Student Voter Guide for 2020 Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

The election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court is between the incumbent, Justice Daniel Kelly, and Judge Jill Karovsky of Dane County Circuit Court. It will be held April 7, 2020, along with the presidential preference primary. See here for voting and registration rules and requirements.

Elections for the state Supreme Court are nonpartisan. However, Justice Kelly has generally sided with the Court’s conservatives, while Judge Karovsky is known for generally liberal views.

If Kelly wins, the Court’s 5-2 conservative majority would be preserved. If Karovsky wins, that majority would be reduced to 4-3, putting control of the Court in play in the next election.

Jill Karovsky

Judge Jill Karovsky

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Daniel Kelly (Incumbent)

Justice Daniel Kelly

See this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article for an overview of the candidates’ positions, and read WUWM interviews with Judge Karovsky and Justice Kelly.