Bill Nelson (D – Incumbent)
Bill Nelson (D – Incumbent)
Rick Scott (R)
Rick Scott (R)

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Abortion: Highly restrict abortion?

Nelson – No. Supports a women’s right to choose.

Scott –  Yes. “Abortion is wrong & Roe versus Wade should be overturned.”


Campaign Finance: Require political ads to disclose their largest funders?

Nelson – Yes. Backed 2017 DISCLOSE ACT requiring ads to disclose funders & major funders to reveal donations.

Scott –  No position found.


Campaign Finance: Support Citizens United decision, allowing unlimited political donations from corporations & unions?

Nelson – No. The decision “opened the floodgates to dark money in campaigns.”

Scott –  Probable yes. Considers political donations part of exercising the right to free speech.


Climate Change: Consider climate change a serious threat?

Nelson – Yes. “Climate change is real, & we must take action.” Denial “is simply not an option, especially in Florida,” where sea level rise is a real threat.”

Scott –  No. “I’ve not been convinced that there’s any man-made climate change.” State environmental employees allegedly told to avoid  the phrase “climate change.


Climate Change: Limit or tax production of greenhouse gases? Support US participation in Paris Climate Accord despite President Trump’s withdrawal?

Nelson – Yes. Supports federal regulation & Paris Accord. “If the US isn’t going to do its part to combat climate change, then the rest of the world won’t do theirs.”

Scott – No. Opposes federal regulation of greenhouse gases. Repealed Florida cap & trade program. Says Paris Accord risked US jobs.


Contraception: Allow employers to withhold contraceptive coverage from employees if disagree with it morally?

Nelson – No. Co-sponsored bill safeguarding contraceptive coverage. Would exempt religious organizations.

Scott –  Yes. Sees as a matter of employer rights & freedom of religion.


Courts: Support Judge Kavanaugh nomination?  (Position before allegations)

Nelson – Will meet, then decide. Won’t vote for someone who’d overturn Roe v Wade.

Scott –  “I am glad President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”


Criminal Justice: Support Amendment #4 – restoring voting rights to 1.6 million former felons, excluding murderers & sex offenders?

Nelson – Yes. “If you’ve done your time, you should be able to vote. It’s only fair.”

Scott –  Has historically made rights restoration difficult. Opposes Amendment 4—prefersthe existing restoration process.


Economy: Support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?

Nelson – Yes. For instance, supported the stimulus bill at height of 2008 recession.

Scott –  Mostly no. Has focused primarily on tax cuts & associated spending cuts.


Economy: Support Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese steel & other products?

Nelson – No. Says that these tariffs “may start an international trade war.”

Scott – Mixed. Backs “free & open trade,” but other countries have to reciprocate.


Education: Public support for sending children to private schools?

Nelson – No. Must never take money from public schools for private schools.

Scott – Yes. Consistent supporter of vouchers & other private options.


Elections: Support nonpartisan redistricting to address possible partisan gerrymandering?

Nelson – Yes. Avoid drawing districts for your own self-interest.

Scott – Unknown. Delayed implementing 2011 nonpartisan initiative.


Environment: Support cutbacks in Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)?

Nelson – No. Publicly opposed EPA cutbacks.

Scott –  Unknown. Supported Florida environmental regulation cutbacks, but funded Everglades restoration.


Environment: Position on “red tide” algae crisis? Support reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to prevent runoff feeding algal blooms?

Nelson – Supports reservoir. Criticizes Scott’s easing state environmental regulations & cutting $700 million from water management districts. “When you dismantle the environmental agencies,” this is what happens.

Scott –  Declared state of emergency. Supports reservoir. Says Nelson has had years to address the crisis & should have gotten Federal support or Army Corps to address problem. “Nelson didn’t care to make Lake Okeechobee a priority.”


Financial Regulation: Support cutbacks in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

Nelson – No. Publicly opposed cutbacks.

Scott – Unknown. But signed legislation to blunt CFPB crackdown on payday loans.


Gay Marriage: Support gay marriage?

Nelson – Supports. “If the Lord made homosexuals as well as heterosexuals, why should I discriminate?“  

Scott – Opposed in 2014, now says law of the land.


Gun Control: Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic weapons?

Nelson – Yes. Long-time supporter of banning semi-automatic weapons & expanding background checks.

Scott – Mixed. Historically opposed. After Parkland, raised purchase age to 21, added 3-day wait & armed some school employees. Didn’t ban assault weapons.


Healthcare: Support or Repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare? Support Medicaid expansion?

Nelson – Support. Will work to ensure those with pre-existing conditions keep health coverage eligibility.

Scott – “A terrible notion.” “Repeal as quickly as we can get it done.” Rejected Medicaid expansion.


Healthcare: Let Planned Parenthood receive public funds for non-abortion health care?

Nelson – Yes. Voted against efforts to defund.

Scott – No. Supported ban that was overturned by courts.


Immigration: Support DREAM Act (DACA), allowing “Dreamers” who arrived illegally as children, then grew up in the US, to achieve legal status if meet certain conditions?

Nelson – Yes. Co-sponsored 2017 DREAM Act, including legal status & path to citizenship.

Scott – In 2010 opposed: “I don’t believe in amnesty.” Vetoed DACA drivers licenses. Now supports: Don’t punish children for actions of their parents.


Iran: Support withdrawal from treaty limiting Iran nuclear capability & lifting sanctions?

Nelson – No.

Scott – Yes.


Marijuana: Legalize or decriminalize marijuana?

Nelson – Mixed. Supports legal medical use, including letting VA doctors prescribe. Opposes recreational legalization.

Scott – Mixed. Signed law broadening medical, but fought to ban smokable medical marijuana & opposes recreational use.


Minimum Wage: Raise federal minimum wage from $7.25/hour?

Nelson – Yes. Co-sponsored 2017 bill to raise to $15 by 2024.

Scott – Likely no. Says California minimum wage caused loss of 700,000 jobs.


Net Neutrality: Require internet providers to provide equal access to all users?

Nelson – Yes. Supported legislation to restore Obama-era FCC net neutrality rules.

Scott – No. Sees these rules as “burdensome regulations for job creators.”


President Trump: Support President Trump?

Nelson – Voted with Trump 43% of time.

Scott – Early Trump supporter. Trump encouraged him to run for Senate.


Privatization: Support partial or full Social Security privatization?

Nelson – No. Historically opposed.

Scott – Unclear. Old positions supporting privatization, but no recent ones.


Renewable Energy: Support government subsidies for renewable energy?

Nelson – Yes. Voted to cut fossil fuel subsidies to instead support renewables.

Scott – No position found. Signed bill for FL renewable credits that had passed unanimously.


Student debt: Lower student loan rates, paid by increasing taxes on high earners (Elizabeth Warren proposal)? Increase student financial aid, like Pell Grants?

Nelson – Yes. Voted for Warren’s student loan proposal. Also called on Trump to expand Pell Grant program.

Scott – No position found on federal aid. Cut higher-ed funding in first term. Recently expanded FL Bright Futures Scholarships & froze student tuition & fees.


Taxes: Support President Trump’s tax cuts?

Nelson – No. “Terrible bill”

Scott – Unknown. Enacted major FL tax cuts.


Voting Rights: Support tighter voting rules even if prevent some people from voting?

Nelson – No. Says we should be making it easier to vote, not harder. Let students vote on campuses.

Scott – Yes. Necessary to prevent fraud. Courts overturned his 2011 regulations on registration drives & 2012 voter purges. Opposed on-campus voting.