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Civic Influencers is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit that empowers young people to make their voices heard—and their votes count. We operate hyper-locally in targeted districts and states to support a year-round civic movement that amplifies the power of Gen Z voters, especially those at community colleges, minority-serving institutions (MSIs), as well as trade, technical, and vocational schools.

Each year, over 4 million 18-year-olds become eligible to vote. Our mission is to get them to the polls.

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How Civic Influencers Is Turbocharging Student Voters

The power of young voters

In 2022, 34 U.S. House Races were decided by 1% or less. In some districts, that could be a few hundred votes. By mobilizing students in these tight-margin districts, we can help young people swing elections—and safeguard our democracy.

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Since 2021, we’ve trained and mobilized more than 800 Civic Influencers at campuses across the country. These paid fellows use on-the-ground data to help their peers make the connection between the importance of voting and the issues they care about.

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Mobilizing the Margins

How Civic Influencers Is Saving Democracy by Turbocharging Students Voters


In 2020, 12 of 15 congressional seats flipped by a fraction of local campus enrollment.


Almost twice the respondents ranked abortion as a top 5 issue after SCOTUS leak in May 2022.


71% of respondents felt giving time off to vote is the most important way to increase youth-voter turnout.

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Ruby Alanis Houston, Texas

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India Rice of Claflin University


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