Read the Recent PBS Article: “Civic Influencers hope to turbocharge student voters”

A recent NPR/Marist poll found that out of any age group, young Americans were least likely to say they plan to vote in the upcoming election. One reason, according to a Harvard study, is a sharp increase in young people believing their vote doesn’t make a difference. But one organization is running a campaign for and by young people to get out the vote.

“I want to impact the vote as much as I can, so I became a Civic Influencer to get access to the resources and to be able impact the elections as much as I can,” said Raegan Lamkin, a junior at Virginia Tech.

Through a paid fellowship with the organization Civic Influencers, Lamkin works to influence young people to vote, particularly those from marginalized communities. She said, “I became a Civic Influencer because I knew that there were marginalized communities that do not show up to vote, and youth is one of them.”