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How Will My Donation Support Youth Voting?

less than $2.00

That’s how much it costs to engage one potential voter when you donate to Civic Influencers.

Our peer-to-peer voter-engagement strategy has proved extremely effective in mobilizing young people, particularly in places that other get-out-the-vote organizations have traditionally overlooked: community colleges; trade, technical, and vocational schools; POC-serving institutions; and so on.

Given some of the extremely tight races we’ve seen over the past four years, our ability to turn out young voters can be a transformative force in 2024—by targeting “tipping-point campuses” where a few thousand votes (or even a few hundred) can swing an election.

Simply put, your donation to Civic Influencers can make a huge difference.

Let’s break it down:



Provide voter engagement materials like pamphlets and flyers!


Support one campus or community registration education event!


Pay for Civic Influencer data training so they can better engage their peers!


Fund a Civic Influencer for a full term!


Fund two Civic Influencers!


Sponsor a statewide organizer!


Sponsor two statewide organizers!


Engage nearly 6,000 young voters in your state!

There is no “off year” when it comes to protecting our democracy.

Every election counts.

Every vote counts.

Every dollar counts.

So donate today, and help us mobilize the “boots on campus” we need to elect pro-democracy candidates across the country.

To donate directly online, just click here (we do not use third-party fundraising apps).

To make a donation or gift:

  • by mail
  • through a foundation or trust
  • by domestic wire
  • through stock or securities
  • through electronic funds transfers

Please send an email to stakeholders@civicinfluencers.org

Our Tax ID: 85-0634102

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