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With surgical precision, lawmakers are depriving young people of their right to vote. They have introduced over
400 voting bills in 49 states during 2021 alone, 30 of which have already been signed into law. They are targeting
BIYoC populations especially. These bills and laws are gerrymandering predominantly Black colleges, banning
polling sites and prohibiting voter registration on campuses and rejecting student IDs as voter IDs. The intent is to
discourage BIYoC voters because of their success in impacting important elections in 2020 and in January 2021.
We are deploying new data-driven interventions to help young people confront the horrifying movement of voter
suppression bills across the US, which coincides with a fourth wave of COVID. We have designed three major
series of interventions to dismantle new and existing barriers: Youth Civic Power, Campus Civic Power and
Institution Civic Power. We are training and deploying 600 Fellows – called “Civic Influencers” – both on- and
off-campus to influence their peers and communities, through on-the-ground and digital organizing, that will lead
to increased youth voter turnout and civic power.

Meet our Civic Influencers!


Civic Influencers Press Conference and Town Hall

  Civic Influencers Press Conference and Town Hall October 21, 2021 — Civic Influencers, a national nonpartisan nonprofit operating locally across the country, on and off campus, in local communities and states, that empowers young people to build their civic power and increase voting rates amongst their peers, hosted a virtual press briefing via Zoom […]

Civic Influencers™ Press Briefing, Featuring: Maxim Thorne, CEO, Tableau Foundation, and other technology industry leaders

Civic Influencers™ is hosting a Town Hall on October 21st at 12:00 pm EST to announce its laser focused data driven approach to increase and protect youth civic power and voting power, especially for Black, Indigenous and Youth of Color.   Civic Influencers has partnered with Tableau Foundation to build a more data driven strategy. Together […]

4,000,000 Americans Turn 18 in 2021 – That’s Voting Power

Amidst all the dreadful news and the clouds raining over our democracy, there are some very exciting facts like this one:  4,000,000 young people will turn 18 this year in the United States. This group alone could determine the future of our country if they register and vote. Yet in 2020, 18 year olds’ voter […]