Voter Suppression Laws Are Targeting Youth — But They Are Fighting Back

*Huge* thanks to Truthout for shining a spotlight on our work—and for bringing much-needed attention to the issue of voter suppression.
Here in the U.S., the threat of voter suppression remains a major concern, as evidenced by the introduction of 150 bills aimed at restricting voting access in 32 states since January. Many of these bills are designed to suppress votes, with young people being among the groups most impacted. From Ohio to Texas, efforts to limit access to the ballot box are rampant.
As this recent article in Truthout highlights, Civic Influencers like Aigne are working tirelessly to combat these efforts to suppress young voters. In North Carolina, Aigne’s own school was gerrymandered, making it difficult for half of the students to access a polling place.
It’s essential that we continue to fight against voter suppression efforts and ensure that every young person has the resources and access they need to make their voices heard. Only then can we truly have a democracy that represents all Americans.

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