Lou Barletta (R)
Lou Barletta (R)
Bob Casey (D – Incumbent)
Bob Casey (D – Incumbent)

Created by the Campus Election Engagement Project, a nonpartisan effort to help college and university administrators, faculty, and student leaders engage their schools in the election. Key sites consulted included,,,, and public candidate statements. For guides to local races, see from the League of Women Voters and For more detailed information visit their pages.

Visit and to volunteer. Other senate candidates include Neal Gale (Green Party) & Dale Kerns (Libertarian). Due to limited space, we can’t include candidates polling at less than 15%, but encourage you to check out their websites. To download a printable pdf version of this guide, click here.

Abortion: Mostly ban or mostly legal?

Lou Barletta – Ban after 20 weeks, except for rape, incest, & life of mother.

Bob Casey – Ban after 20 weeks, except for rape, incest, & life of mother.


Campaign Finance: Require political ads to disclose their largest funders?

Lou Barletta – No. Did not support DISCLOSE Act of 2017, which provides for these disclosure requirements.

Bob Casey – Yes. Supported original DISCLOSE Act in 2010. Cosponsored DISCLOSE Act of 2017.


Campaign Finance: Support Citizens United decision, allowing unlimited political donations from corporations & unions?

Lou Barletta – Unknown.

Bob Casey – No. Says the ruling has enhanced the power of corporate special interests & a handful of wealthy individuals.


Climate Change: Consider climate change a critical threat?

Lou Barletta – No. “Climate science seems to not be settled.” “We are … in a cooling trend.

Bob Casey – Yes.


Climate Change: Limit or tax production of greenhouse gases? Support US participation in Paris Climate Accord despite President Trump’s withdrawal?

Lou Barletta – No: Voted to bar EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. Opposes US participation in Paris Climate Accord & supported Trump’s withdrawal from it.

Bob Casey – Yes to regulating greenhouse gases. Supports US participation in Paris Climate Accord & opposed Trump’s withdrawal from it.


Contraception: Allow employers to withhold contraceptive coverage from employees if disagree with it morally?

Lou Barletta – Yes. Supreme Court ruling on this is “a clear victory for religious liberty.”

Bob Casey – No. Introduced Access to Birth Control Act, stating an employer has no right to deny a woman access to birth control.


Courts: Support President Trump’s choice of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court nominee?

Lou Barletta – Yes. “Kavanaugh has proven himself to be a sound conservative with a healthy respect for judicial restraint.”

Bob Casey – No. Shouldn’t come from a list provided by the far right, big corporations, & Washington special interests.


Economy: Support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?

Lou Barletta – No. “Key to job creation & economic recovery is found in small, private businesses, not in big government.”

Bob Casey – Yes.


Economy: Support President Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese steel & other products?

Lou Barletta – Yes. Supports Trump’s using tariffs as leverage to get better trade deals. Says if retaliatory tariffs hurt agriculture, Trump will help them.

Bob Casey – Yes. We must go after “trade cheaters” to protect PA jobs.


Education: Provide vouchers to parents to send their children to private schools with public money?

Lou Barletta – Yes. Wants to “empower parents to choose the education environment for their children.”

Bob Casey – No (stand from 2004).


Elections: Support nonpartisan redistricting to address charges of partisan gerrymandering?

Lou Barletta – No. Among Republican congressmen who tried to stop PA Supreme Court from redistricting what they found to be unacceptably gerrymandered districts.

Bob Casey – Unknown.


Environment: Support Environmental Protection Administration cutbacks?

Lou Barletta – Yes.

Bob Casey – No.


Gay Marriage: Support gay marriage?

Lou Barletta – No. Opposes gay marriage & Supreme Court decision to redefine marriage. Says it should be a state decision.

Bob Casey – Yes. Position has shifted over time.


Gun Control: Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic weapons?

Lou Barletta – No, except for bump stocks.

Bob Casey – Yes. Position has shifted. Now supports expanded background checks, ban on bump stocks, & other restrictions.


Healthcare: Support or Repeal Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare?

Lou Barletta – Repeal.

Bob Casey – Support.


Healthcare: Let Planned Parenthood receive public funds for non-abortion health care?

Lou Barletta – No.

Bob Casey – Yes.


Healthcare: Require people to work to receive Medicaid?

Lou Barletta – Yes.

Bob Casey – No.


Immigration: Support DREAM Act (DACA), letting “Dreamers” who arrived illegally as children, then grew up in the US, to achieve legal status if meet certain conditions?

Lou Barletta – No. Has sponsored bills to defund & end DACA & “stop DACA in its tracks.” Introduced 2017 bill to remove Dreamers’ work eligibility permits.

Bob Casey – Yes. Supported 2017 bill to let Dreamers become permanent residents if they meet certain qualifications.


Immigration: Support path to citizenship for America’s 11 million illegal immigrants?

Lou Barletta – No. Supports zero-tolerance policy to strengthen existing laws & protect borders. Against citizenship for US-born children of illegal immigrants.

Bob Casey – Yes. Must secure our borders, but also finally address comprehensive immigration reform. Voted for 2013 comprehensive reform bill with earned path to citizenship, which failed.


Iran: Support Trump withdrawal from multinational treaty limiting Iran’s nuclear capability & lifting economic sanctions?

Lou Barletta – Yes. Applauds Trump’s decision.

Bob Casey – No. Strongly opposes Trump’s decision.


Minimum Wage: Raise federal minimum wage?

Lou Barletta – Unknown.

Bob Casey – Yes. Increase from current $7.25 to $12 by 2020 & index it to median wages.


Net Neutrality: Support making internet providers provide equal access to all users?

Lou Barletta – No.

Bob Casey – Yes.


President Trump: Response to President Trump’s actions & policies? Percentage of key votes supporting his positions?

Lou Barletta – Among Trump’s strongest supporters. Voted in support of Trump positions 98% of time as of August 2018.

Bob Casey – Regularly opposes certain Trump actions & policies. Voted in support 30% of time as of August 2018.


Privatization: Support full or partial privatization of Social Security?

Lou Barletta – Supported 2011 Ryan budget that would have explored privatization.

Bob Casey – No.


Renewable Energy: Support government subsidies for renewable energy?

Lou Barletta – No.

Bob Casey – Yes.


Student debt & financial aid: Refinance student loans at lower rates, paid for by more taxes on high earners (Elizabeth Warren proposal)? Raise student financial aid, like Pell Grants?

Lou Barletta – Unknown.

Bob Casey – Yes.


Taxes: Support President Trump’s tax cuts?

Lou Barletta – Yes.

Bob Casey – No.


Voting Rights: Support stricter voting rules like requiring voter ID or reducing registration times, even if prevent some people from voting?

Lou Barletta – Unknown.

Bob Casey – No. Co-sponsored 2015 bill to restore Voting Rights Act of 1965 protections cut by 2013 Supreme Court ruling.