The Trump Indictment: “What It Means for Youth Organizing and Democracy” Town Hall 

On March 22, 2023, we held a Town Hall to discuss the looming Trump indictment–and what it means for youth organizing and democracy. We were joined by our esteemed Board Member, Bruce Spiva, and our Statewide Organizer, Anna, both of whom provided some wonderful insights.

Make no mistake: This is a watershed event in American history. But we can’t lose sight of the bigger picture. We have a huge opportunity to further galvanize the youth vote for 2023 and 2024—particularly on the “tipping-point campuses” where we’re working to recruit, train, and deploy our Civic Influencers.

If you weren’t able to attend the Town Hall, watch the video below.

How teachable moments like these can serve as catalysts for tapping into the energy and passion of youth voters and civic leaders. We must encourage and inspire young people to respond to this moment.

This is about more than one former president; it’s about stopping a systematic, coordinated attack on our voting rights—and our democracy.

Young people aren’t apathetic. They’re acutely aware of—and invested in—local, state, and national issues because they are impacted by them. The Trump indictment will have massive ramifications across the country. It’s up to organizations like ours to ensure that energy is redirected in a positive direction.

Donors tend to “parachute” in at the last minute for elections, but young voters need time to build up their knowledge set—not just how the system works, but why and how they’re voting. We must keep them engaged. The indictment of Donald Trump gives us an opportunity to do that.

We need your support now more than ever to equip and empower young voters to safeguard our democracy. Please join us in this fight to ensure a just and equitable democracy for all.