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Young people’s ability to swing elections and determine the course of our democracy is the greatest it has ever been. In 2020, 12 congressional seats were flipped with less than a fraction of local campus enrollment. Presidential, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and down ballot elections – all can be powered by young voters.

CIVIC INFLUENCERS is committed to making young voices and votes matter in our democracy.

We help young people design and implement strategies to increase their voting power.
Our Youth Democracy Index scores over 400 campuses (community colleges, trade schools and four year institutions), creates voter suppression heat maps directing corrective action, and supports Civic Influencers Action Plans to increase young voter registration and voter turnout.

We are optimistic about increasing youth voter engagement. The data demonstrates that there is a significant population of young people who not only are eager to make their voices heard, but live in places where their votes can have enormous impactif they are organized, motivated, and given the resources they need to succeed.

We believe that supporting America’s young people now will lead to a future where youth have a deciding voice in our democracy. On the heels of an impactful 2022 midterm cycle, we are hard at work building momentum for the 2024 election. We have the potential to have record turnout among young people, as they learn about their power to swing elections and determine the future of our democracy, gender, LGBTQIA+ and racial equality, student debt relief, gun violence, climate change and more.



Civic Influencers’ Briefing on Turbocharging Young Voters

We want to extend our sincerest thanks for attending the Civic Influencers’ briefing on turbocharging young voters through 2024. A special thank you to our wonderful hosts: Leslie Bhutani, Michele Cuttler, Ann Daniel, Deborah David, Jill Finsten, Martha Gabbert, Beryl Kreisel, Dorothy Largay, Hon. Susan Rose, Nancy Sheldon, and Merryl Zegar. Many thanks to Robert Hubbell for his continued […]

Here’s CEO Maxim Thorne’s WaPo Op-Ed on the right’s effort to silence young voters

I was so incensed by this bombshell exposé in The Washington Post—about the right’s overt effort to make it more difficult (and in some cases damn-near impossible) for young people to vote—that I sat down and wrote a letter to the editor, which was published yesterday.  Read more.

Voter Suppression Laws Are Targeting Youth — But They Are Fighting Back

*Huge* thanks to Truthout for shining a spotlight on our work—and for bringing much-needed attention to the issue of voter suppression.   Here in the U.S., the threat of voter suppression remains a major concern, as evidenced by the introduction of 150 bills aimed at restricting voting access in 32 states since January. Many of […]