisions.


Campaign Finance: Require political ads to disclose their largest funders? Stand on Citizens United decision, which allowed unlimited corporate political donations?

Gil Cisneros – Yes. “Increase financial disclosure requirements for political spending. Considers Citizens United “disastrous.” Will co-sponsor Constitutional amendment to overturn.

Young Kim – No stand found on disclosure laws. Was not public sponsor of CA Proposition 59, which called for Citizens United overturn.


Climate Change: Consider climate change a serious threat? Limit or tax production of greenhouse gases?

Gil Cisneros – Yes. “We need to be working together to combat climate change before it’s too late.” Should stay in Paris Agreement & work with international community to reduce emissions.

Young Kim – Mostly no. Says humans “contribute to climate change.” Voted against statewide climate change adaptation & resiliency program & against bills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Education: Help parents to send children to private schools with public money?

Gil Cisneros – No. Don’t divert funds from public schools to vouchers & private schools.

Young Kim – Yes. Has supported vouchers. “Top-down, one-size-fits-all policies don’t work in our local schools.”


Elections: Support nonpartisan redistricting to address partisan gerrymandering?

Gil Cisneros – Yes.

Young Kim – No stand found.


Environment: Support cutbacks in Environmental Protection Administration?

Gil Cisneros – No. EPA helps ensure all Americans have clean air & water.

Young Kim – No stand found.


Gay Rights: Support gay rights like gay marriage?

Gil Cisneros – Yes. “Is committed to continuing the important fight for equality.”

Young Kim – No. Opposes gay marriage.


Gun Control: Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic weapons?

Gil Cisneros – Yes. Build on “courageous efforts” of Parkland students. Supports expanded background checks. Ban assault weapons. Opposes concealed carry reciprocity.

Young Kim – No. Voted against prohibiting high-capacity gun magazines, background checks to buy ammunition, concealed firearms on school grounds or expanded assault weapon definitions.


Healthcare: Support or Repeal Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare?

Gil Cisneros – Support and improve. “The US is just too rich for people to struggle without good, affordable health care.”  Have government negotiate directly with drug companies. Fight for public option so people can buy into Medicare.

Young Kim – Likely repeal. In March said “It gave us nothing but broken promises.” In Septempber said replacement would have to bring down costs & maintain pre-existing condition protection. Favors “more market-based competition” & allowing individuals to buy insurance across state lines.


Immigration: Support path to citizenship for “DACA” recipients or “Dreamers,” who were brought here illegally as children?

Cisneros – Yes. Will “fight to protect Dreamers” & give path to citizenship.

Kim – Yes. Supports pathway to citizenship & DACA recipients “treated fairly & with compassion.” Opposed bill to have liaison for Dreamers on state campuses.


Iran: Support Trump withdrawal from multinational treaty that limits Iran’s nuclear capability while lifting economic sanctions?

Cisneros – No. Calls Trump’s withdrawal “a grave mistake.”

Kim – No stand found.


Marijuana: Legalize or decriminalize marijuana?

Cisneros – Legalize. “Remove criminal penalties for marijuana & allow federal courts to expunge prior possession or use.”

Kim – Opposes. In 2016, opposed California’s Proposition 64, which legalized & regulated recreational marijuana.


Minimum Wage: Raise federal minimum wage from $7.25/hr?

Cisneros – Yes. “Increase the minimum wage & ensure a living wage.”

Kim – No. Voted against raising California minimum wage.


Net Neutrality: Require internet providers to provide equal access to all users?

Cisneros – Yes. Restore FCC rules requiring equal access.

Kim – No stand found.


President Trump: Response to President Trump’s actions & policies?

Cisneros – Pledges to hold Trump accountable & stop agenda “beneficial to him & his billionaire buddies.”

Kim – Has sought to differentiate her positions. “When I differ with the administration & Washington leadership, I say so.”


Privatization: Support full or partial privatization of Social Security & VA?

Cisneros – No. Will fight privatization of Social Security & health services for veterans.

Kim – No public statements found.


Renewable Energy: Support government subsidies for renewable energy?

Cisneros – Yes. “Supports funding for clean energy R&D & incentives to grow renewable energy businesses.”

Kim – No. Voted against establishing renewable energy production targets.


Student Debt and Financial Aid: Refinance student loans at lower rates? Increase student financial aid, like Pell Grants?

Cisneros – Supports interest-free college loans & free community college “for those who need it.” Rework student loan program & make college tuition “free for motivated students.” Fight attempts to cut Pell Grants.

Kim – Favors student loan forgiveness. Would like to address student debt once in Congress.


Taxes: Increase taxes on corporations or the wealthy to pay for public services?

Cisneros – Yes. Supports a tax increase for the wealthy to balance the budget.

Kim – No. Signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to not raise taxes.


Taxes: Support President Trump’s tax cuts?

Cisneros – No. “Massive tax handout to big corporations & special interests.” Says average taxpayer in district lost over $11,000 from capping of state & local tax deductions. Result is “self-created deficit” and threatened “cuts to Medicare, Social Security, & Children’s Health Insurance Program.”

Kim – Yes. Said Trump Tax cut gives money back to the middle class. But would work to lift cap on deductibility of state taxes.


Voting Rules: Position on voting rules?

Cisneros – Supports automatic voter registration, restoring Voting Rights Act & allowing election day registration.

Kim – Voted against automatic registration and against requiring CA State University & Community College Systems to allow students to simultaneously enroll & register to vote.